Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Dec 6, 2006 NC
What an unusual pup!! He's cute.
Dec 6, 2006 V maple ridge B.C. Canada
thanks for the big smile!!! You are a cutiepie!!!
Dec 6, 2006 Krysia
I could keel over and die; what a cute dog!
Dec 6, 2006 Kathy
He is so cute. Love the paws pic. Looks like a little bear.
Dec 6, 2006 Heidi
Your little sweet face makes me SOOOOO HAPPPPPY!!!
Dec 6, 2006 Confused
He's cute in a weird way, looks like his facial hair was clipped and left him with a lion mane....
Dec 6, 2006 DogLuvver
When I was a kid all I eanted was a Nova (the car) and a St. Bernard!! I'd lvoe to have the great white buffalo!!! Those pictures are fantastic!!! First one I've seen without the mask! 12 biscuits.
Dec 6, 2006 DogLuvver
Dang!! I forgot to change the biscuit meter and accidentally only gave you 9 Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Here's 12 more!

BTW I love the one where your getting a bath! Ha, they won't ever get to clean you in the sink again, they'll have to build you your own bathroom.
Dec 6, 2006 #1DogLover
He is sooo cute!!!!! I really wish I had a St.Bernard!!! I LOVE his lion mane!!!
Dec 6, 2006 Jackie I
What a beautiful dog, he reminds me of the Lion in the Wizard of Oz. He is a dog you could really hug...
Dec 6, 2006 DogNerd
How adorable! People have commented on the 'lion mane', which is probably more appropriate than the first thing that came to my mind: 'Powdered Wig a la Mozart in Amadeus'. But I digress. I think he's a beautiful, big fella, and I absolutely LOVE his facial expressions! 11 biscuits!
Dec 6, 2006 M2C3
Would love to see what he looks like when he's full grown!
Dec 6, 2006 jobo
Eddie Munster! cute!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 6, 2006 Jessica
Oooohhh you look so soft I just wanna shove my face in your fur and snnnniiiiffff.... and cuddle you forever and kiss your sweet face!! I bet you're warm to snuggle.

