Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Mar 16, 2007 hetzlerl
I looove pit bulls!!! Awww, kisses to Sydney! She's beautiful :o) 11 bones, paws down!!!
Mar 16, 2007 daddy's girl
Mar 16, 2007 ceallaig
Just beautiful, and she's a very lucky girl to have had you find her! I've only recently become a Pit fan (amazing how contact with one dog can change your outlook on an entire breed), and your baby is obviously an exemplar of the breed. Many years of happiness to you both!
Mar 16, 2007 X-girl
She is absolutely precious! I love APBT's and I've got one myself - she just turned 3.

Head pats and belly rubs to your lovely baby!
Mar 16, 2007 doxietail
Sydney has such beautiful, expressive eyes! I love them!
She really looks like she could have a bit of boxer in her -- her face, coloring, and body-type all suggest that.
She's a very pretty girl and she sounds like a nice dog! It's so great that she's well-socialized -- one of the most important things in a dog.
Mar 16, 2007 cloudwoven
Ohhhh, my gosh. Sydney is beautiful! I was actually coo-ing at the computer screen... ;) Congratulations on finding such a great little friend!
Mar 16, 2007 fluffypup
Well Bless little Sydney and her amazing recovery!!!
She's a sweetie and looks very healthy and happy living with her fantastically loving family!!!! Such a lucky gal :)
Mar 16, 2007 Desireexo
she has the sweetest face! so adorable :)
Mar 16, 2007 heidieden
I'd like to make up a word for this occasion. Adorability. As in: the adorability of this dog makes me want to snuggle her and play with her in the waning afternoon light. Look at that face. I love her.
Mar 16, 2007 untbunny
Sydney is so beautiful! She had me with the first photo. You are lucky to have such a sweet baby. Give her a nose kiss for me.
Mar 16, 2007 hetzlerl
Sydney really is breathtaking...what an incredibly beautiful pit bull!
Mar 16, 2007 mandykw
She is so cute! She is so lucky that she got a human who would take such good care of her!
Mar 16, 2007 wonder_al
Love the ears!
Mar 16, 2007 happyfairy
good to see you put in the time and effort this baby needed! :) she's very lucky (and beautiful!)
Mar 16, 2007 sippolas
I bet this beauty gets away with anything with those puppy-dog eyes!! I love them!
Mar 16, 2007 Terry C
Would you LOOK at those eyes?

How could you refuse her anything?
Mar 16, 2007 greyhounds6
She is adorable, those eyes. So happy that you were able to help her. It is such an amazing feeling to help an animal, she will be forever grateful. I can see from the pictures she already adores you and I am sure the feeling is mutual.
Mar 16, 2007 Mani
Your Sydney is beautiful, and it's clear she has a beautiful spirit. Pit Bulls get such a bad rap, but it is underserved. When you look at her face in her precious photos, it's clear who she really is. Is is a shame that too often these dogs are trained to do horrible things, ruining the wonderful spirits with which they are born. May Sydney never know heartbreak and may you be a wonderful person for her always. Please take good care.
Mar 16, 2007 peanutsmom
she is lucky to have found you!!! there is nothing that angers me more than people who don't take care of their animals. she is beautiful! i love the brindle coloring. it's my favorite.
Mar 16, 2007 GeniaNC
Miss Sydney, I love your eyes!!!
Your beautiful eyes warm my heart and I can't help but smile.
I love picture #7 - that tongue!!!
I don't think I've ever seen a more adorable pit pup.
Puppy Smooches (sloppy ones, of course)
Mar 16, 2007 LizzieBelle
What a beautiful little girl!
Mar 16, 2007 bunnied816
OMG...those eyes...those ears!!! That TONGUE!! LOL!! What a doll - I hope you have the self discipline not to spoil her too much. Because I sure wouldn't!! One pleading look from those beautiful eyes, and that would be it - resolve crumbled. I'm so glad you brought her back to health and a good life - congrats to you both!
Mar 16, 2007 DogLuvver
I love your little heart-shaped nose and your awesome racing stripe! I wish I could play with you ...Stay healthy!!
Mar 16, 2007 dogsrule
Lovely doggie you got there. The pics are melting me. Her eyes are so sweet!

Wonderful that you did not cut her ears. They are cute!

