Vanessa the Adoptable Puppy

Puppy Breed: Belgian Tervuren / Italian Greyhound

Vanessa's mom was rescued from a high kill shelter in Southern Ohio. She gave birth to nine puppies just a couple of days later. Vanessa is a Malanois mix and is being fostered in the Central Ohio area. Vanessa is an extremely smart and beautiful little girl that loves to play with anyone and everyone. Most people comment that they can't believe how quiet and well behaved Vanessa and her sisters are for such young pups. She enjoys being outdoors while the weather allows but you can count on her being ready to curl up in your lap when indoors. She is doing great with crate training, housebreaking, walking on a leash, and several commands such as come, sit and shake. Anyone interested in adopting Vanessa should be prepared for a lifetime of fun and companionship as she is no "wall flower" and wants to be everywhere you are. If you are interested in applying for Vanessa or have questions about adoption procedures or OPR policies, please visit