Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Feb 6, 2008 beatlesgeek
I've been a longtime lurker on this site, but Toby finally convinced me to post. What an adorable guy--he almost looks liked a stuffed animal puppy! Although I love the one of him smiling, this photo of him napping was the clincher for me. I wish you many happy years with this adorable dog!
Feb 6, 2008 dailypuppyfan
SOOOOOOO cute! This photo is my favorite too--totally flattened out with the cutest paws ever. Enjoy this adorable baby--and be sure to post photos of him after he grows up, because I'm sure he'll be a stunner.
Feb 6, 2008 JulianaN
[color=navy]Toby - adorable name for an adorable puppydog! GoldenDoodles are on the top of my list for my next dog - they have terrific personalities and are extremely smart and loving as you are seeing in Toby. There are many here in the Seattle area and I only hear praises for the breed. Congratulations! Extra hugs to Toby![/color]
Feb 6, 2008 sylvanbliss
Have fun with Toby! This toy has been a favorite of ours.
Feb 6, 2008 maddie's mom
so cute like a ball of love
Feb 6, 2008 Mikkimrado
OK - i have swooned for each and every photo of Toby and hence was not the first one to comment! ;) But seriously - before i go on and on about Toby, let me tell u how much i appreciate these photos - every photo is so different and he's in some sort of adorable action and that really gives Toby a lot of personality.

Now about Toby - I can't tell u how hard i have fallen for him! He's 100% cute overload - totally totally totally pet-able for life, and i would stick to him like some annoying human magnet! He's just toooo toooo adorable - i really can't find the words to describe him! But to describe me now - i am just going berserk and showing off his pictures to even colleagues i don't like, smiling a 100 watt smile, and researching if we can get Goldendoodles in India!

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful baby bear!
Feb 6, 2008 suelill
Oh Toby what a cute, adorable bundle of fluff you are. A zillion hugs, cuddles and biscuits from me to you. Have a mischievious, cuddlesome life sweetheart.
Feb 6, 2008 Reet
Like Beatlesgeek I too have been a long time lurker of this site and I think that ALL of the pups are adorable.....bit this one melts my heart....I want one as a mate for my other little dog.
Feb 6, 2008 howiesmom
So hard to pick a favorite pic! This toy is one of my doggy's favorites too!! Toby is a real doll face!! Lucky You!!
Feb 6, 2008 goldenlover
" Mom, do you really think Puppy School is for me ? It's for you !!"
Feb 6, 2008 Grandma Helen of CT
Toby is just adorable. Watch out robbers when he finally matures!!!!
Feb 6, 2008 doggieaunt
way too much cuteness!! plotzing puppy . . . awwww!
Feb 6, 2008 whoopiwho
He looks so soft and cuddly but I guess that comes with being soo cute!!
Feb 6, 2008 Maywee
What an absolute cutie! lots and lots of puppy hugs and kisses! Enjoy each other!
Feb 6, 2008 maggiepup
he's like a sable coloured cloud of fluff...with legs!!!absolutely gorgeous..have fun with eachother.i love this picture hes so busy and looks like a right little pet with te frisbee and the then the follow sleeping picture..sure after all that running you'd be wrecked!!
Feb 6, 2008 Mummm
Toby does look like a cute little teddy bear! What a darling dog.
Feb 6, 2008 iamme
So sweet! Love the color of him..that's the golden coming out. :D This reminds me of a golden look too. hehe Have a great life Toby...take a break every once in awhile from running. :) hehe
Feb 6, 2008 PreciousPuppy
Awwww! Good Night sweetie! Sweet Dreams! A millions biscuits for you
Feb 6, 2008 Monica
Oh my God, what a sweet little teddy bear, I love his big paw paws, I have a gorgeous westie cross who looks like a big teddy bear too when his fur grows. Do you have to have Toby groomed too? Ah he is just a sweeheart, I want to bury my head in his furry belly and give him lots of kisses...may you have years and years of fun and happiness with your baby!!! Lots of love Monica, Ireland.
