Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Aug 14, 2006 Oaktown Girl
I like his name! Seems to fit him well.
Aug 14, 2006 Aline__Cleve.Ohio
what a cute face, he looks very smart, love the name
Aug 14, 2006 the kissing lady
WOW i dont know y u love this littel dog lol SO he is cuite and beautifull and iam dieng to SQUEEZEEEEEE him and give him 1000 kisisssssssssssssss
Aug 14, 2006 becky
i love his color. he is a georgous dog!!
Aug 14, 2006 Dina
Awww too adorable! I have a Shih Tzu and he is the best dog ever!
Aug 14, 2006 Malteseluver
Twix is very cute. Love the name!
Aug 14, 2006 Sissy
I love him! He's just adorable........
Aug 14, 2006 Sheryl
Aw, she is so cute!!! Im sure you will enjoy her wonderful personality!!!
Aug 14, 2006 Charlotte Smith
Your opinion is in the minority, Nikki. Twix is a beautiful baby!!
Aug 14, 2006 puppyluver
Aug 14, 2006 Jeffrie Ann
HEY!! Any person who could call a puppy ugly doesn't belong here... go to a reptile site or something. Twix is adorable!
Aug 14, 2006 Chip
except for a Great Dane Puppy! You see when their little (50lbs - 3months) there's not too much cuteness about them. It's more like a constant moving wrecking ball.

It's when they get to be around 6-9 months old and start filling out and taking shape do they grow into the cute stage.

It's also at this stage where the wrecking balls brain starts wondering why you arranged the funiture the way you did, or decides that you made a mistake and threw out perfectly good food and wants to help out by spreading it out across the floor so as you can learn from your mistake by seeing first hand what you did! Of course they know that you won't learn from the frist lesson and are willing to retrain you when the need arises

It's only late in life that they decide to give up; your hopeless. That's when they decide they've done all they could and just want to hang on the couch they were given years earlier.

Does that story ring a bell to anyone? (Mine made it to almost twelve! I think the couch had as lot to do with it; and the remodeling years had everything to do with her getting it!)
Aug 14, 2006 Kate
I second Nikki. There are a million cute puppies out there, but this isn't one of them.
Aug 14, 2006 txmadre
Nikki and Kate have you bumped your heads? You wouldn't know cute if it slapped you in the face. Twix looks like a little Ewok. (Star Wars - Return of the Jedi) He is precious.
Aug 14, 2006 Auntie El, Shads & Peasy
WE LOVE PUPPY BELLY!!! Twix is adorable! Never mind what Nikki and Kate say.
Aug 14, 2006 Amber-s mom
Twix has a sweet face in pic #2. Looks like she just had a bath in the first pic. But she is a cutie pie and looks like full of love.
Aug 14, 2006 Cyntha
Well, I think Twix is just too adorable...did y'all look at all the pic's of Twix? If so you would have to fall in love with him...I did & I am a Kitty person... :- )
Aug 14, 2006 dogs ROCK!cute!
by the way i own two cats
Aug 14, 2006 Twix-s Mom
thanks for your comments... I dunno about those 3 people... All puppies are cute... I love mine.
Aug 14, 2006 dogs ROCK!cute!
gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i like dogs just not this one
Aug 14, 2006 dogs ROCK!cute!
please thats just what I think. dont tell me what to think.
Aug 14, 2006 Matt,Christine and Biscuit!!!
we love you twixs!!! you are sooOooo perfect!! Who cares about Those dumb f#*%s they don't know what there missin out on. Hope to see your pretty face soon. Tell Mama, Daddy and Older brother we said HI!
Aug 14, 2006 sjdottied
Twix is just toooooooooo cute...I am also owned by a 6 yr old tzu....they are the best & get better & cuter with age..........don't pay attention to the negative people....they don't count in this world...lots of kisses to Twixie..........
Aug 14, 2006 Cyntha
Twix's Mom...
You have Twix & his love...that's all you need...
Aug 14, 2006 SC
Twix is one of the cutest little pups I've ever seen! We have a Maltese and a Yorkie, and are big dog lovers.

Please ignore the rude posters. They really must need attention.... :(
Aug 15, 2006 Marla
How did you come up with the name? It is so suiting. A cutiepatootie indeed!
Aug 15, 2006 dogs ROCK!cute!
grr i like dogs- oh i amit it! i love twix! hes so CUTE!
Aug 15, 2006 dogs ROCK!cute!
forgive me for agreeing.i love twix! you are WRONG nikki & kate WRONG!
Aug 15, 2006 dogs ROCK!cute!
forgive me twixs-mom i love him really
Aug 15, 2006 nikki
haha you guys..
i like puppies just not this one. just cause its a dog doesnt make it cute. like this one for instance.
http://www.beloblog. com/KHO...
i really hope none of you think that its cute.
Aug 15, 2006 Bubbie are a nana...what IS cute to you???
Aug 15, 2006 Katherine
The first picture turned me off, but the rest are absolutely adorable!
Aug 15, 2006 dogs ROCK!cute!
i said its cute!not ugly.cute!
Aug 15, 2006 invaderspooge
he sure looks like a pooper!
Aug 15, 2006 |]ogs-rock A.K.A dogs ROCK!cute!
cutie twixie..........oxoxoxooxoxo
Aug 15, 2006 Mars
what a beautiful, precious, adorable, sweet, too cute...sooooo lovable puppykins...
Aug 16, 2006 Lin
I think Twix looks like a gentle, wonderful sweetheart and I love that little face. an' that lil sleeping bellieeeeeeee. ooh, how ruffable.
Aug 16, 2006 dogs ROCK!cute!
Aug 16, 2006 Twix-s proud G-ma and G-pa, San Jose
Twix, you're a precious puppy and so adorable. To each its own.