Good luck with her!
Mar 16, 2007 DogMom
What a beauty -- lucky her for finding you, lucky you for finding her!!!!
Mar 16, 2007 eakelly35
I have 3 pits, all of them rescued. They are such sweet dogs and it's a shame that they people have so many negative misconceptions about them. Your girl is beautiful and if she's anything like mine she'll be the most loyal and devoted dog you've ever had. Congratulations on such a beautiful dog!
Mar 16, 2007 bulldogmom
Good Grief! That is the most beautiful pup I have ever seen... Please kiss her sweet little face for me. What a great dad you are!
Mar 16, 2007 my3sons
What a beautiful girl! Thank you for keeping her ears natural.

Congrats to you both; may you have a wonderful life together!
Mar 16, 2007 kria1983
haha, you got a houdini too huh? my puppy is a great escape artist!! but she is beautiful, congrats!! i love the pic with her tounge hangin out..11 biscuits
Mar 16, 2007 nsshiley
Thank you so much for bringing this precious creature into your life, into health, into happiness.

Mar 16, 2007 dogsrule
I also love how her fur matches the pattern on the couch!
Mar 16, 2007 Baltimoregal
Oh, she is ALL pit bull- they vary in size, shape & color to a certain extent but her build, disposition and expression (for pit bulls that haven't been ruined, that is) says it all.

One of the most telling features is their intelligence. Does she understand English yet? She will, if you train her. You are one lucky dog owner, and I am so happy you took a chance on a sick member of a misunderstood breed.