Feb 6, 2008 DogMom
Toby: you are absolutely the cutest little creampuff of a pup!!! Lovely lovely little boy. Enjoy many happy healthy years with this gorgeous boy!!!
Feb 6, 2008 mqm501
An absolute delight!
Very Best Wishes from Spain.
Feb 6, 2008 sam'smom
totally adorable !!!
lotsa biscuits for Toby :)
Feb 6, 2008 weewee
soooooooooooooo cute!
Feb 6, 2008 yujismom
its hard to get the primo doggie action shot-but YOU did it...kisses on that widdle nose!
Feb 6, 2008 marleysmom
Oh my goodness, that is just maximum fuzziness! Even though he greets everyone with enthusiasm, you know he has a special wag for his parents. 11 biscuits!
Feb 6, 2008 DaveyDog
Toby is definitely an ice-breaker this morning, isn't he?? He looks like a little mischief, albeit, a most adorable little mischief! In my house, this pose is referred to as "mugwump" ... don't know why, it just is. As in "Toby is being a mugwump" or "Toby is mugwumping just now". Your little mixed breed fella' is a beauty. Congratulations, and bless 'em all.
I like when folks mention where they're writing from! Ontario, Canada
Feb 6, 2008 FRITZY
Excuse me...but there are so many cute pictures of Toby that you are making it hard for me to choose. :):) He is cute!!!
Feb 6, 2008 FRITZY
I just had to add this photo too - he is so cute!!! From Ontario, Canada too!:)
Feb 6, 2008 FRITZY
I just had to add this photo too - he is so cute!!! From Ontario, Canada too!:)
Feb 6, 2008 pauz4paws
Sweet Toby.....You're just too precious for words! You truly do look like a stuffed animal, too cute for real!! I would let you nap for hours on my lap and forget about the housework....haha! Here's wishing you a happy and wonderful long life from our critter camp here in Florida. Here's 11 biscuits too Mr. Toby!
Feb 6, 2008 Sassygirl
Toby is awesome, I have an Eski-poo and would love to also have a Toby. I am a dog lover from way back!
Feb 6, 2008 bopeep
I don't believe you can get any more relaxed than little Toby in this picture. His description of a teddy bear suits him to a tee. He looks like he has the best qualities of both breeds. Many happy, wonderful years with this little prince. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits from Kansas USA.
Feb 6, 2008 shellyrini
Toby, oh Toby, you are just too cute for words really. I wish I could snuggle with you and take a long winters nap together. I LUV your paws. So fluffy and muppet like. Lots of belly rubs, hugs and kisses for you cutie pie!!!!!! God bless
Feb 6, 2008 bunnied816
Jeez...I think three people posted just while I was trying to pick a favorite. IMPOSSIBLE!!! He is absolutely adorable! I don't know how you manage to walk him outdoors - you must get totally mobbed by fans! I sure hope you post him a few years from now, so we can see him as a grown-up pup! Cute as he is now, I think he'll just be even more magnificent as a big boy!

May you all have many, many happy years together!
Feb 6, 2008 love my yellow lab
Tobey, are you sleeping? I can't tell with all your beautiful fur :)
You are such a cutie pie :)
Feb 6, 2008 molly's mom
Adorable! Big fluffy ball of cuteness!!!!No wonder why everyone loves Toby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 6, 2008 Fily
OMG! How adorable is TOBY! Can you even leave the house ..... hard to go to work and not stay home to play! Where is the world did you find a breeder that ahs the mini's....please share! ( ) Thank you in advance!

Many, many bones for Toby and thank you for sharing him with us!
Feb 6, 2008 jlenski
Ok, that 's it! I HAVE to get a goldendoodle now! Toby is the cutest living stuffed animal I've ever seen! Thank you SO much for sharing him and all the best wishes in the world to you and your wonderful puppy!
Feb 6, 2008 bayley's mom
What an absolute doll!
Feb 6, 2008 Erinnkohn
I love goldendoodles!! Toby-I hope your loving family appreciates how wonderful you are, and will give you mannnyyy hugs and kisses and dog biscuits!! 11 biscuits for sure!! :-)
Feb 6, 2008 mollyface
He blends right in with that carpet! What a snuggle-bunny!