Nukki what can I say, you must be an ugly person to match your ugly personality... go back to your bon bons, oreos and greasy pork chops. How sad your life must be that you have to belittle puppies...
Aug 16, 2006 Granmacyn
Yahoooooo.....Jeffrie are so right about nikki...I of course have 2 adorable Shih Tzu Granbabies...& I think Twix is a darlin even the 1st pic...smacarooooonieeees...
Aug 16, 2006 Lizzy18
i love twix, my neighbour has a Shih Tzu and i love her to bits too, they are little furry bundles of love and they make me smile
Aug 16, 2006 Lovely Lady
How cute! The first picture was a bit disturbing, he looked a bit crazy in the head, but his other pictures look like 'Doggy Model' quality.
Aug 17, 2006 Jeffrie Ann
It appears that my last comment was too strong....?, I didn't use profanity, or call Nikki a name, but I did make it clear that her continuing to pick on one not so flattering picture of an otherwise adorable pup were beneath the level of a 'nice' human being......
Aug 17, 2006 Jeffrie Ann
What I mean by too strong is that it seems to have disappeared of this page.....! Just like magic!
Aug 17, 2006 Rocky comment went tata also & it was not at all ya Twix.....
Aug 17, 2006 Alabama
Oh Twix...your Mom is so lucky to have are so sweet!
Aug 19, 2006 Twix
Well, I guess I am just too cute...
Aug 19, 2006 Mars
O.K. where is everybody...Twix is still just too cute...
Aug 22, 2006 Lovely Lady
I agree that the first picture was not the most adorable, but in his dry pictures, he is precious! I don't think any dog could be ugly! Twix is so cute! If people want to post negative comments, they should take it somewhere else. I would feel horrible if some ignorant people bashed my dog's looks over the internet!

Twixs' mommy, you've got yourself a cutie!
Aug 29, 2006 |]ogs-rock A.K.A dogs ROCK!cute!
grrrrrrrrrrr mikey you are a basterd!
Sep 2, 2006 so cute! hes so cute mikey your wrong
basterd!!!! B-A-S-T-E-R-D!!!!!!
Sep 2, 2006 basterd!
Sep 5, 2006 japanese spitz luver
i agree hes so a basterd. >:-(
Sep 5, 2006 japan luver too
Sep 5, 2006 mikeys wrong
Sep 5, 2006 japanese spitz luver
man, you guys adding comments faaaaaaast. (fast)

