Tay the Mixed Breed

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Tay's mom says: Tay, so named after the Scottish river, is a true mongrel... a Heinz 57... a mutt… of indiscriminate parentage! We think some Jack Russell, some Staffordshire bull terrier maybe, perhaps even smooth collie? She came from a rescue home in Glasgow, where she was born. At eight weeks old it took her little time to take control of the household and win hearts. Even our five-year-old German shorthaired pointer has not been immune to her charms. Full of cheek and love, she is everything a healthy puppy should be… but with extra special ears! Where they came from who knows, but as I write, one of them is definitely looking like it’s going to stay pricked up. She is clever and quick to learn. Today it’s how to get out of the garden -- unfortunately! Check out some more great photography by Tay's photographer.