Her eyes were breaking my heart but the expression of total contentment on her face in the 7th and last pictures makes me feel better. Enjoy her, because I am totally jealous!
Mar 16, 2007 Jackie
You dog is beautiful, the facial expressions are adorable. I am glad you rescued the little dog, she looks very loving. Its all in how you are treating them, they just want to be loved too. So many pitbulls have been mistreated, and brought up the wrong way. All people mistakes...Pitbulls are banned where I live, hope you enjoy each other for many years to come. Give her lots of hugs and won`t be sorry...
Mar 16, 2007 cookies176
so so so so so so so so so so so so so so CUTE!!!! I LOVE HERR!!!!!!
Mar 16, 2007 cloudtoucher
She looks so serious and then there are a couple of clown shots of her--love it! Love a dog who makes me laugh! Kudos for adopting and rehabilitating this little love.
Mar 16, 2007 dkritter
HOW CUTE! I am normally not a big fan of Pit Bulls, but this one has my vote! She is soooo beautiful! I love those intelligent eyes! How wonderful for you to have found her and blessed her with such great care!
Mar 16, 2007 Furzaflyin
Oh that face! She is exquisite. What a charmer!
Mar 16, 2007 snuggles19973
Awwww Sydney you are the most precious little girl. I am soooo glad your daddy found you and made you all better. She has the most sweetest face. I love the 7th picture of her sleeping w/ her tongue out. I think puppies are so cute when they sleep like that. Here is alot of huggs and kisses for that little nose.
Mar 16, 2007 suethib13
She is beautiful!!!
Mar 16, 2007 Joy29april
How adorable! She gets the 11 biscuits hand down! She looks like one of the puppies my Cheyenne (APBT) had!
So cute and playful! I'm glad she's healthy now!
Mar 16, 2007 tarheel4life
What a beautiful little girl! We should all begin to identify these breeds properly and drop the work "pit" from any identification. "Pit" has such a bad connotation and frankly does not exist in dogdom except where illegal fighting is concerned. I’m guessing this gorgeous little girl is a either a American Staffordshire Terrier or a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Either way, she deserves loads of love and affection.
Mar 16, 2007 sams*mom
What a sweet girl! She completely negates the unfortunate reputation of this breed. Bless you for rescuing her and seeing her potential!
Mar 16, 2007 CO
What can I say that hasn't already been said by everyone before me? She's a gift from God, an absolute beauty, and she is lucky that you have such a big heart to have saved her like that. I love the brindle, my dog is brindle too except a tad bit lighter in the browns. It is a sad thing that this breed has such a bad rap and is being banned in lots of places or people are being forced to purchase special insurance to own one. We had one as kids and it was nothing but the most loving creature. Here's to many years of health and happiness for the two of you.
Mar 16, 2007 Mana
Okay, the picture with her ears up made me laugh out loud - at work! Bless you (or other well-wishings of your choice) for adopting a little pittie! May she grow up to be everything nanny dogs were meant to be. :)
Mar 16, 2007 Loizhanne
sydney's dad, you are well and truly blessed! and so is sydney for having a dad who is kind and compassionate! you have made a world of difference to an awesome dog, and you will reap the rewards for the rest of her life. sydney is so beautiful, and her pictures show that she is happy and content. kudos to you!
Mar 16, 2007 karbels
She is Gorgeous! I love that coat color and she has the most wonderful soulful eyes.
Mar 16, 2007 4jacks
I do believe this has to be one of the best puppies yet. I'm sure you get anything you want.
Bless you for taking her in and loving her.
Mar 16, 2007 Kingsgurl
Oh, she is adorable!
As for proper identification of breeds, the American Pit Bull Terrier is far more common than American Staffordshire Terriers, so she is far more likely to be APBT just like he says. She does not resemble a Staffy Bull or a Boxer.
Love those ears!
Mar 16, 2007 MissinJawz
She is so cute...she reminds me of my baby. Make sure you look out for her your whole life. Cause when she gets older you think that she is ok, shes a big dog now but... some people just hate pits and they have never had one nor givin them time to get to know them. We have lost our most precious, beloved girl. Her name was jawz.. well we dont know what happend to her......we think someone took her..... because we put up signs saying missing dog and someone took them down. so we are still hoping praying to find her although it has been over 6 months. we live in the woods so i just hope a gator or snake did not get her........ sorry did not mean to tell such a sad story .. but just look out for her always. Keep her safe and love her. I have always had this breed my whole life. I will probley always have them. We are Actually thinking about starting a pit bull rescue................. Good Luck to you and your new baby. ( They really love the lake and beach ) Have a wonderful life!
Mar 16, 2007 liz
Sydney is too cute!!! Pits are my favorite cute-wise. And they're the ultimate people pleasers. My 12 yr old pit girl is always looking at me like, Please tell me how to make you happy mommy and I'll do it right NOW.
Mar 16, 2007 testsub
Love the built in flea on her front paw.
Mar 16, 2007 doggmomm
she reminds me of a pit bull i had. since "pit bull" carried some negative connotations, we called my dog girl a piff-ful. much more like her sweet temprament. Sydney is a beauty.
Mar 16, 2007 petluver
Look at that Face! I love all the pictures! Very adorable!
Mar 16, 2007 lexicaljewel
OH look at her! Now there's a spokesmodel for [url=http://www.badrap.or g/rescue/]BAD RAP[/url] if I ever saw one! She is just precious!
Mar 16, 2007 c1225k
Sydney is absolutely gorgeous!!! I am a big sucker for brindles. I have a black and brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy and it is funny how the two look so alike until they grow up. She is a beautiful puppy!
Mar 16, 2007 c1225k
it's a shame the bad press these dogs and staffies get. they don't deserve it. cherish her and educate everyone that meets her about who pits really are. someone is a GREAT photographer by the way :)
Mar 16, 2007 FRITZY
God bless you for taking care of this sweet dog!!! She is adorable and very lucky to have you as her human.
Mar 16, 2007 yummi600
what a sweet little puppy-face!!!I love pit bulls, she is a cute littlething :0)
Mar 16, 2007 pinkyfluff
A very beautiful girl. Such pretty markings xx
Mar 16, 2007 jwcooper
We have a 3 1/.2 year old AmStaff who was a rescue dog...she was scheduled for termination when we got her and was in pretty bad shape...but she's a healthy happy sweetheart now.

Oh...and her name is Sydney.
Mar 16, 2007 roxy101
Very cute!!!
Mar 16, 2007 stellasmom
I love the tongue-out sleepy picture! She is soooooo cute.
Mar 16, 2007 scobig
Sydney, you are the epitome of girl, you exude a charm that is like no other. You are a very lucky girl to have found such a wonderful new dad! And he is a very lucky dad to have such a beautiful, sweet, charming, lady around! We need more ladies in DC! :D Kisses to you Sydney!
Mar 16, 2007 lisaivey
Oh....My......Gawd!!!! What a pretty face!!

