Tic Tac the Pekingese

Puppy Breed: Pekingese

Tic Tac's mom says: Tic Tac is the cutest little thing you have ever seen. He is real laid back. He will let you hold him on his back like a baby and he just doesn't care. He doesn't bark much, but when he does, it's this deep bark that doesn't sound like it should come from this little two-pound dog. After he lets out that deep bark, he looks around like who did that? It's hard to get my errands done because people always stop me to look at him. Everyone says he looks like an ewok!

Comments (55)
Monstra Feb 9, 2007
Mogwai !

katiabrim12 Feb 9, 2007
this is a very cute dog

raerae Feb 9, 2007
I had the same though Monstra!!

emmy5blue Feb 9, 2007
Yeap - completely agree with Monstra. So cute, just like a little Gizmo

Terry C Feb 9, 2007
First thing in my mind was "Gizmo!"

Too, too...

bunnied816 Feb 9, 2007
OMG!! That little tilt of the head...he must get away with murder! ...

Tarah711 Feb 9, 2007

LabMom Feb 9, 2007
If I want a real live gremlin, I am going to get a pekinese! He is...

pugluv Feb 9, 2007
Tic Tac is adorable!!! His face and that expression, I would melt...

Yourmomsage Feb 9, 2007
By all means, don't get him wet and don't feed him after midnight!...

Taiyin Feb 9, 2007
Too cute! And my shih tzu does the same thing: she leans backwards,...

Teddy Warbucks Feb 9, 2007
Tic Tac is just so cute! From his Tic Tac head right down to his Tic...

kellyluvspups Feb 9, 2007
Thank you everyone for the nice comments about me! And thank you,...

yujismom Feb 9, 2007
i love his peekybear eyes-too cute!

scoutsmom Feb 9, 2007
I love the puppy in the bed picture.Way to cute for words!

Kiragirl Feb 9, 2007
nice tattoo, but the poopster is cute.

scobig Feb 9, 2007
SO CUTE! I think he looks like cute little Gizmo from the Gremlins...

tdnapper Feb 9, 2007
Way too cute!! Thanks for sharing the precious pics.

kellyluvspups Feb 9, 2007
People tell me he looks like Furby too! Thank you for all of the...

jobo Feb 9, 2007
aw... he's so sweet looking. he's the perfect little fluffball. is he...

shoenmadchen62 Feb 9, 2007
i have a pekingese,too. the irristable eyes,the floof,the widdle...

AmyMck84 Feb 9, 2007
Oh your Tic Tac is so adorable!!!! I am pretty sure that Tic Tac is...

AmyMck84 Feb 9, 2007
Also, Have you ever noticed how Pekes have "Grinch Feet"...

Geenie Feb 9, 2007

kathy Feb 9, 2007
awwww! I WANT ONE. he is sooooo cute. he looks like gizmo. gahhhh, he...

roxy101 Feb 9, 2007

DKN Feb 9, 2007
OMG. These are the days I wish I could give a vote of a million...

StephCan23 Feb 10, 2007
What a cute puppy! People are always telling me my puppy looks like...

renee Feb 10, 2007
Such the camera hound. Tic Tac you are ridiculously cute. Not one...

tazziesmom Feb 11, 2007
Tic Tac you are adorable! Wish you were MINE!

Smudge1001 Feb 14, 2007
You are such an adorable little puppy!!! I love your face!!!

1111 Feb 14, 2007
no offence buh yo dog looks lii a rat

Quotasia Roberts Mar 2, 2007
Tic tac is the cutest little baby in the world my mom owns a...

naomimoore Apr 11, 2007
Tic Tac! Oh he's so [i]small[/i]! Gorgeous face, seriously!

Sinnamon1 May 3, 2007

I'm in love with you! Absolutely a heart melter!

Sinnamon1 May 3, 2007

I'm in love with you! Absolutely a heart melter!

vllybllstar May 13, 2007
how can dogs be that tiny? amazing

gill Jun 21, 2007
TicTac great name. He looks like a little teddy. So adorable. Big kiss.

love4dogs Aug 12, 2007
My dog loves to lay on her back like that too!! I have a pekepoo that...

Phantom1984 Sep 22, 2007
I love his little paws!!!

mbolan20 Oct 4, 2007!! Are you serious? I can not even believe...

tucker8 Oct 8, 2007
what a cute dog! my dog is part Pekingese! they are so cute! if i...

apeke Nov 15, 2007
Is this a puppy or full grown dog? I would LOVE to find one on the...

ddaysdoc Feb 5, 2008
tic tac is a twins for my Sucre' "SOOKIE" he was born nov...

ddaysdoc Feb 5, 2008
tic tac is a twins for my Sucre' "SOOKIE" he was born nov...

Pekesonly Feb 20, 2008
hello from France!!!I allow myself to write you,because,we've got a...

lovemypom Jun 25, 2008
Cute as can be. He looks like a little Gremlin!

biff Dec 22, 2008
How could you not give eleven biscuits to this puppy? He's a...

dagger Jan 8, 2009
awwwww his head looks like gizzmos head on the gremlins

guido110 Feb 12, 2009
I have 2 pekes, Guido and Carmine. I don't think they were ever...

smiracola Feb 26, 2009
please let me know where you purchased tic tac..i've been...

georgia04 Mar 24, 2009
Wow, Baby Tic Tac is a lot of love and cuteness in a tiny bundle....

yami May 5, 2009
Aww! my little gizmo looked the same way when I got him. he did ithe...

Millergirl12 Jul 28, 2011
We have a 2 year old pekingese mix. She doesn't have a peke...

RPAV Mar 8, 2014
Oh my gosh! He's soooo adorable! I just lost my Pekapap... his...