Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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May 31, 2009 suelill
Oh wow Vito you lok so fluffy and cuddlesome. What a baby. Lots of biscuits and hugs.
May 31, 2009 JBC
Vito-you are adorable!!
May 31, 2009 harlequinguy
How do you get this much 'cute' in one body?? Hug him for us - he's a star!
May 31, 2009 layla
Nawww what a cuddly BABY! this looks like an interesting way to sleep, Vito. Mabey i should try that!! :D xx oo
May 31, 2009 malvejasmine
vito u r so cute....!!!
May 31, 2009 sunbee
So cute Vito!!
May 31, 2009 emo4life
arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....... so cute i bet he loves hugs and sleeping next to you
May 31, 2009 shortyww22
Vito, you're such a cute little fluff ball.I love you're eye color and you're cute lil brown nose....such an adorable baby....give this handsome boy hug's n kisses from all of us.......many happy yrs sweetie with you're ew family....lotz of biscuits for you for being soooo fave picture is of him sleeping....sooooo cute!!!!
May 31, 2009 OREILLY
Okay, now this is just TOOOOO cute for words! What a sweetie!
May 31, 2009 maddiesmom
gorgeous puppy great name i love his socks
May 31, 2009 toddycat
Vita you are an adorable bundle of fluff. I love this pic. Have a very wonderful life sweetie. Tons of hugs, kisses, tummy rubs, and bikkies for you love.
May 31, 2009 kendra blackie 08
Vito looks like a sweetheart with fluffy hair. Hope he leads a long happy and healthy life!
May 31, 2009 luvmeluvmydogs
NO WAY!!!! OMG I would eat u up so bad Vito xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox ur people really lucked out u little duck loller u :) Gorgeous & Brilliant, luv that combo xoxoxoxoxox
May 31, 2009 luvmeluvmydogs
ooops, that was duck toller - lol - xtra luv 4 u :)
May 31, 2009 ursa'smomma
Vito, you are just ducky!
May 31, 2009 Tia Maria
AWWWW!!! Vito, you are one fluffy and adorable little furbaby! Born on Halloween, well, that must have been a treat! Be sure to get lots of treats, hugs, and belly rubs, you handsome little guy.
May 31, 2009 doogie
Awwww, soooo cute and cuddle's....
May 31, 2009 fritzy
How cute!!! Now this is how one should relax. :)
May 31, 2009 georgia04
I just want to snuggle sweet Baby Vito close, and kiss him. He's so adorable! Give him lots of kisses and cuddles for me, he's precious.
May 31, 2009 Rhoden10
What a cutie! I LOVE this breed!!!!!!! Vito, you are SO cute!!!!!!!!!!
May 31, 2009 noliatb
holy mackerel, what a total cutie! sounds like you're having a blast with him ... wishing you and your adorable pooch many years of fun and joy!
May 31, 2009 CollieMom
There is simply nothing cuter than a sleeping puppy, especially with that chubby little puppy belly exposed. I only recently became familiar with this breed through another puupy on the DAILY PUPPY. It has quickly become a favorite. The coloring, and everything else about them, is just stunning. I also love Vito's name. He's a definite keeper!
May 31, 2009 Myghin
Lemme get that little belly!!! Vito, you're completely adorable...I love this breed!!
May 31, 2009 HillCountryGal
Vito, I'll be anxious to see you when you're grown up. Hope you have a long healthy life and lots of room to run and play. I think your breed has a very intelligent lookin' face. HUGS
May 31, 2009 pfordeb
I never saw a baby duck tolling retriever. How cute. How does he get along with ferrets?
May 31, 2009 Saptember
too cute
May 31, 2009 longislander
This pic is so adorable. How appropriate that's born on Halloween, a little orange pumpkin of a puppy. I love that he's demanding, one of my cats is like that too. He will always get what he needs. Vito is so beautiful (in spite of the fact that my ex's name was Vito LOL).