Feb 6, 2008 DarinsMom
Oh my gosh - what a fluffer-nutter. I LOVE him!
Feb 6, 2008 veslocki
It's good to see a puppy that worn out from playing .
Feb 6, 2008 sue
hes gorgeous
Feb 6, 2008 clemency
Now that is a huggable-looking dog! His fur is gorgeous--beautiful color, and it looks sooo soft! Just adorable!
Feb 6, 2008 lisaivey
Oh Toby, what a sweet little face you have! I almost couldn't pick a favorite shot of you because they're all adorable, but this one clicks with me this morning because I'm SOOOO sleepy!
Feb 6, 2008 CBinID
I don't care for the concept of "designer breeds," then I see a pup like Toby and wonder why everyone doesn't have one!

He is very precious --fun in a fur coat.
Feb 6, 2008 RescueInPA
What a cute mutt! I don't care for the "designer breeds" either, especially ones specifically bred for that purpose. There are plenty of mutts in shelters already! But Toby is awfully adorable, and I hope he brings many, many years of happiness to your family.
Feb 6, 2008 DogyLvr
So hugable, lovable and funable! Congrats!
Feb 6, 2008 pomtzu
Toby is almost too cute to be real! What a sweetheart!
Enjoy this little man thru many years of fun and adventures, and my wish goes out to you Toby, for a long and happy and healthy life with your family.
Feb 6, 2008 toot_and_puddle24
so cute and chubby!!!!! I love this site! kisses to toby
Feb 6, 2008 bluefoxxgrl
OMG!! What a sweet baby!!! I could hug and kiss Toby forever!! If Mom is reading this, could you please contact me and let me know where you got your sweet boy? We've been wanting a Goldendoodle for a while and would like to get one, especially from a litter of babies that look like Toby!! A million hugs and biscuits for you, Toby! *squee!*
Feb 6, 2008 PPowers
Mr. Toby is absolutely adorable, and those photos could have been taken of MY 13 month of golden-doodle, named Tobey! Except my boy is Enormous (90lbs) and still growing! Huge snuffleupagus of fur, sweet as can be. Many snuggles for Toby!
Feb 6, 2008 nancy24tarn
Congratulations on your beautiful bundle of fur and fun. Toby is so gorgeous....!!! I have never had a big dog..but, i surely love their bundles of curls.. Enjoy your new puppy!
Feb 6, 2008 nancy24tarn
Congratulations on your beautiful bundle of fur and fun. Toby is so gorgeous....!!! I have never had a big dog..but, i surely love their bundles of curls.. Enjoy your new puppy!
Feb 6, 2008 vorner
What an angel! I have been viewing this site for months. These puppies always bring a smile to my face, but I had to respond to this one. Toby is absolutely adorable and reminds me of my own Goldendoodle, who is also just a doll; smart, precious and personality plus! God bless you and your little boy with a long, happy, healthy life!
Feb 6, 2008 lucyny2000
Who can give Toby less than 11 biscuits, got up from a wrong side of a bed this morning! Run, Toby, run! What a happy camper you are! I like every picture, but chose the one in a motion. A flying Toby the dog! 11 hundred biscuits, five stars, and many happy years of togetherness to all of you!
Feb 6, 2008 stormsamson
Toby, I gotta tell ya, it was extremely difficult to select a favorite picture of you on this day! You are very, very cute and just oozing with sugar! Many kisses on your head and many blessed years of good health!
Feb 6, 2008 Jennb3
Oh Toby you handsome little fluff ball you!!! many cookies for you!!!
Feb 6, 2008 leahkids
He sounds wonderful, and you sound like he has already dug deep into your heart. My pup is about 12 or so(not sure, since he was a rescue dog), and I cannot bear the thought of losing him.
Enjoy your life with him, and may you have extra long years with him. :-)
Feb 6, 2008 Doggymommy
I love Toby's look and expression in this picture! He is just too cute. Give him a snuggle for me!
