Sunday, April 20, 2014
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May 2, 2008 teeru
I love all pix and better love in pix with her friends. Kisses and hugs.11 bis.
May 2, 2008 teeru
This one too. Look at that white bigger one, she is laughing. Kiss.
May 2, 2008 niccas
Wow, what a little supermodel! Every picture is just gorgeous. Enjoy...
May 2, 2008 pippin
Sydney, you are a very pretty girl with a lovely face. Have a fun life with your family and doggie friends.
May 2, 2008 thathat
What a sweet little darling! Her average is 11 biscuits right now, and rightly so!
May 2, 2008 patw1
What a cutie and I think she rightly knows it too! Her two buddies are lovely to she is a lucky girl to have two good friends to look after her. Have a wonderful long life together
May 2, 2008 suelill
Sydney you look such a worried little girl. What a precious baby. Lots of cuddles and biscuits sweetheart. Have a happy life.
May 2, 2008 deedee23
Sydney, you are such a sweetie!
May 2, 2008 tessiesmum
Sydney you have such beautifully coloured fur...almost 'paint by numbers'and how soft it looks. I Love her two doggie friends as well.
May 2, 2008 tarastiaras
What a precious little pup - beautiful!
May 2, 2008 doggieaunt
Too, too cute! And it's nice to see that Sydney has other friends (golden pup) -- not that I'd have doubted that! Scritches for everybody (but some extra for Sydney in honor of being the pup-of-the-day)!
May 2, 2008 maddiesmom
i love this picture they make a great team!!! two beautiful and happy dogs
May 2, 2008 maddiesmom
the first dog is so cute too!!! sydney is my favorite name and her coloring is so nice like a mountain dog
May 2, 2008 zara's mum
Such a little sweetie! My sister has one too named Allie (Allegeny) and does she ever run!
May 2, 2008 terry c
May 2, 2008 terry c
What a beautiful Sammy!
May 2, 2008 bigotto51
Adorable, she looks like a sweet heart!!!
May 2, 2008 Kristen47
what a pretty girl! good luck with her :)
May 2, 2008 judithvick
What a beautiful little girl. She has such endearing eyes. Enjoy.
May 2, 2008 choo'smom
I gasped when the page loaded!! Sydney is so pretty! Precious little busy bee. Lots of hugs and praises for this little (not for too long!) baby. Mwahhhh.
May 2, 2008 ejay
She is really beautiful, but as an Australian, I would call her a Border Collie, a very intelligent breed, so do enjoy her. Give her plenty of hugs for me.
May 2, 2008 Zoie's Daddy
Sydney seems to be saying " LOOK AT MY DIRTY LITTLE FOOTIES" What a little sweetie :-)
May 2, 2008 fritzy
So SWEET! :)
May 2, 2008 pamfontainepeters
What a cutie! Sydney is just beautiful with such lovely colouring. Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
May 2, 2008 ckendall
What a happy beautiful face. I have a 2 yr old male just like her. Wishing you a long life of love together.
May 2, 2008 brunomom
She is beautiful and so is that big white dog! All the best.
May 2, 2008 danedays
Aw, what a total sweetheart!
May 2, 2008 sbuent
I love me some baby Aussie butt. My favorite part.
May 2, 2008 Pets-We-Love
What beautiful coloring she has!!! Many years of health & fun!!!
May 2, 2008 sam'smom
Sydney looks like she is full of mischief - maybe that's why Cosmo seems to be smiling in this photo. There is an Australian shepherd in our neighborhood and she runs like the wind - better keep a tight hold on Sydney !!! lotsa biscuits for both Sydney and Cosmo, from Texas
May 2, 2008 animalluv
what a little lover! i want to pay with her so bad! You are so lucky to have such a sweet lil pup! Enjoy her and spoil the hell out of her!
May 2, 2008 janlee03
What a happy and beautiful girl you have. I love her colors. Many happy years to the both of you.
May 2, 2008 karen
Sidney is a beautiful girl and I can see why she has so many friends.. Many happy years to the both of you.
May 2, 2008 LPlumb1963
Sydney, you are absolutely beautiful. You have that innocent look as though you are saying, "I can do anything I want." And you probably could. Many wonderful years with your family. LOTS OF HUGS & BELLY RUBS!!!
May 2, 2008 djmc
want to play hide and seek, what a sweet baby. have lots and lots of fun with your new baby 11 biscuits
May 2, 2008 dogmom
What a gorgeous girl your little Sydney is!!! Precious.
May 2, 2008 shell242
This just looks like a happy puppy. Have a great time and have fun swimming Sydney (my American Bulldog Ivy loves to swim too)!
