Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Oct 7, 2010 Malimom
Life is good...what a perfect snow dog. i can tell there is lots of mischeif in you, but you can only get away with it for little longer, cuz your just a puppy and its cute for now. have a great snow eating day from ca
Oct 7, 2010 wannapuppybad
I had a girl pyreness "Heidi". She was the geratest dog. Loved everyone but you didn't hurt who she loved or look out. I can tell by your eyes you will be a great dog as well beautifel
Oct 7, 2010 ahirakailey1207
CUTIE PIE>>>come here... mwah! (hug)
Oct 7, 2010 harrisd
Troy looks so cute with the snow. We don't get to experience snow in Australia. He is a cheeky little puppy. That has got to be one of the cutest puppies ever. He is a beautiful dog. We have a chocolate Labrador, he will eat anything (including shoes)
Oct 7, 2010 splangie
aaaaaawwww you're just too much cutesy, *hugs* such a beautiful color you are too...11 treats for that face ;)
Oct 7, 2010 jazzobee
You could never be cross for too long with this adorable face. What a beautiful puppy you are Troy, you are absolutely stunning. Would love to see more pics when you are all grown up! Love you baby xxxx
Oct 7, 2010 zankj
Troy is very cute... I am sure he has got a loving family to look after him!!!
Oct 7, 2010 audrey08
Oh what a face!! Troy you are adorable and sooo cuddly. I just want to eat you up with hugs and kisses. Seems you're a very happy puppy! I hope you have a long and happy life with your loving family. Ohh you're sooo cute and adorable!!!!! By the way love your name. Enjoy a long and curious life!!.
Oct 7, 2010 shortyww22
Troy is such a cutie.I also have a Great pyreness.only thing I dread about my girl is the ear cleanings,batheing she has a ton of and she barks alot but we love her anyways.come see my kimba sometime.troy is very cute and I hope you have many happy years together.kisses n hugs cutie troy.
Oct 7, 2010 Indianfox
Troy you are a beauty. My dogs have had their share of cell phone, chair, and wall munching too. Puppys will be puppys but that soon will pass too and you will be a gorgeous example of your breed.
Oct 7, 2010 daphne's mom
OMG Troy! You are so cute! I hope you have a long happy and healthy life! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles sweetheart!
Oct 7, 2010 goldenlover
Wonderful pup!!
Oct 7, 2010 mattysmom
Who could resist that face? Troy is a fluffball and that face melts hearts wherever he goes I bet. Lots of love, kisses and belly rubs to you Troy.
Oct 7, 2010 smith51
very cute dog
Oct 7, 2010 princelover
What a little cutie but not for long, by the size of those paws! Troy is a beautiful fluffball and he sounds like quite a mischief maker. Enjoy this sweet baby.
Oct 7, 2010 fluffy ears
Hes going to be a BIG boy!
Oct 7, 2010 Fletcher,Gracie,Buddy
what a cutie! :D
Oct 7, 2010 monkeynbubba
OMG; Troy; You are adorable, and Precious! Sure wish I could have a big puppy like you! Hugs! Live long and happy; Sweet Pea!
Oct 7, 2010 katz66
Troy is a real sweetheart
Oct 7, 2010 w102663
Cute her freckles and mischievous side!:) ox ox ox
Oct 7, 2010 w102663
So sorry, Troy, meant to say "love his freckles"!
Oct 7, 2010 jocie3
What a beautiful little stinker! Isn't it funny that even when they are bad we talk about how cute they are? Enjoy!!!
Oct 7, 2010 BulldogAmy
It's like he's eavsdropping!!! Haha! Or he's trying to get that thing on the top of the ledge! So adorable! -Amy
Oct 7, 2010 clemency
"Who hid my bone up here?" Troy is so cute!
Oct 7, 2010 poochies=love
He is a real puff ball! What a little mischief maker he is!
Oct 7, 2010 Monet's Mom
Oh My Gosh - He is beautiful. My Rottweiler ate my couch when she was a puppy, the WHOLE couch. So I get it with the cell phone and washer and dryer knobs. All you can do is laugh and have some great stories and fun memories of this great pup. Enjoy!!!!
Oct 7, 2010 labgirly5
C'mon mommy lemme have the bone!! Hehe he is wonderful have a great life with him :)
Oct 7, 2010 molly's mom
Oct 7, 2010 jlenski
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Troy you are one gorgeous fluff ball! Your beautiful fur the color of of latte and whipped cream- your parents must just want to eat you up! Best wishes for a very happy life!
Oct 7, 2010 duettists
Troy looks as though butter won't melt in his mouth! Even if he is naughty at times, that look will melt your heart.
Oct 7, 2010 violets624
Oct 7, 2010 gryt
Oh I don't believe this adorable little fluffster would ever cause any trouble... Hehe.