Feb 6, 2008 Alf
Toby is adorible Golden ball of fluff. I wish you lots of love & snuggles.
Feb 6, 2008 jowaldo
What a sweet sweet boy.....cute beyond words!!!! :)
Feb 6, 2008 LisaLisa
Finding a favorite photo of Toby was hard because every picture was just too cute for words. What a gorgeous puppy. I would LOVE to have a puppy like that! I hope you have many, many years of fun and snuggles with this beautiful fluff ball. ;)
Feb 6, 2008 georgeanna
AAAHHH!! He is too cute, you just want to squeeze the stuffin out of him.... :)
Feb 6, 2008 ellygh
What a cutie!!! Wish there were 12 biscuits to give him. I love this pic.
Feb 6, 2008 piobaire
OH TOBY!! What a darling picture! He looks like he's mugging for a kiss, which I would gladly give. He's just the kind of puppy that everyone needs, a little fluffball that plays and loves and golly he's too cute for words. I could be going into cuteness overload....aaaaaahhhh....Tooooobbb bbyyyyy......
Feb 6, 2008 chipsmom
Toooo Cute!! 11++++++ Biscuits!!
Feb 6, 2008 silverkitty8
Poodle mixes are always adorable... But this one's just sooo cute! I want one to cuddle with. :D
Feb 6, 2008 honeypie
Awww, what a cuddle-pup!
Feb 6, 2008 sistermegpie
OMG! Toby is soooooo adogable! We have a Golden Retriever named Riley, and he is such a trouble maker! It's like he has nine lives of a cat! So far in his life, he ate glass, along with an operation, and he also got hit by a car in the hip. Our other dog Meggie, a West Highland White Terrier, is not as crazy. A big size difference, huh?
Feb 6, 2008 sistermegpie
Oh, and one more thing...
Feb 6, 2008 sistermegpie
I'm so adorable!!!
Feb 6, 2008 jaggersmom
Well I just coudln't look at these pics without posting! Toby is a complete sweetheart! I just love his ears and his fur sure does look soft! And the photos are just amazing, Kudos on that! I hope you have long wonderful years with Toby! - NB Canada
Feb 6, 2008 aden1994
how adorable!
he is just a big fluff ball!
you are very lucky to have such a cute dog.
Feb 6, 2008 Heathcliffe
What state did he come from. Can you share the breeder's information? Thanks.
Feb 6, 2008 simrat101
[[color=blue] what a cute puppy [/color]
Feb 6, 2008 Puppyluver59
He's so cute! the first thing i said when i saw him was "awww!" You are so blessed to have such an adorable little guy.
Feb 6, 2008 nesherismydog
He looks like a stuffed animal! Goldendoodles are my favorite poodle hybrid!
Feb 6, 2008 mkesj
Second attempt, first one disappeared when I clicked "add comment." Toby is very adorable and reminds me so much of our mini GD who was on this site in August (Tess) 07. They are lovable and they love with abandon. I really like this picture although you have several good ones. It looks like Toby's coat might be a bit easier to work with than Tess'. That's the only down side to a Dood. Their wonderful dispositions make up for that. I just make sure I brush every day and have her trimmed. Best wishes.
Feb 6, 2008 more
[color=red] HOW CUTE!!!!!! Tons of biscuits for you Toby!! ;) :D [/color]
Feb 6, 2008 mtframsey
I have a good friend named Henry who is a goldendoodle, and I have a labradoodle - wonderful, wonderful creatures! So smart, loving, and everything else you could ask for! Enjoy MANY years together!!! He's SO CUTE!!!
Feb 6, 2008 cheleon
The sleep of absolute innocence! Toby is gorgeous!
Feb 6, 2008 annalucia
CUTE,CUTE,CUTE!!!! ...and as an owner of a very old rescued (1 year ago) cock-a-poo...I love how these sweet "mixes" are just that...SWEET...and totally lovable! And even though our old Ira has arthritic joints...he too manages to totally flatten himself into a pile of "fluff" when he oft times just "crashes"! ...hugs to your Toby from cold and colorful Colorado!