May 2, 2008 wild dove
OMG, she is the most precious thing. I luv her color and look at this expression on her face. Wonderful!!!!
May 2, 2008 abby's_dad
I love this breed, and Sydney is just beautiful. Heres to many happy and healthy years with this adorable girl.
May 2, 2008 ard1108
What a beautiful little girl. I have a mini aussie and she will be 2 next month. I miss that puppy fur. Enjoy your little girl.
May 2, 2008 Ange2809
What a gorgeous smile!! Many hugs, kisses and doggy biscuits for you Sydney! xoxo
May 2, 2008 imissjess
She's lovely. Enjoy many wonderful years together!
May 2, 2008 puchina
So cute! She reminds me of my Chewie, the 2/16/08 puppy. She is absolutely adorable. Chewie has his own little blog at http://thelittlestwookie.blogspot.c om I am so glad that she is in the Daily Puppy Widget; she brightens up our page!
May 2, 2008 ursa'smomma
I oooo'd and ahhhh'd through all the pics! What a precious princess!
May 2, 2008 ginak0915
She is adorable! I really love her coloring. And how lucky she has a big smiley white dog to play with! :)
May 2, 2008 amyliz
What an absolutely adorable pup you are, Sydney! Your dog friends are cute, too!
May 2, 2008 jerisue513
What an absolutely beautiful and expressive baby you are! Enjoy a long life with your new family!!!
May 2, 2008 mikdebluvpups
such expression in those pretty eyes! Beautiful baby
May 2, 2008 fit4laur
Just precious! She looks like such a well mannered puppy!
May 2, 2008 jennie0128
What a cutie! Her markings are so bright and distinctive. I fell in love the minute I saw her. What a lucky human you are to have her in your life.
May 2, 2008 posh tater
What a pretty puppy - with such appealing eyes! Is it me, or can I not see her tail in ANY of those pictures?? I bet it's a great one buuilt for OPTimum wag!
May 2, 2008 dhightree
You are such a cute girl and you look very happy. Glad that you have a great home and friends to play with.
May 2, 2008 crzy4aussies
I just love love love her! She looks just like my angel. I wish you many years of happiness and good health.
May 2, 2008 rexandbaby
Such a happy looking pup, enjoy!
May 2, 2008 guido's mama
Sydney has lots of friends and she's a beautifull pup pup. Have a wonderful life together.
May 2, 2008 clemency
Sydney is so beautiful! She looks too cute posing with her friends. Her coloring and eyes are very pretty!
May 2, 2008 sprp
What a sweetie! Have lots of fun with all your friends and Mommy. What a perfect little diva pose!
May 2, 2008 Chandlersmom
Hard to pick a favourite pic...they're all great! Sydney is a very sweet puppy and she has beautiful friends!
May 2, 2008 locococo918
May 2, 2008 bloomers
Cute lil' buds.
May 2, 2008 lisalisa
Best friends! Sydney is a beautiful girl and look at the smile she brings to Cozmo's face! I LOVE IT!
May 2, 2008 lotsadoghair
She's perfectly ready to GO SOMEWHERE FUN! Best wishes to all of you!
May 2, 2008 doggielvr
It looks like you have a great friend! Enjoy your Puppyhood, you sweet little cutie!
May 2, 2008 mkesj
Great looking puppy. I love the markings. It's great she has a furry friend to play with. She reminds me of a border collie I once had. The "mini" idea is just great.
May 2, 2008 vorner
How cute are these two?!!! The Samoyed is a doll too! Enjoy your beautiful puppy and may you all have a fantastic time, excellent health and much joy in the years ahead. Lots of tummy rubs and a million biscuits! XOXOXO
May 2, 2008 sdv in slc
Sydney is adorable! Her white fur is sooooooo white! She looks like she has lots of friends.
May 2, 2008 redjasmin147
Oh wow - I didn't know they came in mini ones! She is adorable. xxxx
May 2, 2008 lisaivey
Cozmo: "Ha ha ha! Sydney, you crack me up!!" This pic is SO cute, and Sydney has the most beautiful eyes! Give her a nice tummy rub from me and my furbaby Spike!
May 2, 2008 NewPup
Sydney must be a crack-up--looks like these two just shared a terrific, {perhaps even naughty}, inside joke! ..wonder if they shared it with their human pets..{?} lol~ Darling puppy, Sydney is!;D
May 2, 2008 bigdogmom
Fuzzy Aussie buns are the best!! Bet she wags that little nubbin of a tail ALL the time! Thanks for sharing your cutie, and her pretty friends, too!
May 2, 2008 oreo's auntie
Beautiful puppy! Enjoy her. 11 biscuits!
