Tess the Miniature Goldendoodle

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Tess's parents say: Tess is a very bright little girl who loved puppy kindergarten and performed well in a class of large puppies. She loves to learn new tricks, play ball, and chase and catch Frisbees, although she does this primarily for rewards -- that's how she gets half of her dog food. We waited until we were retired to get a dog and were lucky to find such a great companion. She keeps us busy but is not at all difficult to have around. Her only "flaw" is that she loves everyone and is terribly anxious to meet anyone, whether dog lovers or not. Her mother was a golden retriever and her father was a miniature poodle. Tess is a very affectionate and social "dood" who can't get enough squirrel and rabbit chasing into her day. She answers to lots of names: Tessie, Tessie Bear, Bear, and Dog.