Feb 6, 2008 SASSY'S DAD
Toby is a LOVE PUPPY. Enjoy and rejoice with him, he is a rare pup.
Feb 6, 2008 Rocky2005
Absolutely Darling! Have a wonderful life.
Feb 6, 2008 schnauzerlover
He is the cutest little thing! Best wishes!!!
Feb 6, 2008 mash18020
Toby you are such a fluffy adorable little angel!!! And you look like so much fun. Just to cuddly :-) I hope you have a long healthy fun life...and a million doggie treats too!!!
Feb 6, 2008 lorettay
You are so cute. Ng...your mum must love you very much.
Feb 6, 2008 k_cyn
[color=purple]What a little cutie you are Toby!!! You are truly ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! :)
Being that cute should be illegal! :)
Many kisses, hugs and biscuits to you!!
Happy New Year and best wisjes always!!![/color]
Feb 6, 2008 udinyc
Feb 6, 2008 udinyc
Feb 7, 2008 anony
This breed ought to be renamed to Poodrador. Goldendoodle sounds pretty cheesy IMHO. Very nice dog.
Feb 7, 2008 puppyluvr
[color=red] I just want to kiss him on his cute fuzzy lips! [/color]
Feb 7, 2008 puppynut
What a great doggie! He is just the cutest. I'd love to have him running toward me with that toy! You're so lucky!
Feb 7, 2008 boss
Toby is the cutest!! We're so happy you were picked as Daily Puppy. Your cousin Boss is a bit Jealous!
Feb 7, 2008 tla0126
I love cute stubby cubby little puppy legs!!!!!
Feb 7, 2008 tla0126
ha.. i meant chubby
Feb 7, 2008 PandaDonk
Toby is the cutest puppy I have ever seen in my entire life and I will be 103 years old next week!
Feb 7, 2008 pooh81394
Toby you know we think your adorable! You're cousins Zoey & Lilly think you look GRRRReat!
Feb 7, 2008 justlabs
He is just too cute. We have a few Mini-Goldendoodle puppies still available. Take a look at our website if interested.
Feb 7, 2008 romans839
What a beautiful dog!
Feb 7, 2008 romans839
What a beautiful dog!
Feb 7, 2008 JRTMommy
I am completely in love, fluffy teddy bear! Those sweet, big furry paws...that soft, curly head...beautiful "golden" ears...and big brown eyes that can do no wrong...You deserve all the biscuits you want! And I can see by the pictures, your parents feel the same way! What a gorgeous boy you are , Toby!
Feb 7, 2008 djmc
What a wonderful puppy so fluffy and cute , ENJOY your new baby 11 biscuits
Feb 8, 2008 pfloydnzep86
wow, this puppy is so cute and fluffy, i think i know what kind of pooch i;ll be getting in the near future
Feb 8, 2008 raychelehd
i love gooldendoodles:) he's a cutie give him lots of love.
Feb 8, 2008 jenga68
OMG so cute. I cannot stand it. Want to eat him. :-D
Feb 9, 2008 Sasafras56
English Mini Goldendoodle?- What a mouthful. This pictures shows all the best traits of each of the breeds. What a cutie! Enjoy for many many years!
Feb 23, 2008 puppy*power
really cute
Mar 13, 2008 amybeth

I just sent my deposit in to Julie with Almond Blossom Doodles. I live in Scottsdale and she told me about you. Your Toby's Dog Mom was Estee I think. I would love a chance to email or talk with you. My husband and I are so excited. Estee and Micah's litter is due April 6th, ready for us to take home June 1st. Email me if you would like to chat about your Toby. He is so adorable. He must bring you such happiness.

Jan 17, 2009 doods
We just had a little of the CUTEST goldendoodles. Check us out at ndoodles-puppies-golden-not-shiba-i nu--golde See live video of them playing and watch them grow!!
Feb 12, 2009 sassygirl
Toby is gorgeous
Aug 17, 2009 iluvmypuppycody
So adorable he looks just like a teddy bear!!
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