May 2, 2008 prettylove82
What a precious baby! I had never seen a mini Aussie until I became a member of this website. He happens to be one of the cutest I've seen so far. It'll be my next dog. Millions-of-biscuits!
May 2, 2008 oreo's auntie
What gorgeous eyes she has! =)
May 2, 2008 minnesotadoglover
She will definitely steal your heart!
May 2, 2008 Casey's mom
She is so pretty and her eyes are gorgeous! Many happy years with Sydney!
May 2, 2008 corriedaboxers
What a beautiful puppy, hugs and kisses and 11 biscuits.
May 2, 2008 cutiepie108
omg she is sooo cute!!!! i didn't know they came i miniature!!! so cute!!
May 2, 2008 tanng1
I love her little paws. They say that if a dog's paws are all white the dog is very smart. Go Sydney!
May 2, 2008 pjami
How precious! My Min-Aussie is the smartest dog I've ever had. Her name is Saddie, loves to play ball, and thinks everyone just comes to she her.
May 2, 2008 quiltcat
What a cute baby she is! and it looks like Cozmo is delighted with his little girlfriend, too. Sydney looks like a really sweet adorable and intelligent little girl. Much happiness to you all!
May 2, 2008 Zelda
Absolutely adorable.
May 2, 2008 ladysebee
Wow! TAlk about the "look" to win you over & melt your heart! Beautiful face, beautiful name...and all that love! How can you beat it!! Best of luck for a wonderful life...sounds like all the right factors are perfectly alined.
May 2, 2008 jw bear
Such a sweetheart!!!! This puppy will be the light of your life!!!!
May 2, 2008 claudette
Such a sweet face!
May 2, 2008 wellie'smum
Sydney, I want you!! You are adorable, and you look so smart! Many happy years, and all the biscuits you want!
May 2, 2008 dkritter
What an absolute darling little baby! Have many years of fun with this little one, and her friends in the pictures are so cute too!
May 2, 2008 bevsbelles
What a beautiful puppy. I love her markings.
May 2, 2008 honeypie
What a happy face...she looks ready to learn the next new trick! Best of everything to you and your lovely Sydney-girl!!
May 2, 2008 trixandsam
"I lurve you Mom!" (or Dad) What a gorgeous pup!
May 2, 2008 pararescuejmper
Yay another Minnie Aussie! Its hard to find someone who has heard of them let alone someone who owns one. Rylee (my minnie) is almost 2 now and looks alot smaller than Sydney. Dont you just love how they give you the "Who me?" look all the time? What a cute pooch!
May 2, 2008 KATZ613
Cute, cute, cute.....don't know what else to say. Hard picking a pic....also love Sydney's 2 friends, they are beautiful dogs too. Love Sydney's markings and just look at that face, how can you not fall in love with her?! Many years of happiness Sydney and a zillion kisses and belly rubs and 11++++++++++++++++++++++biscuits for you AND your friends.
May 2, 2008 poppyrox33467
Fun in the Sun! lol awesome doggie shes a keeper
May 2, 2008 4pointersmom
What a lucky puppy you are and how adorable you are as well. You have my heart!!!!! love 4pointersmom
May 2, 2008 Ashley2008
I love this picture of Sydney. She is so cute!
May 2, 2008 mummm
Sydney, you are BEAUTIFUL.
May 2, 2008 drakes' granny
Labrador Retrievers are my favorite but Sydney has such beautiful markings and seems so lovable, it would be hard to decide who to take home. Lots of love, hugs and biscuits to her...
May 2, 2008 mymy97
this picture iz so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 2, 2008 JulianaN
Sydney is absolutely positively no-doubt-about-it beautiful! She looks very happy in all her photos. The world is hers....just peel her a grape! haha! Enjoy Sydney and give her lots and lots of hugs and kisses - along with some belly rubs in there. All the best!!
May 2, 2008 inmemoryofnijah
What beautiful animals! Sydney looks so much like our Berner and the first pup I called my own was a Sammy, so many years ago. Many kisses to both of them and much luck with Sydney, she looks like a little 'stinker'!
May 2, 2008 Staffielvr81
Such perfect markings. It is like she know but she will not tell.
May 2, 2008 lotsapets
You have taken some excellent pictures of your sweet, pretty girl !! You will have years of love and fun with her.
May 2, 2008 puppy world
her fur is beutiful she has lots of friends she must have a lot of comany and she is cute 5 biciuts
May 2, 2008 Jake's_Mum
What a happy and absolutely adorable bundle of fur you are! I'm so glad you found nice home! Loads of love and biscuits to you! :-)
May 2, 2008 gypsysoul68
May 2, 2008 bonbon1122
the camera loves this little cutie
May 2, 2008 pegdog
Hi Sydney, you are speaking right through those beautiful deep eyes. What a beautiful animal. Congrats!
