Theo, Sondra, and El the Adoptable Puppies

Puppy Breed: Belgian Malinois / Terrier

Meet Heidi's three remaining pups, Theo, Sondra and El. They are all still looking for their forever homes as well as their mom, Heidi (See today's Grown-Up Puppy). Theo has one blue eye and one brown eye! He is very much an adventurer. You typically find him checking out new things in his environment or sitting there observing all that is happening around him. When held, Theo is such a love bug. His tail wags and the tongue is going, ready to give kisses. Sondra has a beautiful reddish tinge to her brown coloring. She likes to cuddle with the other pups. Sondra has a white heart on her chest which goes well with her lovable personality. Sondra loves cuddling in your lap and giving gentle kisses. El is a gorgeous gray-eyed beauty that is looking for someone to define her boundaries and teach her what life is all about. El resembles a small German shepherd. She is doing great with crate training, housebreaking, boundary training and is doing well with several commands such as come, sit, and shake. El seems to be very quiet and loyal, and wants nothing more than to be alongside her person. If you are interested in applying or have questions about adoption procedures or OPR policies, please visit