Violet the Mixed Breed (aka frenchiepughuahua!)

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Violet's mom says: Violet came to us through a dog rescue organization. She, her mom and her 6 brothers and sisters were abandoned at 2 weeks old. We are not really sure what breed of dog she is... part Pug, French Bulldog, and Chihuahua. What we do know is that she may have the best personality of any dog we've ever met. She loves giving lots and lots of kisses. She goes to work with us everyday and plays to exhaustion with her boyfriend, Johnny Murphy, a 2-year Irish Terrier. She can always find the warmest spot in the house and will muscle her way into it, if need be. She recently discovered her bark and enjoys letting the neighborhood know that "Violet is here! Violet is here!" While visiting family during Christmas time, Great Grandma was much more interested in her new great-grandpuppy than her new great-grandchildren. Now that's one scene-stealing dog! When we go on walks, people stop their cars to ask what kind of dog she is. We just answer "The best parts of all dogs in a little brown package!" Turn-ons: belly rubs, yogurt containers, and space heaters. Turn-offs: the rain and nail clippers. She has stolen our hearts and we can't remember life before Violet!