Ted the Mixed Breed

Puppy Breed: Dachshund / Miniature Pinscher

Hi, I'm Ted, and I'm a mixed breed pup. I live in Greenpoint with my mom and dad, where I love to run around the apartment, play with chew toys and bones stuffed with peanut butter, make funny faces, bark, and cuddle. I'm getting to be a champ at walking and love to wear sweaters and fleeces. Don't be fooled by my size; I'm a big guy and can play with the big dogs! Give me some blue cheese and I'll love you forever.

Comments (45)
DaveTheDog Dec 24, 2013
"It's just MY opinion. I'm open to new ideas.....not."

DaveTheDog Dec 24, 2013
"Ever wonder who trains The Royal Lipizzaner Stallions? Need you...

The Raven Dec 24, 2013
Ted, looks like you are rehearsing to be one of Santa's...

goldenlover Dec 24, 2013
After all that adorable marching...Handsome puppy !!

Abiglen Dec 24, 2013
Strutting your little self and proud of it. Out-Of-This-World...

mollyG Dec 24, 2013
All your pictures are awesome. You are quite the star! But I cannot...

Puppy Defender Dec 24, 2013
Hut, 2, 3, 4. Hut, 2, 3, 4, To your left, to your left, to your...

Economist Dec 24, 2013
Here's Ted giving the raspberry to those who will NOT give him...

Kittymd Dec 24, 2013
Little furry soldier on parade SIR! What a sweet and funny photograph.

spunky Dec 24, 2013
Ted, you are soooo cute! Lots of holiday hugs and kisses for you,...

Mmmousemaid Dec 24, 2013
Ted, you are a WFF (well formed formula); so good-looking from ears...

longislander Dec 24, 2013
Hahaha Ted, you're so funny. I couldn't decide - you are...

daphne's mom Dec 24, 2013
Ted you are ADORABLE! I hope you have a long happy and healthy life!...

beardogmel Dec 24, 2013
How do you like my marching...many happy years are wished for you...

amyliz Dec 24, 2013
"This is what I think of anyone who doesn't consider me the...

mary paccione Dec 24, 2013
Mixed breed or not Ted has class. Give him Stilton or Gorgonzola.

Doxibug Dec 24, 2013
So proud and adorable! What a cutie!

2chichis4me Dec 24, 2013
I concur with Dave The Dog - LOVE this puppy! Fabulous photos and...

schotime Dec 24, 2013
Ted u r just too cute! I hope Santa brings u all things blue and...

mychiensr1 Dec 24, 2013
Ted baby boy is so handsome! You are too cute:-). Have a wonderful...

LaurelG Dec 24, 2013
Did you say Blue Cheese with peanut butter? So cute, love the...

LaurelG Dec 24, 2013
Did you say Blue Cheese with peanut butter? So cute, love the...

LaurelG Dec 24, 2013
Did you say Blue Cheese with peanut butter? So cute, love the...

drakes' granny Dec 24, 2013
Oh my, I love adorable litte Ted. What a character. This little guy...

bestfriends Dec 24, 2013
Oh what a heart stealer you are! Ted, you are simpy divine! Enjoy...

mljgranny Dec 24, 2013
very cute

nancybatt1 Dec 24, 2013
Oh Ted I love you!!!! You are the perfect puppy and companion. I hope...

dogmamma Dec 24, 2013
Good grief, boy! You are CUTE !!! Amazing photos of Ted in...

Frances016 Dec 24, 2013
Hello Mighty Ted, you're too adorable. Little but with a huge...

lucybee Dec 24, 2013
Strut your stuff,Ted!

mummm Dec 24, 2013
Ted, you are the cutest of the cute!!!

anniejet Dec 24, 2013
Most of these photos show that Ted is a boy with Attitude. Go get...

Auntie Ace Dec 24, 2013
Teddy, you look like you're ready to go outside and catch...

Critter Crazy Dec 24, 2013
This is sooooo cute!

McMini Dec 24, 2013
You're a cutie Ted and someone knows how to take great photos...

chelsearosebud Dec 24, 2013
"I'm walkin' ...Yes indeed, I'm talkin' ... About...

piobaire Dec 24, 2013
Nyah nyah to you too! Ted, you are adorable!

pupfanatic Dec 24, 2013
Ted, you won't mind if I declare my love for you, will you? I...

Mini Anderson Cooper Dec 24, 2013
HI there Ted, I loe all your photos, but this one really...

Mini Anderson Cooper Dec 24, 2013

poochielover Dec 25, 2013
Ted you are beautiful!

doglover3702 Dec 27, 2013
Oh my gosh that is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen!!!

/debra.moorekoth Dec 30, 2013
I can't help myself this pup is so cute!!!

/debra.moorekoth Dec 30, 2013
I can't help myself this pup is so cute!!!

bdel28 Feb 4, 2014
Awww he looks just like my Frankenstein! Did you adopt him?