Taco the Chihuahua

Puppy Breed: Chihuahua

Taco's mom says: Taco was born in Ontario, Canada. I found out about the puppies the day after they were born. I went to see them at one week old and fell in love with the only boy. I called him Taco and visited every week from then on. For eight weeks I visited and waited... until the great day when the visit didn't end and Taco got in the car with me. Since then, he hardly leaves my side. He is well known at my Loblaws and bank, he always accompanies me to friends' houses, and he joins me on my errands. The only places Taco doesn't go are my work and my college classes, but he doesn't mind because it means he is probably down the hall at my neighbors' apartment with their dog, his girlfriend Coco. Coco is also a Chihuahua, is of no relation to Taco, and is one week younger. The two of them never stop play-fighting, and it is more entertaining than any TV show. Taco's other friend is Oscar the chameleon, who was king of the apartment until Taco came along. They enjoy sunning together in the window. Other than that, Oscar just hisses at him. Taco is super smart and already knows "sit," "stay," "spin," "lie down," and we're working on "shake a paw." Taco is such a joy to my life.