And I love, love, LOVE the little pink toe tips!!
Mar 16, 2007 anon
wow, Sydney is just absolutely beautiful! I just want to reach through the screen and squeeze her... How lucky for her that you found her! Best of luck to you and Sydney both - I hope to see pictures of her in the Grown Up Puppy section one day!!
Mar 17, 2007 gerrispets
Picture with her toy and the one with her toungue are too cute for words.There are 2 pits in our family and they are so gentle and loving. lots of mushy kisses . One is my daghters and the other is my grand-daughters. they get along fine when they get together and play.
Mar 17, 2007 horseprincess116
If she would do the badest thing I wouldn't be able to say no!!!
Mar 18, 2007 yoliesf
Adoreable, sweet, loveable, huggable. The CUTTEST!!!!
Mar 18, 2007 cindi_g
What a cutie-pie! Pits get such a bad rap. They really are such wonderful doggies. As a trainer, I love having them in my classes. Your Sydney is a lucky dog.
Mar 18, 2007 Kaseycousin101
S urely cute
Y ou are lucky!
D arn adorable
N ever ugly in the pics
E xtra specially cute
Y ou get 11 biscuits!
Mar 18, 2007 rach
oh! you are so lucky. She's utterly adorable. Bullies ARE THE BEST!
Mar 19, 2007 kathy
My boyfriend gave me an American Pitt Bull for Valentine's Day. She has the exact same coat as Sydney but a little more white. Sydney is a doll. I hope you enjoy her as much as I enjoy mine. They are the most loyal and loving animals.
Mar 19, 2007 SydneysMail
Et al: I just wanted to take a second to thank you for your kind words of praise and support for Sydney and I. When I decided to go see Sydney, I was really not interested in a puppy, but rather an American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) about a year old who was already healthy, house trained, and socialized. When I arrived at the young couples home it was out of curiosity. When I first saw Sydney’s brother who was a robust little tike I assumed Sydney would be a pee-in-the-pod but that was not the case. Sydney was half the size of her littermate. She was almost a skeleton… long story short; I had to take here home to ensure she received the best chance at life she possible could. She deserved as much.

To clear up any misunderstanding; Sydney is a pure bred APBT, dual registered: CKC, and UKC. Her breeders (who were not involved with her ill health) were aghast when I first contacted them with concerns about Sydney’s health. I would like to thank them for their continued support and concern about Sydney’s health and development.

I have to run as Sydney is laying at the edge of my bed as I type… snoring as loud as my father would when he was with us!


Randy & Sydney
Mar 19, 2007 Newfie_lover88
what a face!
i love all the interesting expressions you caught with these photos.
i hope you continue to enjoy her company for a long time to come.
Mar 19, 2007 fluffypup
I just LOVE that little dog there, she's so sweet, I keep going back to the page to read about her :)
Mar 20, 2007 jmjmj57
She is just PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 20, 2007 rascallover
I love pits! They get such a bad wrap sometimes but they are soo loveable and as long as they go to a good home they are harmless!
Mar 21, 2007 Striderblu
Oh man! What a heartbreaker!! I hope she goes up to be as great a dog as mine was! Old Daisy, oh how I miss her. Daisy's face was just like that and she grew up to be sooo smart. Good Luck!
Mar 21, 2007 buckeye_veggie_girl
Beautiful dog. Glad to see a pit on the daily pages. It is indeed a shame that they get soooooo much bad press. We have a pit mix that we call a "lab mix" just to avoid the hassle. Thanks for sharing your girl!!!
Mar 22, 2007 AlexOwnsYou
Boxers aren't my thing,
But this one is adorable.
Mar 22, 2007 AlexOwnsYou
and by boxer I mean pit bull
Mar 28, 2007 DawgsROCKmySocks
omg ur dogs name is Sydney Austrailia!!...i so wanna go there one day..i wanna go scuba diving..n watch kangaroos go hop hop hippity hop!!...oh sry im getting ahead of myself...ur dogs cute too!!!
Apr 10, 2007 naomimoore
I agree with you, Sydney's dad. You are truly blessed!
Apr 15, 2007 Terry C
Pit bull have such a bad rap and it's so undeserved.

Instead of banning their breeding, they should ban the breeding of idiots who train pit bulls to be mean.

