Friday, July 25, 2014
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Mar 7, 2008 puchina
He is the best! Someone in the DC area has to buy him so he can be with his brother, my Chewie! http://thelittlestwo he was the fluffiest puppy of the bunch.
Mar 7, 2008 westwoodaussies
[color=green]Check out our blog over at: westwoodminiatureaussies.blogspot.c om/

It's updated often and includes pictures and videos!

Also, if you can't get enough of your Miniature Aussie fix here, check out my gallery at: http://www.westwoodm iniatur...[/color]
Mar 7, 2008 dogcopper
Sylar is a BEAUTY! Enjoy your wonderful boy!
Mar 7, 2008 zxc
Mar 7, 2008 mpkfinn
He is the sweetest little thing I've seen! If it wasn't for my pup I'd have to go and find one just like him.
Mar 7, 2008 suelill
Sylar you're just too cute.
Mar 7, 2008 Foxie Momma
S U P E R C U T E ......... **tummy tickles**
Mar 7, 2008 RobbyT

In Australia we call this breed "Coolie". They are not at all common and I don't know any household that has one. But there is a man who breeds them for his own "Coolie Show" in the Barossa Valley, near where I come from. The Barossa is a tourist spot because of it's wines. This bloke has about 30 Coolies which he has trained to entertain people. They are absolutely gorgeous (as is Sylar) but I don't like them being exploited for entertainment.

So, you have a rare breed as far as I know!! How lovely for you.
I love fluffy puppies and Sylar sure is fluffy.

I hope you like the little bit of info I gave you

Cheers Rob
Mar 7, 2008 coyne12
WOW - just gorgeous. Hard to choose a favorite photo. Wondering how large Sylar will be when grown? Best wishes always, and thanks for info. from Rob in Australia - very interesting!!
Mar 7, 2008 jgales
Just one word -Beautiful- 11 biscutes to this sweet little guy.
Mar 7, 2008 jgales
Just one word -Beautiful- 11 biscutes to this sweet little guy.
Mar 7, 2008 doggieaunt
It's the whole family!!! How delightful!!! I don't even want to try to pick a favorite among them. If it weren't for my going-on-13 solo kitty, I'd be sooo tempted to join the family myself!

Biscuits and scritches to Skylar and the whole clan . . . and thanks for all the wonderful photos, everyone!
Mar 7, 2008 MUSH51
What a beautiful puppy. I love his colors. A little ball of energy. May he have a long and healthy life.

Mar 7, 2008 Pup_luver2008
Sylar looks like such an angel.
We started getting my sheltie into agility (training him)
Once he learned to run through the tunnel, He also thought the rain drain "tunnel" was one and he got sick :(
I hope Sylar will have a wonderful life with you and will become a champion
Lots of LUv
Mar 7, 2008 doriesmom
Sylar is a very handsome fellow!!!! Best of luck with him. May you have many fun filled days of frolicking, snuggles, belly rubs, and next to family time, Sylar. What a beautiful coat you have!!! Many biscuits from our critter gang, they would love to play with you!!
Mar 7, 2008 Mummm
Such beautiful markings on a very sweet looking pup!
Mar 7, 2008 mling
what a cutie!
Mar 7, 2008 amber4803
the sister looks a little bugged out! "get this pup away from me" but man are they beautiful, so adorable!
Mar 7, 2008 jaforget
I love your A. Shepard. He seems awesome!
Mar 7, 2008 DogMom
What a cute floofy little guy!!! I just love the way this breed looks. They have the most intelligent look in their eyes. Your two pups are absolutely gorgeous. Little Sylar deserves extra everything today - and so does miss Madison!!!!
Mar 7, 2008 jowaldo
What a beautiful boy!! I just love his nose!! Sweet baby! :)
Mar 7, 2008 GeniaNC
Must... kiss... nose...
What a beautiful dog.
Please guard that nose with sun block, it looks delicate.
Big sloppy puppy kisses to you Sylar.
(on the nose)
Mar 7, 2008 PikaCheck
Sylar! A somewhat devious name for an adorable puppy! He looks like an absolute love, though. His colors are gorgeous, too.
Have fun with him!
Mar 7, 2008 goldenlover
Sylar and Madison,