11 biscuits.
Dec 6, 2006 DieselsMom
It's da pink paws & muzzle puff!!! Get in line for da fur sniffage and cuddles behind me!!! What a wonderful name for a beautiful pup.
Dec 6, 2006 Poohmama
He is beautiful. Just a big fluffy gentle giant. He looks like a wonderful dog.
Dec 6, 2006 Knate and Charlene
What a face. Reminds us of Andy Warhol -that spiked white mane. Glad to see he's getting his roughage with juicy sticks! Big thump on the rump for the gorgeous guy.
Dec 6, 2006 jenniferlea
Your mommy is right, Tatanka, you are cute!!!!!
Dec 6, 2006 jajas mom
When I first saw Tatanka, I immediately thought of the sacred white buffalo, before I read the bio!
Tatanka is really beautiful and very unusual. I love those big puppy paws too. I'll bet that Tatanka is going to be very special.
Dec 6, 2006 Zoe Rose
I have a 5 year old saint with a full black mask.. I didn't even recognize the first picture as a Saint until I read it...he is so precious.. I wanna meet him. Enjoy. They are THE BEST...drool and all.
Dec 6, 2006 Kendra
Squee!! I have never seen a St. Bernard puppy before! He's so cute. His little nose is so perfect, it looks fake : ) Like a stuffed puppy toy!
Dec 6, 2006 Kathy
What a beautiful puppy!
Dec 6, 2006 Bunnied816
Man, I love that upside-down stretch - and look at the size of those paws!!! I'm glad he's got a big family to play with...I'd love to see pix of the whole pack! Congrats on your big boy!!
Dec 6, 2006 Lizzy
That is the cutest dog I have ever seen!
Dec 6, 2006 Oaktown Girl
Oh so hugable. I love the upsidedown pic.
Seems like a total sweetie.
Dec 6, 2006 dustin
i know that puppy! and he is adorable!!!!
Dec 6, 2006 trish miller, glasgow, scotland
he won't need to go to the Wizard of Oz for courage, he's oozing it right now! power to that lion's mane, the wee huggable adorable lad that he is.
Dec 6, 2006 GreenPug
Tatanka is so cute.
Dec 6, 2006 ej Oates
Oh my word! How cute is this one? I've never, in my 50 years on earth, ever seen a St. Bernard puppy. They're the cutest things! And the photos showing the
transformation into a grown St. Bernard is absolutely wonderful! Definitely an 11, if not more!
Dec 6, 2006 sindyloowho
I just love that dog. He is quite unusual and that's what makes him sooooo special. Oh I could just love him and squeeze him. Sweety pie.
Dec 6, 2006 Boston Terrier Lover
I'm a little dog person, but he is a big old cutie!
Dec 6, 2006 Boston Terrier Lover
I'm a little dog person, but he is a big old cutie!
Dec 6, 2006 Terry C, Boston Terrier Lover
The post above was me. Sorry.
Dec 6, 2006 dusty59
Wow! like Kendra and ej, I've never seen a St. Bernard puppy... what funny sweet faces!
Dec 6, 2006 sindyloowho
I just had to comment again. He does look like the lion on the wizard of oz. But sooo much cuter. I can't stop looking at him but I have to get to work. AWWWWW
Dec 6, 2006 yujismom
wonderful name...beautiful dog!
Dec 6, 2006 LabMom
A very unusual looking pup! I noticed his left paw is shaven in pic #4, What happened, I wonder? I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE last picture! Tatanka is a total cutie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 6, 2006 Tina Lawson
Really unique. He looks so snuggly, and his feet are so cute!
Dec 6, 2006 Addicted to cute
What a sweetheart! I love how the metal collar looks like fangs in the first picture... :)
Dec 6, 2006 I Luv Doggies
Awwwwwww Just Wanna Give Him A Great Big Hug! SO Adorable =D
Ur So Lucky!!
Dec 6, 2006 I Luv Doggies
Or Her... Lol x
Dec 6, 2006 annette
Dec 6, 2006 puppyluv
Adorable pup, but what's with the 'do? Was his face shaved to create that widow's peak?
Dec 6, 2006 St. Bernard Lover
We raise St.Bernards and Iv'e never seen a dog like that before, I could sell a million of those, Simply beautiful. A face you just gotta love. I'll give you $5,000 for the dog!
Dec 6, 2006 beth
What a sweet face! I want to curl up on the rug with Tatonka and take a nap too...
Dec 6, 2006 Lisa
I've never seen one without a mask before, it gives him (her?) a kind of mysterious look...making "Tatanka" such a perfect name. You should be happy/proud to have such a unique cutie!
Dec 6, 2006 jAbBeRwOcKy In ChArGe!
sT bEnArD lOvEr, TaKe YoUr $5,000 aNd BuY yOuRsElF a ClUe! LiKe AnY GoOd HeArTeD PeRsOn WoUlD sElL tHeIr BaBy To An AwFuL bReEdEr So ThAt ThEy CoUld UsE tHeM jUsT fOr PrOfIt. ThIs IsNt A dOg SeLlInG fOrUm, BuG oFf CrEeP!

tAtAnKa, YoU aRe DiViNe!
Dec 6, 2006 scobig
The second picture is just the cutest ever! I think he is fabulous! The one of him sleeping really looks Bernard! He looks like an indian chief in the next to last pic! How appropriate! Ha! Love the name, perfect name for a perfect puppy! Also, the cutest bio in a long time!
Dec 6, 2006 Meh Meh
Michael! I think this puppy exceeds our daily allowance of puppies! I am overwhelmed! I love you Tatanka!
Dec 6, 2006 Spike-s mom
Way too cute! So rare you see St. B puppy pics!
Dec 6, 2006 Charlotte Smith
Beautiful! Please post pics of a grown-up Tatanka when he gets older!
Dec 6, 2006 St. Bernard Lover
First of all we do not sell our dogs they are for pets only, I was just complementing on how beautiful your dog was, and was just kidding about the money part Sorry! I should have said your dogs pictures are worth a million bucks ok!
Dec 6, 2006 Cheysmom
He's not that cute, BUT neither am I. I'm sure he is the most adorable puppy and I hope he has the most wonderful life. Always remember , magazine perfect is not that interesting. This puppy is interesting!!!
Dec 6, 2006 ali 7n7
he is just beautiful! what a georgeous face and coat.
Dec 6, 2006 J-Mi
Tatanka has totally made my morning!!! I'm almost in tears from smiling and laughing! How cute can a puppy be?!?!?!?!!? His puppy fur cracks me up :o)
Dec 6, 2006 Danielle Bugs Mom
Loooooooove at first sight! He's A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!!
Dec 6, 2006 GoPups

