The Adoptable Mixed Breed Puppies

Puppy Breed: Mixed (unknown)

The largest, Iris, has the more narrow muzzle. She loves to cause trouble between the sisters and is always wanting to tackle one or both no matter what they are doing. She is also more of the alpha then Ivy, but does have a very gentle, caring side when one of her sisters yelp or cry. She loves to try and get the big dogs to play with her and really enjoys jumping on Angel when she is trying to take a nap.

Next in line is Ivy. She is a total sweetie pie. She loves to play hard and will do what it takes to win when she plays. She love to play tug o' war with toys and will carry her prize around in her mouth when she does win. She has a little prance when she has a toy that she just took away from one of her sisters.

Last is our little runt, Shavon. She is a little diva. She wants to be held all the time. When you do pick her up and hold her, she will snuggle into your arms but will whimper until she falls asleep. She is also the barker in the group. When anyone comes near the kitchen or enters the house she will bark like a great guard dog. Out of the three, she is the most clingy.

All of them are curious and have a blast running in the backyard with the big dogs. They try and mimic some of the things the big dogs do, yet when the big dogs bark at something, they all go running back into the house with tails between the legs. When all is quiet, they slowly go back outside and continue to frolic in the grass and get nice and muddy.

Please visit Westside German Shepherd Rescue at for more information on adopting one of these adorable girls! (Southern California Residents only at this time.)