Let me talk to you as I do my Golden and my ward, a Brittney. See if you can imagine this: I leave comments directed to the puppies and/or their masters. Some people read these comments like overhearing a conversation I'm trying to have with someone else and then they criticize what I say, particularly where I consistently encourage 2nd dogs and Rescue. Wouldn't it be better for them to ignore me rather than be annoyed ??

You're a beooootiful pup and sooooo lucky to have a good Mom AND a mate.
Mar 7, 2008 honeypie
What a sweet happy little face to greet me this morning! I have a friend who has one of this breed that he rescued and loves dearly. I hope your Sylar brings you as much joy. Best wishes, many belly rubs and bunches of biscuits!! Thank you for sharing.
Mar 7, 2008 boo-bearsmom
Oh good grief, Now I have to have a mini australian shep...
What are you guys doing to me?!!
Sylar is totally adorable and he looks so happy! He is going to be fun, fun, fun!
Mar 7, 2008 bonaircat
what a cutie pie!!
Mar 7, 2008 shellyrini
What a fluff ball!!! I love him. His sister looks like she has had enough here. Too funny. I want one now! He is gorgeous and looks like he is full of life. Best of luck and please send a picture when he is grown up. God Bless.
Mar 7, 2008 LabMommy
Sylar! What a fluffball. I hope that he does get to play with his adorable brother! I hope that Madison is adjusting well, too. What a happy guy.

I keep thinking of Sylar from the show Heroes who is not such a nice character. Luckily this Sylar overcomes that thought with his overwhelming cuteness!! Sniffs and licks from my labs to your shepards!
Mar 7, 2008 eeyore
he is soooo adorable....never waste a second with him!!

11 biscuits
Mar 7, 2008 sam'smom
Both Sylar and Madiosn are beautiful - love the photo of Sylar looking adoringly up at Madison, but I thought this one best shows Sylar's intelligence. There is an Australian Shepherd in our neighborhood that runs with her family - that dog goes like the wind !! 11 + to both Sylar and Madison :)
Mar 7, 2008 Lady_Jo
How beautiful and precious!!! I'd just love to hug him and hold him all day. May you have lots and lots of years of love and fun with Sylar!
Mar 7, 2008 puppypac
What a stunningly gorgeious young fellow you have here. I think merles are one of the prettiest colors - the eyes are exceptional also. But more than that, he appears to have a wonderful temperament. ps He could probably make it big time as a doggie model! :-)
Mar 7, 2008 djmc
A happy baby, sooooooooo sweet , enjoy enjoy great pictures . 11 biscuits
Mar 7, 2008 pauz4paws
Sylar, you're just AWESOME! Beautiful makings and you look like you're going 100 mph just sitting still...haha. I look at you and see raw energy! Here's lots of belly rubs and smoochies from our critter camp here in Florida. xoxo
Mar 7, 2008 bigbobbie123
The greatest nose ever!
Mar 7, 2008 clemency
He's adorable! I love the half pink, half black nose!!
Mar 7, 2008 Brunomom
It is so hard to choose a favorite picture, but this picture won out because you can see how tiny he is and how very beautiful they both are. All the best w/these lovely dogs.
Mar 7, 2008 pupsrule
Sylar is just gorgeous and he looks way smart, too. Thanks for sharing the pics of lovely Madison and adorable Chewie, too. Many, many biscuits and a long life to all 3.
Mar 7, 2008 bopeep
Gorgeous Skylar, full of love and energy. I like the fact agility training will not start until his "bones stop growing". Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits from Kansas.