LOVE the lion mane,so different.And that story is the sweetest!!!!!!!!!!ever!!!!!!
!Keep chasing,Tatanka!!!!!!!!!

Has'nt Julia got her nose in here yet?Waiting to see what she has to say!!!

LOVE YOU TANNY!!!!!!!!:-):-):-):-):-)
Dec 6, 2006 jAbBeRwOcKy In ChArGe!
sT b: i Am NoT tAtAnKa'S mOm, I wIsH i WeRe I dOnT kNoW tHiS dOg, I jUsT dIdNt LiKe YoUr PoSt.
Dec 6, 2006 mamasita seniorita
He has no mask because he has nothing to hide! He is a natural beauty! You go Tatanka!
Dec 6, 2006 Cheryl
Count me as another one who has never seen a St. B puppy, but I'm just in awe over this one. That upside down playful stretch...the face on paws...incredibly cute!
Dec 6, 2006 chinese_israelite
Tatanka, you are one-of-a kind!!! You'll definitely grow up as a magnanimous St.Bernard :)
Dec 6, 2006 Flake
He is AWESOME!!!! I'd like to snuggle up to that with a book and a fire this winter.
Dec 6, 2006 Lacey
He looks like he would be a good snuggler! He is sooo cute!
Dec 6, 2006 Tina
I have never seen a St. Bernard puppy. Very cute!
Dec 6, 2006 -nichole
haha he does have a lion look cute in a different way but i would still love him i cant believe u have so many different breeds! rescues maybe? those paws look so big....hes gonna be huge a big ball of love
Dec 6, 2006 Anna
He is so cute, he looks like a Giant Stuffed Teddy Bear you just want to hug. How sweet and I can tell he has a great home with lots of love.
Dec 6, 2006 renee
Look at you Fluffy thing!!!!!
Such a unique and cool looking pup.
I wasn't sure what T was until I saw St Bernard.
I even had to do a double take.
You can reach for the sky with me anytime.
You look like a little Coke Bear on your back.
I kept clicking through the photo's to make sure that was you.
On a cold day like today, I would be snuggled up next to T.
Since she/he is still a pup will the mask maybe come in later?
Dec 6, 2006 Marie
Love the second pic. He/she is so cute laying there with her big paws above her head. Really cute. I also would think the mask would come as she or he grew older. Looks like a bath is welcomed.
Dec 6, 2006 Julia
OH DEAR LORD!! I am SPEECHLESS! Give me a moment to collect myself....

No, I'm still not ready...

Another minute should do it....

Bear with me....

Do you SEE him, people??? I mean, GOOD HEAVENS! I want to smoosh his face SO BADLY! Those are the MEATIEST PAWS EVER! Meaty feeties, meaty feeties!!