May 31, 2009 sarl6618
ADORABLE ! What a cute pup.
May 31, 2009 pamfontainepeters
OH... MY.... GOODNESS.... look at this little pup! Gorgeous! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
May 31, 2009 shimmertwist
ACK! The Cute! How many biscuits will it take to make you stop!?
May 31, 2009 kian
Such a sweet and beautiful pup!!
May 31, 2009 loveheals
Tollers are fantastic dogs, and Vito is certainly growing into a handsome and bright boy! Wishing you many years of joy together!
May 31, 2009 PamN1211
Beautiful beautiful dog! How do you discipline something this adorable? I would be hopelessly spoiling him rotten! Vito is one of my all time favorite puppies. Give him a big hug for me. I wish you many happy and love-filled years with this darling boy!
May 31, 2009 pandrews-4
Simply gorgeous!
May 31, 2009 alexalou
Baby Vito! If I saw you sleeping like this, there wouldn't be a picture! I couldn't have possibly resisted scooping you up and cuddling! :) You're a cutie pie!
May 31, 2009 RoarNworship
What a cute puppy! I would love to hug him, and I can see him growing up to being a beautiful and intelligent dog!!!
May 31, 2009 melodious
Normally I don't get excited over sleeping puppies but this one is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! :D
May 31, 2009 fluffy ears
May 31, 2009 mamadog
Cute--check. Smart--check. Picks up own toys--double check! He's perfect!
May 31, 2009 Tonkasmum
I think Vito has been learning sleep positions from his ferret buddies! Very cute, indeed!
May 31, 2009 drakes' granny
Vito is adorable and adorable comes with being very intelligent. Sounds like a cute little guy ready to help in many areas. Bet people in a nursing home would love to have him visit. Lots of cuddles there too.
May 31, 2009 daphne's mom
Vito is so cute! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love and many biscuits for Vito!
May 31, 2009 ourdog
your dog is sooooooooo cute I wish I had a dog like Vito.
May 31, 2009 wheatie mom
Vito is a super pup! I love tollers and would have one if I had the energy to keep him busy. You have lots of fun with this little guy and thanks for sharing him with us.
May 31, 2009 Zibeline
So beautiful and perfect in every way! I love him!
May 31, 2009 Zibeline
SO perfect! I love you Vito! A million biscuits and kisses!
May 31, 2009 molly's mom are too cute!!!!!and very smart we have been told!!!!!
May 31, 2009 spaniel
Once again, I am really in love!He even smiles in his sleep! You are something very special!
May 31, 2009 amyliz
Vito is the best and cutest Halloween treat ever!
May 31, 2009 MosesToby
Soooooooo cute!!!!!!
May 31, 2009 w102663
This picture was chosen a lot, but how could I not do the same!!! It speaks a thousand words. Vito, you are a delightfully scrumptious little guy. Happy, happy to you...xxxooo
May 31, 2009 puppyloveforme
Vito! I love this pose! Are you a happy puppy or what? you're a handsome fluff ball! enjoy everything, little guy. kisses, hugs, cuddles and all good things for Vito!
May 31, 2009 chicka
you look so cute and cozy!!! lol!
May 31, 2009 leashchild
May 31, 2009 kimnjaeger
Vito is a very special lad. Absolutely precious. We send a showering of kisses to your adorable guy.
May 31, 2009 michellet
Oh Vito!!! You are soo damn cute!!! You look very intelligent and playful indeed!!! Big hugs and kisses and lots of biscuits for you!!! ^_^
May 31, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
It is impossible to pick a favorite picture, but Vito is a really beautiful pup. I think your training of him is very admirable, and it will keep him on his toes. Lots of tummy rubs and nose kisses, and a TANKER of biscuits for him to share with his siblings.
May 31, 2009 lalamcgoo
OMG- how cute is this????? Love this little guy!!!