P.S. Thank you goldenlover,
Mar 7, 2008 jaccikay
Sylar has such beautiful coloring, as this breed does! I just love them. They are beautiful, intelligent, and athletic. They love to please their master, also. I am happy Sylar is not alone, but has a large caring family around. Soon Madison and Sylar will be best buddies! God Bless you all with love, health, and happiness.
Mar 7, 2008 sprp
These are such intelligent, high energy dogs. They need LOTS of exercise and mental stimulation. They are not couch-potato dogs and are not suited for people who work and leave them alone all day. They excel at using their natural abilities, such as herding and agility. Flyball is too frenetic for any dog, it causes them to be overly stimulated as it is a game of "Fetch" in high speed. I agree with Rob who hates to see dogs exploited for our entertainment. I hope this little sweetie enjoys agility when he is old enough.
Mar 7, 2008 nancy24tarn
What a beautiful puppy. such a gorgeous ball of fluff.. He has such great colors in his fur... 11 biscuits for you and your pup. Enjoy..Hugs to all.
Mar 7, 2008 skeeze_in_belize
"Give me a kiss!" - Ahh, they're too cute! I really like the mini Aussies.
Mar 7, 2008 LabMommy
ps...goldenlover, i speak for myself regarding your post today...i never thought YOU were annoying as you mentioned toward the end. i am sure you are a wonderful person who obviously has a big heart. i just think the rescue pushing is annoying especially after i had such a bad experience with rescue organizations and local shelters. as i keep saying, i wish people would enjoy the puppies, which is the entire purpose of the site.

that's it from me on this issue...keep writing whatever you would like
Mar 7, 2008 cookiebaby
Beautiful markings -- great nose. He's wonderful!
Mar 7, 2008 piobaire
Once again, you guys gotta stop making it so hard to pick one picture! Sylar is beautiful!! I love his little nose. In this picture it almost looks turned up! What a doll!
Mar 7, 2008 denawolves
Sylar,you are the man! You look like a little whirlwind, like the tasmanian devil! How lucky to have your sis to play with all the time. I agree goldenlover that 2 [or more] dogs are better than one- if you can swing it. To me, wherever you get your dog-you just adopted or rescued him. I think your opinion is very important as all who write in here- after all the pups like Sylar are the reason I visit! These pups are a great uplifting segment of my day!
Mar 7, 2008 gary
Beautiful just Beautiful.
Mar 7, 2008 puchina
Sylar is the last one of his litter left, and I think his human mom, who is the best breeder ever and an amazing trainer, isn't going to give him up, even though she just got another little puppy who looks just like my Chewie. So, what I am getting at is, if you are willing to be my buddy (and hopefully live somewhere close to DC) and you think yopu would be a good owner for Sylar, you should check out the Westwood Minis page. The caveat is that his human mom and dad and his adoptive aunt Puchina will grill you to make sure that this little guy goes to a perfect home. If Crystal keeps him she is going to go from 4 dogs (ideally) to 6 and her husband might have to move out to another house to make room for all the delicious little Aussies!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 7, 2008 puchina
Sylar is the last one of his litter left, and I think his human mom, who is the best breeder ever and an amazing trainer, isn't going to give him up, even though she just got another little puppy who looks just like my Chewie. So, what I am getting at is, if you are willing to be my buddy (and hopefully live somewhere close to DC) and you think you would be a good owner for Sylar, you should check out the Westwood Minis page. The caveat is that his human mom and dad and his adoptive aunt Puchina will grill you to make sure that this little guy goes to a perfect home. If Crystal keeps him she is going to go from 4 dogs (ideally) to 6 and her husband might have to move out to another house to make room for all the delicious little Aussies!!!!!!!!!!!
omg u r so cute sylar!!! <3 <3 <3
Mar 7, 2008 Lovethempuppies
Wonderful Name! Sylar, your are adorable!!!! 11++++ bicuits
Mar 7, 2008 liz
Aww, fluffy little pup. I remember Chewie...way beyond cute! Whether or not this is the place for it, it's never bad to suggest rescuing, too. It *is* a matter of life and death for lots of poor, adorable, scared and wanting love little rejects.
Mar 7, 2008 jennie0128
What an amazing puppy!! So beautiful. I had an aussie years ago..the sweetest dog ever. Bought a house to get another one but God gave me a rescue Sheltie instead, named "Shadow" going thru heartworm treatment. Horrible disease! Horrible treatment..some days it's touch and go, but he is worth it and will make it. Prayers, please, and lots of hugs and kisses for your wonderful dogs.
Mar 7, 2008 kc8iqw
"HA!, I corraled you!"
What a handsome aussie. I lvoe Aussie sheppards, the coloring in their coat is so varied soe almost every one is unique. I hope to add a aussie sheppard to our faimly one day.
Mar 7, 2008 liltinker
It's the nose, the fluff, the mini, eyes....
Ok it's just everything Sylar!!!!
Just love him! Lots of kisses on that puppy face.
Mar 7, 2008 jrstar
This pup is too beautiful to take.
Mar 7, 2008 Terry C
I love Skylar's markings and those lovely eyes.
Mar 7, 2008 plantsforjenny
How sweet! Love that nose!
Mar 7, 2008 sue
hes soooooooo cute
Mar 7, 2008 jaggersmom
Wow Skylar is just beautiful!