Oct 7, 2010 pelligrino
Troy, I know with face like this you could never cause any trouble ar all! You are too cute and you are fluffy and soft. Have a long, happy and healthy life baby.
Oct 7, 2010 margie-rex's mom
"in a couple of weeks, I'll be able to get it!" What a beautiful boy! Wishing you a wonderful happy life, Troy!!
Oct 7, 2010 Tamerlane
Awwww! Troy is SUCH a Pyrenees! Have a long fluffy life, big guy! Make sure you defend your owners against all overstuffed pillows. There is just nothing like a Pyr pup! Thanks for sharing Troy!!
Oct 7, 2010 MsJaxFla
There is not one thing about this darling boy that is not gorgeous. I so hope someone got your bone down for you. Kisses and hugs to a really special baby boy Troy.
Oct 7, 2010 elliel
He is going to be a gorgeous animal when he grows up. Of course he is already very cute. Sounds like he needs some big time dog training classes. A dog his size needs to be well trained.
Oct 7, 2010 allmyshelties
This isn't fair Daily Puppy...are you trying t kill us with cuteness? Troy you are so cute is hurts. Your family is so lucky to have such a wonderful puppy and to watch him grow into a magnificent friend. Love those puppy feets!!
Oct 7, 2010 KentuckyJim
Troy...the name of a great ancient city and the name of a greatly handsome puppy with a way too cute, and mischievous, disposition. I can see where you could be a handful, both in discipline and weight. One hundred, twenty pounds is a big doggie in anyone's book. My little Harvick, AKA "The Mi'ter" (short for "Mister Puppy) only weighs about twenty pounds. :o) Troy, may you and your loved ones have a lifetime full of warm, sunny days and cozy, sleepy-time nights. May you have all the GOOD food you can stand and not too much of the nuts and whipped cream (sounds good to me, too...). May you be filled with joy and love, for one another, and may the Lord bless you all with His magnificent love. Take care. My love to all, Jim Grayson Lexington, Kentucky U.S.A.
Oct 7, 2010 rebamarsh
Does a puppy get any cuter than Troy?? OH my, he is adorable!!! I hope you have many years of being naughty and loved - because taht is what life is all about!
Oct 7, 2010 rebamarsh
Absolutley gorgeous!!! What a beautiful puppy!
Oct 7, 2010 swabs
ah, a dog and his bone.....
Oct 7, 2010 Teddy Dog
This expression says, Honest, it wasn't me who did it this time!" This is one of my favorite breeds. I absolutely love the markings on his face!!! They are perfect!! Sounds like he's developed quite the personality already!! Sending lots of love & belly rubs!! May you enjoy many, many years with him!!
Oct 7, 2010 The Raven
Give me that bone, oh well, I'll just get it myself. Troy-boy you are one feisty fellow. NO nuts for dogs, not good for them. Dogs don't need veggies, they need meat and lots of it. That is how they ate in the wild, that is how they are built. Troy you are going to be a big boy, just look at your feet and at your family tree. You are so handsome. Lucky you, Lucky family.
Oct 7, 2010 gouldkb
With a little work, you'll be a great dog! Don't you worry. You're humans love you too much
Oct 7, 2010 mkesj
Love this picture....the inquisitiveness of a puppy and a full body picture. Beautiful puppy.
Oct 7, 2010 AnnM
But, I want it? What a cutie!!!He is going to grow up to be a wonderful friend.......
Oct 7, 2010 Rio
What a snuggly little bear.
Oct 7, 2010 vorner
What an absolutely gorgeous puppy! And yes, just like my Goldendoodle, Annie, who chewed up two door jambs and a myriad of other household items, he can be naughty. But, like Annie, he will grow out of this phase and you will have this angel as your companion to provide you with loads of love and fun. Our door jambs have been replaced and the other stuff discarded or repaired, but what is left is a love machine! Enjoy your beautiful boy and bless you all! XOXOXO
Oct 7, 2010 luvlabsluvlife
Awww Trot you are really cute! Sounds like you need more play time with your family so you'll stop being naughty! And those begis are really good for you so eat more!
Oct 7, 2010 VanessaRosaria
Oh he is adorable. What a lil cuddley puppy
Oct 7, 2010 caesar'smommy
We loved our Great Pyreness Shasta that we had in the 80's. She went through obedience training and actually did very well. So ther is hope for Troy.
Oct 7, 2010 nmshirl
Troy, you are soooo beautiful. Sounds like you are quite a character also.Lots of personality.I love the ear thingy going on in this pic. Being the "Gentle Giant", that I know you will be, I wish you a long, healthy and loving life. Tons and tons of hugs,belly rubs and biscuits to you. I would love to rub you're beautiful coat.nmshirlgirl
Oct 7, 2010 ssmmtm
Oh dear God in Heaven. I'm in love again.
