Tevin the Mini Australian Shepherd

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Tevin's parents say: This little guy has such a character. At our house, he automatically assumes that everybody loves him, and he goes around giving plenty of wet kisses. On our excursions outside, he becomes frightened of the smallest noise. But when he is with his older sister, Tessa, another mini, he tries to act all tough. He loves to take our nice, warm spot on the couch or bed when we get up to get something. Boy, does this little man love to eat! Whenever he passes the food dish, he has to grab a little nibble. His favorite treat of all time is a t-bone steak. He hates the rain, but we are hoping that he will love the snow as much as his sister, since we live in Alaska. But our plan of having two mini Aussies is working; they both wear each other out.