Theodore R. the Goldendoodle

Puppy Breed: Golden Retriever / Poodle

Hi I'm a Goldendoodle named Theodore R, but you can call me Teddy. My humans named me after Theodore Roosevelt. I came to them right after the first of the New Year and I've been bringing them tons of laughs, kisses, and fuzzy tails wags ever since. My favorite day was when I discovered snow! I don't know why humans complain about it so much. It's awfully fun to dig and play and bury your nose in it. I also really enjoy learning new tricks, and some I learn faster than others. I'm really good at 'sit,' 'give paw' and 'high five' but I need some work on 'come'. My best friends are my Girlfriend bear, Big Bunny, Patches, and of course my ball!