Tucker the Bloodhound

Puppy Breed: Bloodhound

Tucker says: "Hello to all of you puppy people, my name is Tucker. My mommy picked me out and I went to my new home when I was eight weeks old. Wow, what a fun place my mommy has for puppies, especially since I met my new friend Caper the basset hound here. What fun we have smelling all of the really good, juicy odors in the big backyard. We can run and run and run without hardly ever having to look up at all. I like to howl super loud for no apparent reason. I blow out my mommy's eardrums when I do it right in her ear. What fun that is! Everybody knows that us bloodhounds are the best smellers in the whole world of doggies. But many people don't know we can be real smelly too. If there are people around me sometimes they go ewwwwee! because they say I smell bad. So I smell two ways! Thank you for looking at my pictures."