Violet the Yorkie Mix

Puppy Breed: Yorkshire Terrier / Mixed

Violet is the Yorkie mix you will ever meet! Rescued with her stray Yorkie mama and five siblings at a day old, Violet was fostered in a loving home and adopted by her forever family at twelve weeks. She quickly went from being the bossy pup of her siblings to the bossy and playful pup of her family! She loves to play fetch for as long as you are willing, eat peanut butter and the occasional misplaced pencil, and loves being in her momma's lap most of all. She is full of kisses, mischief, and tons of energy for the kids in her home. She loves being outside, and eating snow is a new found favorite! She hates baths, loud noises, and carrots. Typically found on the softest blanket she can find, or the warmest patch of sunlight, Violet is an instant favorite with everyone she meets!