Goldenlover, I do understand where you are coming from. I have 2 pups now and support rescues/shelters as much as I can. But I also know how much more effort and money are required to care for 2 dogs. The "consistent" pushing of a 2nd dog and rescue can be seen as somewhat annoying, but for those who don't like it, it's easy to ignore. However, I think it could be seen BY THE OWNER as somewhat of a hint that their home isn't good enough for the puppy (at least that's how I would feel), which is opposite of what this site is for.
That's just my opinion, and I do not mean to offend anyone in anyway.
Keep the puppies coming!!
Mar 7, 2008 jaggersmom
oops forgot to post my fav! loooove his colouring
Mar 7, 2008 jaggersmom
didn't work the first time. it's the 4th from the top
Mar 7, 2008 aden1994
he is adorable! i love his eye color...i have an australian shepherd who has the same coloring!! your other dog is very cute too!
Mar 7, 2008 jaforget
Mar 7, 2008 Garcia Hates Me
Your dog keeps giving me the stink eye.
Mar 7, 2008 SorryCharlie_17
Sylar is sooooo cute! He looks like the sweetest, most playful puppy! I always wanted an Mini Australian Shepard!
Mar 7, 2008 JulianaN
[color=purple][b]What an adorable ball of fur and energy!! I've never been around a miniature Aussie - definitely are sweet in the videos and all the photos at your website. Thanks for sharing. Extra hugs to Sylar for a long life full of herding, agility and playing.[/color][/b]
Mar 7, 2008 lotsapets
To boobearsmom: You are not the only one who would give their eyeteeth for a miniature Australian Shepherd !!!!
Sylar's family are so VERY fortunate to have him..............I do know how it feels, as I had one many years ago !! Love him to pieces !!
Mar 7, 2008 mymalt914
Very special looking pup, lots of happiness with him!
Mar 7, 2008 dreamcouture375
[color=light blue] what a cutie!! i love his pink spotted nose! hope you have tons of fun with him!![/color]
Mar 7, 2008 kittymom
Awwwwwwwwww, be still my heart, this is Mini Aussie perfection! Sylar, you can be MY velcro puppy, if your mommie doesn't mind.....
Just don't try to many high jumping tricks 'til your bones stop growing, or you might get hurt.......
Mar 7, 2008 k_cyn
[color=purple]BEAUTIFUL!!! :) Sylar you are PRECIOUS!!!!
Many kisses, hugs and biscuits to you!! :)
Best wishes always!!! :) [/color]
Mar 7, 2008 MDuran75
Oh my Goodness Sylar you are soooooooo adorable, and sweet
Lots of kisses on your pink and black nose soo cute!!!
I love all the pictures
11++++++++++++ biscuits and belly rubs
Mar 8, 2008 lucyny2000
I can hear the conversation going:
- Can I have a kiss, pleeeese...
- I said, don't push it!
The only thing better than having a dog, is to have two dogs. I know because I have. Having more than two is probably heaven! God bless your family with many years of health and happiness!