Oct 7, 2010 lucybee
That's not going to serve as a hiding place much longer,you'll be able to get right to it!BTW,if you like whipped cream,get your parents to spray it directly in your mouth from the can,the way my Lab likes it.She knows exactly how to open her mouth to get the whipped cream that way.It's her very special treat.
Oct 7, 2010 DailyPuppy Admin
Such a great photo! Troy is adorable!!
Oct 7, 2010 jesse&koda
Cutie i just want to squeeze him!!
Oct 7, 2010 Barbywhodares
Troy is a lovely boy. Likes his grub I think. Best stay away from door knobs. Hugs cuddles little one. xxx
Oct 7, 2010 Puppygirl93
Oh troy you are gonna be such a big boy! You are soo cute! have you been crying? Those eye marks make it appear like you have. You are an overall adorable puppy! Congrats on being the Daily puppy! Many years of fun adventure headed you way! Treats, belly and ear rubs with kisses and hugs to you sweetie! You are indeed a beautiful handsome boy! :D Come visit my puppies please :)
Oct 7, 2010 Puppygirl93
AAAWW Sooo cute! "I want that bone got to reach it!" Such an adorable photo!
Oct 7, 2010 bestfriends
I laughed out loud while reading Troy's bio--too, too funny! What an adorable snuggle bunny who will grow into a huge, lovable guy. Please, please don't eat nuts, especially walnuts--very harmful for dogs. Enjoy a long, healthy, happy life filled with snuggles, love, and play.
Oct 7, 2010 aiailagmay
You're so cute!!!! :D
Oct 7, 2010 Candy&Chloe's mom
So that's how Troy practices to get the knobs off of your washer & dryer!! What a cute puppy he is and he sounds like quite the character to go with it!! You know, you never remember the "perfect" puppy, the ones that really stay in your heart are those who have personalities and engage you with their intellegence. Troy sounds like he will definitely keep you on your toes as he captures your heart.
Oct 7, 2010 vwjane
You are beautiful! I have a pyr named Murphy. He was very destructive as a puppy. He's almost 2 now and finally grew out of it. ( 4 kitchen chairs later!)
Oct 7, 2010 pupfanatic
Oh, how I LOVE GP's!!! Troy is a perfect adorable example!!! They are like huge bear cute!!! My dog's LOVE whipped cream, too, Troy!!! It's obvious you are well-loved...please give Troy a bunch of smooches and hugs from me:)
Oct 7, 2010 levelsoflight
Oh Troy, you look like such a snuggle buddy! Enjoy your new home and best wishes during your puppy growth stages! :)
Oct 7, 2010 sheila
Troy is adorable and beautiful. He's gonna be huge. This picture is so cute!! Send him over to play with my girl dog Daisy. What a kick that would be!! Long and happy life to Troy and his humans!!
Oct 7, 2010 isbel5926
this little pup is way 2 cute!!!!! what a sweet little guy!!!!!!SOOOOOOO A D O R A B L E
Oct 7, 2010 patlynn
Troy is adorable, so nice & fluffy!
Oct 7, 2010 ~*Meggie*~
Aww, Troy is beautiful, such a cute face :) Haha, sounds like he's a real character too - adorable puppy!!
Oct 7, 2010 mychiensr1
Troy, you are such a cutie! Lots of huggs and kisses from Mocha, Oreo, CHEWY AND cOOKIE.
Oct 7, 2010 mawolve
Troy you are sooooo cute. Wish I could cuddle up close to you on those cold wintry nights. Dakota, Mya , Princess, and Shadow all send their love and kisses.
Oct 7, 2010 paulinespuppy
Oooh such a snuggly cuddly fluff ball. What a gorgous boy u are Troy. Have a wonderfully long and healthy happy life. kisess and treats for u. xoxoxox
Oct 7, 2010 pfordeb
I babysat for a Great Pyrenees a long time ago. Troy will love drinking out of toilets when he gets older too. In the meantime, have fun with him. He's very cute.
Oct 7, 2010 BulldogAmy
So adorable! -Amy
Oct 7, 2010 malawi
Troy, you are one very handsome and adorbale baby. A big baby, mind you! ps...I've heard that cookies taste better than knobs and things! ;-)
Oct 7, 2010 bluegigi
Who couldn't love this face! Troy your a little troublemaker and you love it. And your Mom & Dad love you so much, they'll forgive you anything - especially when you look at them with mug!
Oct 7, 2010 piobaire
Troy, you are very cute and I think your people will forgive you for chewing things. Tell them you are a puppy and are going to keep doing stuff like that for a few years.
