Tiffany the Golden Retriever

Puppy Breed: Golden Retriever

Tiffany's mom says: Tiffany is a golden retriever who was bred and trained to be an assistance dog for Canine Companions for Independence. As a volunteer puppy raiser, my family and I brought Tiffany home when she was eight weeks old. As she was the third puppy we had raised for CCI, we thought we had seen it all until our new girl slipped while playing with our black lab and broke her leg at only nine weeks of age! We think that two months of being carried around and cuddled (in a pink cast!) helped Tiffany grow up to be one of the sweetest and most loving dogs ever. Her leg healed perfectly and we cried when Tiffany, at 18 months old, had to return to CCI to complete her training. In November, Tiffany graduated from the program and, although I miss her every day, I am very proud of her; she now works as a service dog for someone in her new family who truly benefits from her unconditional love!