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Puppy Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Hi! I am a "crazy dog," as my mum says. I am growing like a weed! I was born on a Florida farm and my mum picked me up to become her best friend and adventure partner. Though I was afraid of the pool at first, my Aunt Gracie (Lab) taught me to love it. However, I can't swim with a ball in my mouth because I haven't figured out how to breathe and carry a ball while in the water. I love playing with my cousin Trina (Yorkie), though Aunt Gracie says I'm getting too big and need to learn to be more gentle. I love chasing the tennis ball, but haven't figured out the whole bringing it back thing. My other hobbies include chewing on the cat, Morris (I try to get him to run, but he just doesn't care); I also like destroying anything made of plastic. I usually keep to my old coke bottles; however, Grandma's flower pots were a lot of fun to destroy. Boxes and magazines too! Silly things I do include refusing to get out of bed in the morning, taking up as much room on the couch or bed as possible, playing tug-o-war with Trina and watching basketball or hockey on TV.