Tatanka the St. Bernard

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Tatanka says: “Hi, everybody, my name is Tatanka. My mommy says that I am very cute; maybe you think I am cute too. I hope so! I am a four-and-a-half-month-old Saint Bernard. I do not have the mask that most Saints have, so that’s why my face is white. My name Tatanka means “sacred white buffalo” in Lakota Sioux. My mommy keeps saying that I am getting soooo big! I like to play with my brothers and sisters. My best friend is an itsy bitsy little tiny beagle named Wilbur. He is lots of fun, but I have a hard time catching him to bite. Ha ha ha! My other pals are two Saint Bernards named Gertie and Lowell. They are fun to knock down! I can catch them. Yay! I have two other playmates. Kenai is a mixed breed and hard to catch also. Then there is Caper the basset hound. She is sort of slow, so I can catch her easy. I hope you like my pictures. Your pal, Tatanka."