May 2, 2008 JazzDancis
Natural beauty at its finest.
May 2, 2008 daggereye
Congrats Sydney! You are truly "Pawsome"!! when can we get together for a playdate?? Peace, Love, Paws, Molly & Piper
May 2, 2008 dede
Awwwwwwwww such a cutie!!!!!
May 2, 2008 bedsleeper123
oh baby! what a cutie!!!!!!!!! :)
May 2, 2008 awindman
very little and cute, great poochie
May 3, 2008 kenna724
She is a precious little puppy!
May 3, 2008 zoerosesmom
So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her markings on her body!
May 3, 2008 bella da puppy
very nice
May 3, 2008 mqm501
She is very photogenic - gorgeous. You are honoured - this is the first time this site has allowed me to comment and pick a picture since the "improvements"! Alas "it" wouldn't let me give any biscuits - which was going to be the max - of course. Very Best Wishes from Spain.
May 3, 2008 muttlover
I love this picture. Sydney has lovely markings. I love the brown patches. I'll bet she is spunky!
May 3, 2008 ollie's dad
What a lovely puppy.
May 3, 2008 K-dog
So Cute I could never punish that dog and I'm sure you haven't :).
May 3, 2008 pilli_pala
awwww! sooooooo cute, love the piccy. The samoyed is so much bigger than lil sydney but they look like best of friends!
May 4, 2008 Tara_Lee
Awww such a cutie!
May 4, 2008 dogpup98
CUTE! Real cuddlebug, I can see, and so friendly! Sweetie!
May 5, 2008 tamwise21
Wow I think you have a lot of vacumning everyday with all that hair. Enjoy Sydney.
May 5, 2008 Rickysmom
Sydney, You are gorgeous!
May 5, 2008 piobaire
Wow, isn't she a cutie patootie? Eleventy million biscuits for her!!
May 6, 2008 JKAT1
How cute!
May 6, 2008 roscoeroxypepper
what a beautiful family
May 6, 2008 lovemypom
Such a good girl!! And beautiful!
May 6, 2008 denawolves
great picture- needs to be a valentine's card! How beautiful and good your dogs are!
May 6, 2008 doggymommy
Smiling away, now that is a happy puppy!
May 6, 2008 stormsamson
What a precious little girl you are Sydney. Those eyes show that you have the ability to love, love and love!!! Many kisses and huggins to you.
May 8, 2008 thekal
awwwww, so cute
May 11, 2008 adry
She is absolutely beautiful!!!!
May 12, 2008 puppy_love1
that is so sweet
May 12, 2008 shep-the-dog
wat a stunning pup, soo beautiful XXX
May 13, 2008 honeypup
AWW!!! They look like two adorable stuffed animals sitting there!!
May 13, 2008 jkyungsonya
Sydney, you take my breath away! You are an adorable little fluff ball!
May 15, 2008 puppydog
wat a cutie, headen in for a nap i suppose!
May 20, 2008 iluvmypets5368
i need a friend too :( i'm jealous!
May 25, 2008 wolfgirl66
cuter than cute!
May 28, 2008 anagaby8386
looks like mother nice
May 28, 2008 anagaby8386
looks like hes smiling!!!
Jun 5, 2008 RegalSteed
Ya look So cute with Cozmo! Ur golden retriever friend is stunning, too. But U outshine them BOTH! U r so cute! Big kisses to Sydney and her G. R. friend. My Golden recently passed away, it is nice to see your friends and u are Happy and Healthy!
Jun 7, 2008 mydexy
She is such a sweetie!!! I hope you live a long and happy life with her.
Jun 7, 2008 shibainualex
Jun 23, 2008 Bramblewhiskerjj
Two little puppy dawgs
he has the cutist smile awwwwwwww x
Jul 6, 2008 Pups4Life254
Does she have an agent? Cause you could make big bucks with this little superstar! 11 bikkies for you!!
Jul 26, 2008 CaseyAndCallie
Omg! This is the cutest dog i have seen in my life!
Dec 12, 2008 cutiepants26
The white on her face is like snow!
Mar 18, 2009 shaungrl
What perfect, precious little face. Enjoy a long, healthy life, Miss Sydney. Tummy tickles from TX.
Jun 28, 2009 mad about huskys
look how tiny Sydney is to that big white dog 11 bis
Jan 11, 2012 JanW
Sydney, you're one beautiful little Aussie! I love your face with that wonderful sweet expression. Your friend Cozmo and that Golden Retriever are pretty cool too! Enjoy a great life, sweetheart!
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