Lucy's and Phoenix's mom from NY
Mar 8, 2008 puppylove23
These dogs are so beautiful especailly when they have this merle colour...
Mar 8, 2008 nancy814
Sylar is beautiful. I think I am falling in love with this breed. I love Sylar's coloring and markings & pink nose. What a cutie. Looks like a sweetheart too.
Mar 8, 2008 Sasafras56
Robbie T -your information was great. If I had this puppy Iwould never go to work. This has to be the most beautiful breed I have yet to see. Picture wouldn't take but they are all beautiful. :)
Oh, the little man is so adorable! Biscuits and kisses to Sylar from me, he's just too cute! :D
Mar 9, 2008 denawolves
PS Prayers for you and your pup,Shadow, jennie0128- good luck on the heartworm treatment.
Mar 9, 2008 maggiemae
What a beautiful closeup!
Mar 9, 2008 JudithVick
What an unbelievable beauty!
Mar 10, 2008 Mikkimrado
I love him to bits!!!! Such a handsome, cuddly darling!
Mar 10, 2008 roscoeroxypepper
Mar 10, 2008 tambore
Madison: "Either he goes or I go!"
Sylar: "You don't mean that, Madison, do you?"
Madison: "Boy, do I ever."
Sylar: "I'll get you to change your mind before long.
Gimme a kiss, please."
Mar 11, 2008 crzy4aussies
He is such a cutie pie! Hugs and Kisses from my aussies to yours!
Mar 11, 2008 loca17_08
well he is so cute i just love aussies
he looks like he likes to play alot
Mar 11, 2008 paws4thought
[color=red] HOW CUTE ????????
surely being this gorgeous has got to be illegal?
I love his name so so so much! SYLAR what a beauty. i love australian shepherds with all my heart and the minitures are just the best. Being unable to have one of my own, i have taken to gazing longingly at your little man! we could not possibly fit in any other animal into our house because it is so full.
i mean having 6 brothers is bad enough, and me being the only girl!
i also have loads of pets:
7 dogs
3 cats
4 horses!!!!

but what i would give to have a pup like Sylar........
you are true perfection
and looking at h=these pictures melts my heart
such an adorable little angel

in case you were wondering, i gave you 11 biscuits!!!woop woop!
and i don't understand, why you don't have the full 11 from everyone.....
i mean people come on
can you not see
how stunningly, gorgeously, adorably, handsomely, PERFECT HE IS????????

i do apologise for that outburst but i just don't understand what is running through peoples heads as they give you anything lower than 11 BISCUITS.
deary me.....

all the best
many happy memories
good luck
have fun
enjoy it!!!![/color]

[b][color=pink]X[/color][color= red]O[/color][color=pink]X[/color][ color=red]O[/color][/b]
Mar 11, 2008 GypsySoul68
OH MY GOODNESS ~ Sylar & his big sis are beautiful! Thanks for the *virtual puppy breath!*
Mar 12, 2008 luvmypup2
These pics just made my day!!!!
Apr 10, 2008 bethsbox
How Beautiful! I just wanna give all the biscuits!!
May 20, 2008 puppydog
Syler is such a cutie, lots of love!
Aug 3, 2008 CaseyAndCallie
It seems you have an adorable puppy! I love him! He is one of my two favorite breeds. The other is colle! I love him to death and wish I could just cuddle him!
Dec 28, 2008 beccashouse
OMG, what a beautiful mini Aussie. ANY size Aussies RULE!! LOVE, HUGS and KISSES....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx & #10;
Jun 1, 2009 Dogluver21
aww how cutiful
Aug 5, 2009 pudgiethepug
Both puppies are so cute!!
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