May 31, 2009 tink'smom
Precious! Vito is simply adorable. I'd love to snuggle him. Be happy, little guy. :-)
May 31, 2009 loopy
What a cutie pie! ! :) Love the sweet eyes.
May 31, 2009 Gert&Duke
Vito, you are so regal! You look like true royalty! How beautiful you are!!!!
May 31, 2009 allmyshelties
I am totally, hopelessly, head-over-heels in love with Vito. His cuteness is almost unbearable!!! And as if all the pictures of him aren't cute enough, there this one with pink puppy belly, chubby puppy toes & a sweet pink puppy mouth to kiss. You're killing me!!!
May 31, 2009 TummyTickler
1000% ADORABLE!!! I'm so glad to see this breed represented on DP and Vito sure is one sweet little baby!! Love his colour & 4 little white paws. Looks like sleepy Vito needs his tummy tickled too!!! Cuddles, hugs & puppy treats from Zoey and I.
May 31, 2009 Dodgerdog
Sooo adorable!!! I have never heard of his breed before!! Sooo cute!!
May 31, 2009 sac4563
What an adorable and sweet looking puppy!
May 31, 2009 panda&pepper
This picture reminds me alot of my own pup, Panda, she gives me a look like this when she wants to play!
May 31, 2009 pc_ark
Nothing cuter than an upside down sleeping belly
May 31, 2009 gryt
What a sweet little fluffster. He's beautiful!
May 31, 2009 lizanne
Awwwww, I would love to have seen you as a tiny, wee puppy. SWEET. Stretching and oh, the size of those paws! Biscuits and Hugs from Elizabeth, Dane Miss Katie and Pug Master Cooper in NY~
May 31, 2009 moodiemary
What a beauty! Lots of biscuits for you Vito! xxoo
May 31, 2009 becca
What a cutie! Lots of hugs and belly rubs.
May 31, 2009 bryonbovee@att.nat
May 31, 2009 lady_illusionitst there are too many cute points to this picture to even pick one. But I do notice an unlimited supply of some very cute belly meat. OH and those little toes (squeeeeeeeee!) Oh Vito now you've gone and made me get all mushy. Lots of love baby dog.
May 31, 2009 PuppyGal1213
Vito- I absolutly love this picture of you! Have fun learning tricks! Cuddles!
May 31, 2009 lucybee
I think it is safe to to say you won a lot of hearts today with this adorable picture.Happy life sweet boy!You are the most gorgeous color!!
May 31, 2009 doggy86
Awwwwww Vito is so cute and fluffy!!!Lots of hugs,kisses,tummy rubs,and treats!!!
May 31, 2009 SarahCarrie
He's so cute and sounds like such an intelligent little boy too! Enjoy him. Big hugs and licks Vito xx
May 31, 2009 malawi
You are just the cutest little Duck Tolling Retriever ever!
May 31, 2009 teddiepants
I want to blow raspberries on this fluffy puppy belly. Does that make me a bad person?
May 31, 2009 hkent22
He's a handsome fella! Give him a squeeze for me :)
May 31, 2009 LPlumb1963
OMG!!! Vito is the cutest ever. LOTS OF HUGS & BELLY RUBS!!!
May 31, 2009 kwikwitz
Vito is a fluffy genius! You can tell just by looking at him! I want to see him cleaning up his toys!
May 31, 2009 praeme
Vito, you are so precious
May 31, 2009 clemency
What a cutie! I love Vito's pretty red fur, and his little white paws! His fur looks so soft--I wish I could pet him! He sounds like a very smart boy, too!
May 31, 2009 doggone1973
Vito you are just too cute, i love your pics,especially this one, it made me laugh, i just want to reach in there and tickle that puppy belly.LOL hugs and kisses.
May 31, 2009 djmc
Vito you are soooooooooo cute, love ya baby. All your pictures are so sweet. Many happy years with loads of hugs and kisses
May 31, 2009 ritzimitzy
How to pick just one pic of such a cutie?!?! Its so difficult! He really is a cutie & I hope you have many happy years together!!!! Belly scratches galore!