This dog could never be used for alpine rescues, and I will tell you why. People who had survived an avalance would die from sheer cuteness if the first glimpse of freedom was this face poking through a snow drift. Can you imagine seeing this face without ample preparation? It would surely result in hearts exploding. Surely.
Dec 6, 2006 BRITTANY
Dec 6, 2006 Shads, Pease & Auntie El
Sacred White Buffalo certainly fits! They are the most beautiful (and rarest) creatures Mother Earth ever put on her lands, and Tatanka certainly fills that bill perfectly. Lucky you for being so blessed. Enjoy :=)
Dec 6, 2006 ilovedogs
Tatanka is soooooooo adorable!!!!!! I love the photo of him closing his eyes and the one of him upside down!!!!!!!! 11 biscuits for all the way for Tatanka
Dec 6, 2006 puppyluv
No really - can someone tell me if that widow's peak is natural to the St. Bernard? Gives this dog an other-worldly appearance.
Dec 6, 2006 Zoe Rose
The widow's peak is not normal for a St., at least ours didn't have one like that.. it is just another reason to adore this pup..and I didn't take any offense to the the post about buying this one for 5,ooo$. If I could I would do the same. If it weren't for breaders, how would we get the dogs??
Dec 6, 2006 gerty4ta
I'm Tatanka's Mommy. Let me clear up a couple things. The widow's peak on Tatanka was natural, not shaved or anything. The mask does not come in later as they age. If they have a mask when they are born, then the mask will stay with them. Otherwise in his case, no mask. He does have a few more spots on his face now than he did in these photos. He had some surgery when he was a baby, which is why his front leg has that shaved spot. I do have 2 other saints, and they too had a widow's peak, albeit not as dramatic as his. Tatanka is an AKC registered purebred St. Bernard. Thank you for taking the time to look at my puppy!
Dec 6, 2006 renee
Thanks Gerty!!!!
I didn't know about the mask that's why I asked. We had a full breed pug. When he was a couple monthes old he got spots on his coat. Then when he got a little older the spots went away. I didn't mean to offend you in any way. I love his feet. They are so yummy!!!! And when he's lying their on his back... He's so cute...
Dec 6, 2006 Arian
Hi Tatanka!
You have an awesome punk rock hairdo, and your white face is so unusual. You look more wolflike than the standard St Bernard.

