Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Nov 9, 2007 Msgreyeyes
What an adorable puppy! :-)
Nov 9, 2007 rubyhatchet
"Gimma tha stick!!!" XD

Nov 9, 2007 zxc
you've got the best of dog breeds there. (no matter what the size.)
Nov 9, 2007 maddie's mom
If I had the land I would have one just like tevin, what a great breed. They need a lot of outdoors though so Alaska sounds perfect! Tevin and Tessa are beautiful, and they are lucky to have each other to exhaust. Enjoy!!
Nov 9, 2007 pfibak
what a cutie!!!! i love australian shepherds!!!! enjoy!
Nov 9, 2007 howiesmom
What a sweetheart! Lucky You!!!
Nov 9, 2007 Mary V
my boys had a brush just like that, needless to say it is gone. Who knows where...Where is the name from? Very different. have fun with this little guy1
-Bucky and Bailey's Mom
Nov 9, 2007 Terry C
What an adorable twosome.
Nov 9, 2007 yujismom
Tevin melted my heart-i hope he has lots of alaskan animals to herd!
Nov 9, 2007 DogMom
Cute, cute, cute. Enjoy your lovely puppies -- they look like they bring lots of fun into your lives!
Nov 9, 2007 lisaivey
This is really a pretty breed. They have such expressive eyes!

Tevin, you're a heartbreaker, and I'm sending lots of biscuits your way!
Nov 9, 2007 Kristin1228
What an adorable baby! Beautiful eyes! He looks like he gets away with alot with those puppy dog eyes!! Congrats!
Nov 9, 2007 rosy
Puppy joy!!! He is adorable-so is his sister!!
Nov 9, 2007 Mummm
The two of them look like a lot of fun. He sure is a cute fella!
Nov 9, 2007 Bluenoser
Hey Tevin, my favourite food is t-bone too! You are a beautiful boy!
Nov 9, 2007 love my yellow lab
"Hey, I'm ready for some belly rubs!"

Such a beautiful pup :)
Nov 9, 2007 marleysmom
I was taken immediately with the puppy-fuzz head and puppy dog eyes! He is seriously adorable. Enjoy both of your little ones! 11 biscuits all around!
Nov 9, 2007 lvanga
great breed lots and lots of energy! they are very smart and dont like to be caged up kudos to you and hope he brings great happiness for years to come! beware they like to chase all kinds of things! including animals much larger than themselves like horses and deer and bears! they are crazy critters !
Nov 9, 2007 lilyj
What a sweet, adorable baby. :)
Nov 9, 2007 rexandbaby
What adorable dogs! 11 biscuits!
Nov 9, 2007 maryandjohn
Definitely 11 biscuits! What a cutie batutie!
Nov 9, 2007 anniebabes52
What an adorable pup! How can anyone resist this face!!!
Nov 9, 2007 TrulyOutrageous
[b]LOOK AT THEM!!!!![/B] oh my goodness how precious!! I love these dogs, they're just so handsome/beautiful. The name Tevin is [i]oh so cute[/i]! I wish I could have such a great puppy!
Nov 9, 2007 kphg
nothin' like some puppy belly on a friday morning!! Very cute pups- 11 biscuits:)
Nov 9, 2007 bopeep
What a cutie and Tessa is beautiful. Tevin, hopefully, will outgrow is shyness outside. How could anyone not fall in love with this little guy. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits to each baby.
Nov 9, 2007 rolopolo
looks like a really great dog!!!!
Nov 9, 2007 stormdog
Hey Tevin! You are just as handsome as handsome can be.
Nov 9, 2007 Koda's Mom
Look at that face, you KNOW you give him anything he wants when he shoots you that look! What a precious fluffy boy! Enjoy him and his sweet sister! You are very lucky to have 2! Happy Friday :)
Nov 9, 2007 abbysdad
Tevin is wonderful and soooooooooooooo cute! Have a terrific life! Lots of tummy rubs and puppy cookies!!!
Nov 9, 2007 lacey
I'll take one of each, please!! Thanks!

I would love to get a mini aussie for a companion to my little black lab. Too sweet!
Nov 9, 2007 Jeannie
I love him! He deserves t-bone steak - and a whole lot of biscuits!!
Nov 9, 2007 DawnVVB
What a cutie! The two of them will definitely keep you amused! His features are so unusual, I'd love to see what he grows into.
Nov 9, 2007 thetopazsmurf
What Cutties..Your baby is almost bigger than her sister..Much Fun to ya all..
Nov 9, 2007 MissManda
Ha ha, great idea to have two! I love Aussies and mini-Aussies.
Nov 9, 2007 sylvanbliss
Isn't it time for you to get up for a snack? Maybe a steak? I'll keep your spot warm.

Puppy fuzz head...heee, heee!