i wonder why.
Sep 5, 2006 japanese spitz luver
Sep 5, 2006 japanese spitz luver
hope your reading this mikey, do you even like
Sep 5, 2006 japanese spitz luver
japan rocks hard!! just want to say that
Sep 6, 2006 New Kid On The Steet
Mikey...gggggrrrrrr! I love Trixy! She is so cute! How could you ever say that! I'm sorry Trixy, don't listen to nay of your haters! They just wish they were that beauiful. And thanks for the random thought about Japan, Japanese Spitz Luver! (Whatever. Who Cares!) I Love Pizza! ;)
Sep 6, 2006 New Kid On The Steet
I missed spelled a word. nay should be any. Sorry! <:(
Sep 9, 2006 japanese spitz luver
thank you new kid, very, very much
Sep 9, 2006 japanese spitz luver
oh, and thank you for agreeing that japan is great! thank you!
Sep 9, 2006 japanese spitz luver
visit tokyo!!
Sep 9, 2006 japanese spitz luver
Sep 9, 2006 japanese spitz luver
Sep 11, 2006 japanese spitz luver
pretty please?????????
Sep 12, 2006 you bastards cant spell
its spelled bastard
Sep 14, 2006 japanese spitz luver
umm..... thank you for correcting me, but i didi not need that >:-( (why the user name?!)
Sep 16, 2006 japanese spitz luver
hey, now wait one second THAT IS HOW I SPELLED IT! you did'nt need to tell me! maybe its because my computer is acting up. also, nikki just go to heck!!!!!!!!!
Sep 21, 2006 japanese spitz luver-s sister
ha! sister you are so stupid.
Sep 21, 2006 japanese spitz luver-s sister
i said NOT to use my laptop!!!!!
Sep 21, 2006 japanese spitz luver
damn it! why do you leave your name so i will use it?!?!
Sep 21, 2006 japanese spitz luver
and DONT USE MY LAPTOP!damn it.
Sep 21, 2006 japanese spitz luver
grrrrrrrrrrr......... >:-(
Sep 22, 2006 japanese spitz luver
big ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Sep 28, 2006 Shih Tzu Lover
I think he is adorable!!!!!! Wet or dry! I have a shih tzu and they are the best dogs ever! They love everyone and I am surprised to find people who don't love them back!!! If you don't think the pup is cute, then don't comment at all. This site is for commenting on the pup's cuteness, not how ugly you think thay are. Haven't you ever heard.."if you have nothing nice to say, then DONT say anything at all"....that applies here too! TWIX, you are presious! Your owner(s) are VERY lucky to have you!!!!
Sep 28, 2006 japanese spitz luver
i do amit,he is super cute!!!!
Sep 28, 2006 Husky luvr~!~XD
No they are the uglyest things that ever walked the earth!! wet or dry they attak evryone!!!:0
Oct 1, 2006 japanese spitz luver
WTF!? why do ppl bother adding comment's if they know they don't like this puppy?!i mean, if you dont like this puppy,dont bother to adding comment's!!!!!! really, if you dont like this puppy why add comment's?
Oct 1, 2006 japanese spitz luver
you see!? no point!
Oct 1, 2006 japanese spitz luver
oh, and husky luvr. they do NOT "attak" ppl
Oct 1, 2006 Husky luvr~!~XD
ok ill make this resonable....personaly I like the 2nd pic better...... the first one is a wittle wack X_0
Oct 6, 2006 ilovepuppy3000[japanese spitz luver]
Oct 6, 2006 ilovepuppy3000[japanese spitz luver]
but still.......................
Oct 7, 2006 Husky luvr~!~XD
still what?
Oct 8, 2006 ilovepuppy3000[japanese spitz luver]
but still there is no pount in adding comment's if you dont like this puppy. by the way............... husky's are cute,i must say.^.^ but in the daily puppy search, look for japanese spitz l33t sp34k m4n(leet speak man)
[leet, a way of typeing for hackers useing number's][im not a hacker by the way] 4=a 3=e ><=x 1=t [i dont know much myself to be honest]lol
Oct 8, 2006 ilovepuppy3000[japanese spitz luver]
Oct 11, 2006 i-love-puppy-s-3000
Oct 12, 2006 japanese spitz luver
????????????????????????? anyone??????????????????????
HeLLO??????????????????? comment already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 12, 2006 japanese spitz luver
husky luver~!~XD come on....................comment......!
Oct 14, 2006 japanese spitz luver
why wont any one comment?....................
Nov 2, 2006 Husky luvr~!~XD
Hmm comment on whta??:/
Nov 2, 2006 Husky luvr~!~XD
BUMP..whtf why ?
Nov 4, 2006 japanese spitz luver
ahem,im sorry for my rudness,its just that i spend a lot of time on the computer,most of it reading comments, sorry,husky lover ,while im at it whats "whtf" mean?do you mean "wtf"?And what do you mean by "BUMP"sorry im not really good at this,so.................
anyway, i also see some thing we have in commen, we both keep looking back at this to see and replie to respones we get on are comment(s),
am i right?
please tell me.


also,when was this dog posted?i forget,:-p
*runs to surf the web for more things about japan*

[ps while surfing the web, i found out that japan has "man part" parades *shudder*]
Nov 4, 2006 japanese spitz luver
[it had photos]

Nov 5, 2006 japanese spitz luver

Nov 22, 2006 Husky luvr~!~XD
Yes I suppose we do have somthing in commen! <3
Nov 22, 2006 Zamoni
I love your dog can I have him!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 22, 2006 fari
your dog is soooo cute I WANT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 28, 2006 Loizhanne
stop and think a minute: do you like every picture that was ever taken of you? that dog is cute enough to be able to stand one or two bad hair days.
Did you throw water on him so he would multiply? He's a gremlin, right? Not cute enough to be an Ewok.
Apr 25, 2007 allgodscritters
Twix is [i]definitely[/] Ewok class! I love the wet picture. Actually, I love all of the pictures of Twix. Enjoy that baby. Hug him every day and always give him an extra hug from me.
Oct 3, 2007 Mummm
He's adorable!!! Shame on anyone who does not see his charm.
Oct 14, 2007 mollysmommy
Fuzzy wuzzy little teddy bear. I can see why your son is so smitten with this little cuddle monster. Lots of hug, cookies for both human and canine, and happiness. :)
Sep 7, 2008 Marebear129
What a sweet face! Shih tzu's are so easy to love. I have loved my boy (and girl now) since the first day I saw their big eyes. How do you get yours to sit so you can take the picture? Or are you like me... you follow them around with the camera! LOL Cute puppy!!
Dec 30, 2008 stillwater20
this photo is too funny!!!!!!
May 31, 2009 lalamcgoo
What a little character! So cute!
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