I like that picture of you chewing on the stick. You're so cute!
Dec 6, 2006 Puppy♥Lover
Tatanka you are cute! very cute adore these pics you look like alion lttle buddy! your adorable
Dec 6, 2006 puppyluv
Thanks Gerty, for the clarification. He's a beautiful pup.
Dec 6, 2006 Always 11 Biscuits!
Tatanka deserves 11 biscuits!
Dec 6, 2006 Deborah D. Miller
What a face!!!!!! This is a very cute St. Bernard puppy!!! Thank you, Debbie
Dec 6, 2006 cutiecoopupypoo_95
How cute! I totally go for the sad puppy dog eyes!
4 thumbs up for this little lovie!!!
Dec 6, 2006 Stefanie G.
Haha omg what a funny little pup! So cute!!!!!!!! You definately have a unique doggy
Dec 6, 2006 cuitecoopuppypoo_95
She has the name adorable written all over her!
Genius poses she should be a supermodel! I absolutly adore her puppy poses and her nosie!!!
Love you cutie! 20 biscuts for Tatanka!!!
Dec 6, 2006 Carrie
This has got to be the cutest dog I have ever seen. I've looked at his picture all day. Lucky you!
Dec 6, 2006 cooter
How a puppy saved my life,
I was going through a nasty divorce after a 28 yr relationship. First I suffer from a bad case of depression. I had been shuffled from place to place hoping that I would come to my senses. After several failed attempts at finding me a new home I ended up back at my home. A home that I drew the blue prints & built myself. After a few rough days I was in really bad shape and ended up in the hospital where they patched me back together. One day I hit bottom & no one or nothing could console me. All of a sudden a lady from the local humane society showed up with several puppies & I drug myself out to where they were. One of the little fellows came over to me & would not go away till I payed him some attention. After playng with him for a while I felt something change in me & decided to give life another chance. I'm now living with a wonderful woman & look forward to another day without dread. So I'm here to tell you that something as simple as a little loving by a puppy can make a difference. I know without meeting that little fuzz ball I never would have survived.
Dec 7, 2006 doggylover
such a cute a loveable pup! What a fuzz ball! So cute.. i grew up with a saint, and they are wonderful dogs! Best of luck
Dec 7, 2006 ladybug
11 biscuits! SO CUTE. Looks like the Sacred White Buffalo has metal fangs in the top pic!
Dec 30, 2006 ridingbuddies06
AWWWW!!!!he is SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUDDABLE!!(cuddly-loveable)I WANT HIM SOOOOO BAD!!!!! i used to have a st. bernard but he got to big for us to handle... but tatanka is soooooo cute!
Jan 5, 2007 DogMom
Gerty4y: Your Tatatanka is one gorgeous pup. It looks like you are having a blast w/your pups! Hugs and kisses to the whole beautiful gang..... And extra biscuits too!
Jan 9, 2007 maggielover322
I *LOVE* the pic of him upside down! He is gonna grow up to be soo big**
Jan 25, 2007 Loizhanne
cooter: good for you. i am so glad that you were able to pull yourself out of that black hole. when you are depressed, it seems like nothing will ever be good again. (personal experience) God has a way of putting people and animals that we need in our path, and i am so glad that you were able to look past your pain and see the puppy. no matter what you lost in the past, this is a new day. you are a stronger person than you were yesterday, and i am sure that you will continue to pull yourself up. don't live yesterday, but learn from it and you will be fine. what kind of puppy was it that visited you? do you still have it?
Jan 25, 2007 Loizhanne
i have never, ever seen a saint like tatanka. she is unique. i love the sweet feet picture! i hope we see more tatanka soon! my friend had a saint with a mask and almost the same widow's peak, although not quite as defined. that dog was named figaro, and he would fly his owner like a kite when he saw a cat on his walks. i'll never forget watching him out our parlor window and laughing. people often offered to walk figaro for the old man, but he insisted that it kept him in shape. good luck with tatanka. her name really fits her.
Feb 8, 2007 Trixie
I just had to tell you that I am a zookeeper in Pennsylvania and our bull bison is named Tatanka! How appropriate that the two share a name, she's going to be a big girl!
Feb 19, 2007 Lydia
I've never seen a dog that looks like that! I love her fluffy head. Wheee, give her a few pats from me!
Mar 5, 2007 Redmoonfae
Tonka boy! How's my big boy? Your starting to walk and run sooooo welllll!!!! nd you've gotten HUGE! See you friday baby!! <3
Apr 14, 2007 pencilwizard
Dont think I have ever seen a Saint with such unusual markings, but without a doubt he is truly gorgeous, and I am so jealous lol, love the pics.
Apr 15, 2007 sam_leatherman
this is an unusual Saint but an adorable one at that?
Apr 29, 2007 Kimbalion45
When I was a kid we had an all white Saint her name was Bear she only had one tan spot on her back left side. St. Bernards are beautiful dogs and just great all around. They are adorable and just one big fur ball as little puppies and all so snuggly and cuddly as adults but they all seem to go through that awkward looking stage in between. As a die hard St. Bernard lover they are still beautiful in any stage. Tatanka is absolutly beautiful. Enjoy her.
Jan 29, 2008 mollyrocks5566
May 31, 2008 wolfgirl66
Dec 16, 2008 Dachshund lover
he is so unique ive never seen one that color my pups dog class there is a bernad mix and he is always sooo sleepy1
Apr 25, 2009 kendra blackie 08
Omg Cutie Pure cuteness Favorite added
Jul 20, 2009 pudgiethepug
So cute! I've never seen a St. bernard like you before!
Nov 19, 2009 weaverpup
ohhhhmmmyyyyygaaaawwdd..Priceless! i love the face and i love the name :-)
Mar 15, 2010 mhuhmann1
My Saint has the exact same coloring. Sadie makes some of those faces too. I love the bath picture...
Oct 28, 2010 collie
A cute puppy, but important that people know that with such mismarks, a Saint like this would not succeed at a dog show.
Feb 10, 2011 pelligrino
Tatanka, you are very unusual looking but also very cute. You are so lovable and I wish I could give you hugs, kisses and bely rubs!
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