Good stretch here Tevin!
Nov 9, 2007 sue
hes beautiful
Nov 9, 2007 AngelC
ahhh! this is the life.
Nov 9, 2007 Yankee-7
[b] A truly beautiful puppy. Aussies, labs and your typical mutt all make the perfect epitome of puppyhood. Tevin's got the spark of happy puppy in his eyes!!! :D [/b]
Nov 9, 2007 FLUFFKINS
I would love to get some sopping wet kisses from this puppy! Tevin is a great name, almost like Kevin, but with a T. How creative! :) I have a friend named Kevin, and he is almost as cute as Tevin. Lots of kisses and belly rubs and Filet Mignons to you Tevin!
Nov 9, 2007 letmebyrsunshine
How can you resist Tevin? He is adorable. Bet his sister is just as cute.
Nov 9, 2007 pdcault
Sooooooo cute, he is beautiful, give him bid hugs!!
Nov 9, 2007 guido's mama
what a face!!!
Nov 9, 2007 alldogsgotoheaven
remind me of something out of a James Herriot novel
Nov 9, 2007 cariescarebear
cutest of the cute
Nov 9, 2007 Ems
"Must chew, must destroy!" Is this a case of get it before it gets you?

He's adorable. Enjoy!
Nov 9, 2007 billypup
I love your coller! Wot a lucky dog (my dog hasent got one)

Nov 9, 2007 billypup
bye cute puppy,s (I love you!)
Nov 9, 2007 Boo & Lucy's Mom
Tevin and Tessa are beautiful. That plan to have them wear each other out works really well and is such a great idea because they do like to be busy. Tevin has that cute little pink nose like my Lucy (she's the same breed). Definitely very good dogs and so much fun to be around.
Nov 9, 2007 Tracy Kemmer
AWWWW, YOUR BABIES are so darn CUTE. I just love them both. I have a Sheltie and they remind me of him. Maybe someday I will get a Mini Aussi. How much do they weigh at full growth? I guess I have never seen a Mini. Have been around the regular sized. Anyway I just love them both. Congrats.
Nov 9, 2007 Mummm
ps. I love his beautiful eyes!
Nov 9, 2007 LucyB
It doesn't get any cuter than this sweet face.Enjoy your babies!
Nov 9, 2007 Wellie'sMum
That face jsut steals your heart, doesn't it? He's completely irresistable!
Nov 9, 2007 bbba80
Such sweet eyes. Tevin you are a cute little boy.
Nov 9, 2007 mash18020
"Oh yea...gotta get that itch...oh I think I got it.....ahhhhhhhhhh..."

What an adorable puppy!!!!!!!!! You are just to cute and cuddly. Here's to a long and healthy life for you and your sis. And a million treats for you both!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 9, 2007 LisaLisa
oooooooh, what a gorgeous boy!!!!!!!! Lots of kisses to him!!!! He seems so sweet and happy. :D
Nov 9, 2007 skeeze_in_belize
That's MINE! Ha ha. What a cutie. He looks like a lot of fun!
Nov 9, 2007 Lizanne
Aha, Here is a wonderful shot of the two of them "wearing each other out.", Eh? They are really having tons offun here and such beautiful little ones they are. Hugs to Tevin and Tessa, the great buds! ! !
from Elizabeth & Miss Katie =O)
Nov 9, 2007 lablove
Nov 9, 2007 chicodoll
What a cutie!!!!
Nov 9, 2007 tazjt
Both are absolutely gorgeous!
Nov 9, 2007 2pups1kit
Such a sweetie!!! What an adorable face!!!
Nov 10, 2007 dogcopper
What a beautiful puppy! Enjoy!
Nov 10, 2007 monty101
"Please, please gime some food"
Its so cute i feel gilty not giving him food.
Give him a biscute from me.
Nov 10, 2007 yoliesf
His fur looks sooooooooo soft and his coloring is so beautiful. Enjoy!
Nov 10, 2007 hillaryoung
What intelligent eyes he has. He is beautiful, and you can tell from his photos that he oozes personality and charm!
Nov 10, 2007 hillaryoung
What intelligent eyes he has. He is beautiful, and you can tell from his photos that he oozes personality and charm!
Nov 11, 2007 lmanne
How sweet. I love the playfulness of him! What a great friend you have in him!
Nov 11, 2007 lmanne
How sweet. I love the playfulness of him! What a great friend you have in him!
Nov 11, 2007 puppy*power
He is so cute. I love his eyes
Nov 13, 2007 piobaire
I think you've got yourself a VERY smart dog there. Look how smart he looks in this picture. May you have years and years of fun!
Nov 13, 2007 stamos87
omg! super-cute!!!!!!
Nov 21, 2007 k_cyn
Tevin what beautiful eyes you have!!!! You are too cute!!!
Many kisses and bones to you!!!
Dec 18, 2007 puppylove92
this dog is sooooooooooooooo cute!!!
Feb 14, 2008 aden1994
he is beautiful! i love the color of his eyes. i have an australian shepherd myself, they are wonderful dogs!!! you are very lucky to have such a cute puppy.
Feb 19, 2008 ak_fishkiller
My wife and I live in Glennallen, AK and have a 5 year old mini aussie. We are looking to find a puppy and I was wondering who you went to for yours and if you would recommend them. Very cute dogs you have there by the way. KM
Dec 19, 2008 iluvmypupsash
Rolly Polly!!! That looks like fun!! He is soooooo CUTE!!!!!! He is SOOOOOO in my favs list!!!!
Jan 26, 2011 pelligrino
Nothing much cuter than a ouppy belly!
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