Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Jan 9, 2014 Dhira
Cute freckle face.
Jan 9, 2014 DaveTheDog
"Hint? What hint?!? It's walkie time, gosh dang it! Hint. Sheesh."
Jan 9, 2014 The Raven
"I'm all ready to go out and have a good sniff."
Jan 9, 2014 veronica
such a cutie x
Jan 9, 2014 sharlamay
I Just love him!
Jan 9, 2014 Mollywoggs
Ohhhhh just look at those gorgeous eyes! What a sweetie and a cuddlebug. Toby, you've stolen my heart!
Jan 9, 2014 julie55
What a sweetie pie!!
Jan 9, 2014 champfouquet
Oh Toby, you're just wonderful! I had two Cockers over a 28 year period and miss them both. Have 'downsized' now to a Cavalier King Charles but go weak at the knees whenever I see a Cocker as cute as you!
Jan 9, 2014 Puppy Defender
Darn these space aliens taking up part of the bed. I know I'll have a stiff neck in the morning.
Jan 9, 2014 scratch
Oh Toby! You are so, so, precious. I love cockers, so you have definitely captured my heart, little one. Have a great life!!
Jan 9, 2014 MrMotivations
"I got NOSE!"
Jan 9, 2014 Babybeagles
What a sweet baby!
Jan 9, 2014 amyliz
Toby, sounds like you lead a very full life! You are extra cute and sweet and into my fave file you go! Many happy and healthy years to you!
Jan 9, 2014 poochielover
This baby needs a belly rub! Toby is so cute!
Jan 9, 2014 bluegigi
Billions of belly rubs, please and thank you!!!
Jan 9, 2014 bluegigi
Yes! It IS exhausting being this cute, just so you know!
Jan 9, 2014 Mmmousemaid
Too cute for words;
Jan 9, 2014 Mmmousemaid
Too cute for words; Fave File
Jan 9, 2014 Abiglen
You are a cute freckled-face love...... oxoxox :-)
Jan 9, 2014 nancybatt1
Toby is absolutely adorable. Lots of love. hugs, and biscuits to Toby!!!!
Jan 9, 2014 daphne's mom
How cute! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many treats, and tons of cuddles for Toby!
Jan 9, 2014 doglover3702
Hes so adorable!!!
Jan 9, 2014 lucymom
Love your freckles, Toby! This picture is too adorable for words! What a sweet baby you are! Tons of biscuits for you!
Jan 9, 2014 drakes' granny
Toby is so adorable. Yes, we love the freckles. They make him even cuter. The naps help to keep that busy nose doing what it is meant to do, snif. Toby looks like a real cuddle muffin. He is well loved I'm sure and deserves all the love you have for him. xoxo and extra biscuits for your Toby!
Jan 9, 2014 goldenlover
Great pic of a happy, contented puppy.
Jan 9, 2014 biff
You are a superstar, Toby. You're going into my favorites right now. Hope you have a great life with an endless number of socks to steal, and just as many trips to the dog park. Stay muddy!
Jan 9, 2014 Mini Anderson Cooper
Oh, Oh, Oh, What a sweet, freckled, litte sweetheart you are Toby. Your snapppy eyes are reaching out to me and I would love to have an English Cocker who looks just lke you. You are LOVE. Pugs and Kisses from Mini Anderson Cooper and Mom Elizabeth in NY~
Jan 9, 2014 Mini Anderson Cooper
Here are those gorgeous EYES again. Much LOVE and Hugs to you. e
Jan 9, 2014 Nona6520
What a sweet puppy!!
Jan 9, 2014 maltipinfan
toby is adorable and I especially love his beautiful eyes.
Jan 9, 2014 Economist
Bad pun alert..Who "nose" what mischief Toby will get into next? Perhaps the destruction of the evil robot doll who evicted our hero from his bed?
Jan 9, 2014 Oldheifer
Toby you are just toooo cute!!! I could just hug you all over!! I wish I could give you move than eleven biscuits!
Jan 9, 2014 Oldheifer
That is more than eleven biscuits!!! I can read or spell today! I don't have the bifocals it the right spot!! I can use that excuse!!
Jan 9, 2014 Barnaby's mom
Toby, what a perfect name for such a perfectly beautiful baby boy.... Cockers are just your shadow, they want to be with you and who can not fall head over heels in love with them. You have the sweetest face, and those eyes are so dear they just grab you. Wishing you a wonderful healthy and happy life with lots of cuddles and love. Belly rubs too...
Jan 9, 2014 piobaire
Aw sweet Toby and his robot! So very precious.
Jan 9, 2014 schotime
Toby is a freckled face sweet potato! I would love to squeeze him. Even with his antics, he would b easy to fall in love with!
Jan 9, 2014 vorner
Toby, little lamb, your photo made my day; there simply could not be anything more adorable on this planet. Get lots of good snoozies, little angel. You have a big day ahead, loving and being adored...oh and sock stealing and sniffing! Love you, sweetheart! XOXOXO
Jan 9, 2014 Sadie-Stewie
Darling Puppy!!
Jan 9, 2014 kgpayne13
My goodness, that freckled face is irresistible!
Jan 9, 2014 chelsearosebud
Toby sweetheart, you are the sweetest puppy ever! I'd like to kiss every single freckle on your sweet face! XOXO
Jan 9, 2014 chelsearosebud
P.S. Remember one thing Toby my love: "The nose knows!" XOXO
Jan 10, 2014 mummm
Awwwwwww! Adorable!
Jan 11, 2014 bithday
Omg Toby you were born to be cute
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