Toby the Goldendoodle

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Toby's mom says: Toby is our adorable 11-week-old teddy bear mini English Goldendoodle puppy. We've only had him for a few weeks but he has quickly made a way into our hearts and our home. He has a wonderful disposition, is very affectionate, and such a love bug. It's so cute how much he likes meeting people, especially children. At first, we were touched by the enthusiastic greeting we got every time we walked in the door, then we realized that anyone walking in our house gets the same treatment. He's a smart little guy. Following his first week at puppy school he's already learned to sit and fetch his favorite Frisbee. Toby has lots of energy, loves to play with his toys, and can be a bit mischievous at times. He finds great joy in pulling toilet paper from the roll and walking around the house with clothing and slippers that do not belong to him. What's so great about Toby is as much as he enjoys play, he equally loves to snuggle up and nap anywhere, anytime. When he's had it, he will drop to the floor, let out a big sigh, and fall asleep for hours. Everywhere we go people stop us to comment on how adorable he is and we could not agree more!