I live in a small town where many people have pit bulls - dogs who are well socialized and great with kids and other pets. It's the owner, not the dog.
Apr 15, 2007 Terry C
Oh - and I would like to give Sydney a BIG hug.
Apr 27, 2007 mlawler214
what a beautiful little baby... i just want to mush her face and smother her with kisses.
May 7, 2007 vllybllstar
how could someone abandon a puppy with such an adorable face???!!! precious
May 16, 2007 chopperchick
How could anyone [u]NOT[/u] fall in love with Sydney?!! What a cutie!!
May 27, 2007 sandi
Thank you for giving this precious dog a chance and a good home. She is absolutely just a cutie pies. It i so good to see her so happy and healthy looking. I love the pic with her almost asleep and that little tongue poking out-- just adoreable
Jun 7, 2007 rozee9893
As an extreme dog lover, this has got to be one of the cutest dogs my eyes have beheld! I love the picture of the dog chewing the toy! Her eyes say "I'm innocent: just play with me!"
CUTISH DOGGG!! EARNS 11 biscuits, too bad there's no more. I have a question though....why do they stop @ such a random # like 11 for biscuits? I dont get it!!!!Love,
Jun 20, 2007 deevine
bless you for taking this beautiful puppy and healing her body for it sounds like she warmed your heart. It's sad that ignorant people have ruined this breed's rep.

this is a treasure of a puppy! hope she lives a happy healthy long life!
Jul 3, 2007 gryt
Lovely photos of a lovely girl! Sydney is a cutie.
Jul 5, 2007 sylvanbliss
Wow! What a beauty! Here's a chicken vs. the egg question...which came first, Sydney or the perfectly matched, brindle/paisley furniture? What good taste you have!

I am so pleased that Sydney's health has improved! I wish for her a long, healthy, happy life.

Recently, I had the joy of meeting my brother-in-law's APBT for the first time. Delightful beastie! So gentle and smart, great mid-sized dog, very affectionate...who could ask for more? It makes my blood boil to know that they are banned from my neighborhood.
Aug 9, 2007 kalvarad
THANK YOU Sydney's dad, for taking care of this beautiful girl! :)
Of course, I see how she would be hard not to love and take care of... those eyes are so big and full of love! :D
And I love that pic of Sydney sleeping in your arms with her tongue hanging out. :D
Aug 20, 2007 puppypac
What a beautiful girl Sydney is. Especially like the last picture.
You have done a good thing in taking care of her.
Aug 24, 2007 cinnybear
She is beautiful. I wish she were mine. Pit Bulls are the best. I had a pair and puppies years ago and I miss them a lot. Too bad they are so misunderstood, they are the most loving breed of dog I know. When my daughter was born we lived in a home with one and it was so gentle with the baby and very protective. You are truly blessed to have Sydney.
Aug 27, 2007 llamajoebbama
[b][color=orange]awwwww! i havent commented much, but she just caught my eye, STOP BSL! i wish you all the best for her future health[/color][/b]
Aug 30, 2007 SydneysMail
Thank all of you for your kind words and thoughts on Sydney. I am providing you with her Dogster link so you may take a look at more recent pictures of her as well as a video clip or two. She also has a new-ish sister Nikia who you will find there as well. Fudge is my families dog and lives at home with my Mom in NJ. She was rescued from a horrifying situation so egregious that it breaks my heart to tell the story. Just know that we have had her for 8 (+) years and she has lived a full, happy life from the first day we brought her home.


Randy, Sydney, Nikia, and Fudge

http://www.dogster.c om/dogs...
Mar 11, 2008 JenniferLee
your sydney is beautiful!
american pitbulls have always been my favourite and it hurts when people say they are all mean, because they are not! i will fight people untill i win about it. like i say, its not the breed thats mean. its the people who own them for all the wrong reasons. just like a golden retriever can be mean if brought up with the wrong people and brought up the wrong way. i get to pick up my baby pitty on friday when she turns 8 weeks old and i cannot wait! they truly are the best! =)
Apr 2, 2008 Bellaby99
What a FACE! She looks very intelligent too, her face is so expressive. Lots of hugs and belly rubs to Syd!
Jun 15, 2008 gregz68
Syd is irresistible. What a cutie!!!
May 25, 2009 quilla
She is quite a character!!!! What a cutie!!!!!
Sep 26, 2009 beezy
thats crazy i have a puppy just like yours girl went threw the same with worms and everything and they exactly alike
Dec 8, 2009 BeautyLover
Way to go, little girl - I'm so glad you're healthy now (and very beautiful) and that you have such a wonderful home.
Jul 28, 2010 roxy's mama
She's gorgeous! Pit bulls are amazing dogs, even with the bad rep. I have one, my parents have one, and every other dog owner in family owns one. they are the most loyal affectionate dogs... give her lots of love and kisses!!!!
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