Oct 7, 2010 Corky'smum
You beautiful little angel. Have a wonderful, wonderful life bello!
Oct 7, 2010 gina_vega
One of my favorite breeds. A true cuty.
Oct 7, 2010 PamN1211
Let me be the millionth person to ever say that Troy is ADORABLE! Thanks for the laugh this evening..loved the bio! Give Troy a great big smooch and hug from us..Pam, Simon, Tabitha, and Gabriel
Oct 7, 2010 msl1202
This little guy is way too cute!!!! Kiss him for me!!!
Oct 7, 2010 bopeep
Gorgeous and adorable
Oct 7, 2010 Gert&Duke
I am standing on my tippy toes--I WILL get this bone!!!
Oct 7, 2010 tzumom
You are such a fluff are just beautiful...try not to eat all that stuff little one, the knobs can be a real pain! Stay well, lots of hugs.
Oct 7, 2010 coriebe
Keepa is Soooo cute! :)
Oct 7, 2010 wolfgirl66
Awesomes pics! Adorable Troy is all things wonderful!!!!!
Oct 7, 2010 dianel99
Determination will bring you that luscious bone. When you are big, like you are going to be, that bone won't be any trouble at all, you sweet little puppy.
Oct 7, 2010 longislander
What a photo, it's adorable. So is Troy. Just a big beautiful fluffball of a puppy.
Oct 7, 2010 Jose
Your sooooooooooooooooooooo cute I just want to give you hugs and kisses!
Oct 7, 2010 coonhoundmama
Troy, you are one handsome puppy. All white with a nicely marked head. I see you get in some mischief, but you are just a puppy. You'll outgrow it. Your humans love you anyway. Glad you have a buddy close by to play with. Many years of love, tummy rubs and treats. Have a wonderful life, big guy.
Oct 8, 2010 minkiesmum
You're a great big hunk of a puppy and a real looker, mischievious or not !
Oct 8, 2010 pirosred
Troy is such a smart boy, trying to get his bone. I bet he got it. He is adorable.
Oct 8, 2010 siun
haha, he looks SOOO mischievous!!! i bet he reaches up like that when he trys to get the whipped cream on the table!!! bones are just for practicing!!! ur a funny little boy, Troy!!! xxx
Oct 8, 2010 drakes' granny
I just need another inch to get my bone! Someone help!!! Please! Troy is adorable. Special treats for him today.
Oct 8, 2010 Scamp's Grammy
Troy if you didn't have the grey markings on your head no one could find you in the snow. You certainly are a handsome and cuddly puppy. Wishes for a long, happy and healthy life from Scamp's Grammy.
Oct 8, 2010 doggiedays
Oh Troy! You do look like you would get into A LOT of mishceif! ( sorry about the misspelling) I bet you really love your life and can't wait to see whats out there!
Oct 8, 2010 MDT 1301
it's the most cutest puppy i've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 8, 2010 lisalisa
What a cute face. No way is he naughty! :)
Oct 8, 2010 puppy world#1
Wow TRoy is ssooo fluffy n cute look at hom trying to reach for that burrito!
Oct 9, 2010 ILoveBina
Troy is soooooo cute! He looks so furry! I have a German Shepherd named Bina please drop by and give her a comment to.
Oct 9, 2010 caterose
precious precious precious! she is just to cute!
Oct 9, 2010 hrsluvr98
Oh, you are so adorableee!!!!! Troy will be a beautiful, large dog! His naughtiness is very funny
Oct 10, 2010 iluvk9s
Troy is such a sweet fluffy cuddly wuddly baby! Endless cookies, hugs and kisses!!!
Oct 11, 2010 mummm
Awww cute puppy... someone was messing with you! Adorable photos.
Oct 11, 2010 cierra16
he is so handsom i wanna just hug him i wanna dog like this he is so cute
Oct 12, 2010 jlhammer
Oh my gosh, how adorable. My grandparents had one. Very great tempered dog, and very lovable. I would visit my grandparents, and would play with Macy the whole time I was there. Hope that you have a long and happy life with Troy.
Oct 15, 2010 vonniewestpalm
He is sooo Cute!! Beautiful Colors. He looks like he would be a lot of fun & happiness.
Oct 16, 2010 toriee
ur such a cute puppy! and your surely going to be a goregous doggie! xoxo( :
Oct 23, 2010 mastiffs3
That is such a cute puppy! You are lucky to have such an adorable pup!
Oct 23, 2010 mastiffs3
Oct 29, 2010 schnauzerpuppylover
I'm going to reach that bone!
Nov 20, 2010 woof-dodger
Wow he is absolutely adorable!
Jul 5, 2011 mickymouse3
o my gosh you got on the calander in 2010!!!!! !!!!!!!! Your dog is soooooooooooooooooo cute.
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