May 31, 2009 Oliver's Mummy
Pure bliss!!!! Vito, you are absolutely gorgeous. What a wonderful breed and what a darling, little fellow Vito is. Hugs from Oliver and his Mummy in London, Ontario
May 31, 2009 papajoe
Can Vito teach me to sleep like this? No wonder puppies go from catatonically asleep to wide awake in an instant. Their sleep is five times better than mine.
May 31, 2009 ruthie
Well, aren't you something very special! Beautiful puppy! Wishing you all many happy, wonderful years together.
May 31, 2009 puppy world
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww isent that cute when he is older he looks more hansomer in that one i like him you have alot of pets
May 31, 2009 Hersheypup
Vito is so very cute. You can probably be on a TV show on Animal Planet if your dog is that smart.
May 31, 2009 JVC
Such a gorgeous little guy! I love Vito, and I hope you have many, many happy years together. Is he named after The Godfather? :) I think Vito will be large and in charge of his family too. Many good wishes.
May 31, 2009 T&T
Vito, I sure wish that I could sleep that soundly! I sooooo want to rub that little fuzzy tummy! You're a sweetheart!
May 31, 2009 brunomom
Vito is too cute. All the best with him.
May 31, 2009 misspiggy
Vito, I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse! You tell me the secret of being cute-maximus, and I will send you a truck load of hugs and kisses! What a beautiful baby!!!! I am so totally in love! OXOXO
May 31, 2009 luvlabsluvlife
Aww Vito! You are the smartest! And very handsome also! Lots of happy days to you and your family!
May 31, 2009 Freedom's Pet
All that fluffy cuteness and smart too!!! Lots of treats and tummy rubs for you!! (And the camera loves you too).
May 31, 2009 wellie'smum
Vito, you look like such a sweet, fun baby! Tons of biscuits for you!
May 31, 2009 lotsapets
Handsome is as handsome does !!! Gorgeous hair color.........!!
May 31, 2009 Mrs. Gentry
All of Vito's pictures were great! This one was perfect though. He looks like he has a wonderful personality. Best wishes.
May 31, 2009 ladyb41
You are absolutely adorable
May 31, 2009 wolfgirl66
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorably cute!!!
Jun 1, 2009 Deb - I love dogs!!
What a fab dog!! and a Magic breed, Vito - you are in for a fantastic life, have a great one, with tons of biccies - your friends in the Highlands of Scotland!!!
Jun 1, 2009 swarna
sweet dreams.....
Jun 1, 2009 doglover20
in this picture your puppy looks like a lion or some kind of wild fuzzy animal! awww he is so cute!
Jun 1, 2009 Oliver's mom
So handsome!
Jun 1, 2009 Awesome!:)
Are you sure he`s a Golden?
Jun 1, 2009 maddie the dog
It was a very long day- I need a nap- many belly rubs
Jun 1, 2009 Lisaez1
I've never seen this bredd before but what a cutie!!!!
Jun 1, 2009 Beth1226
A friend of mine has duck-trolling retrievers. What a wonderful breed and Vito is gorgeous!!!
Jun 1, 2009 piobaire
Oh I love a big streeeeeaaaaatch.....
Jun 1, 2009 terry c
Too cute for words!
Jun 1, 2009 iluvk9s
sweet sweet sweet!!!!!!
Jun 1, 2009 naomi_C
I love Tollers, but Vito is soooooo adorable!!!
Jun 1, 2009 sheltie_lover11
What a cutie! He's too adorable for words. Actually- no. I have some comment- He's a cute and charming Vito!
Jun 1, 2009 lynette_2010
awww..... look at the lil baby this dog is so cutie
Jun 1, 2009 lynette_2010
awww..... look at the baby sleepin
Jun 1, 2009 Kari527
Awww... He is adorable and apparently very smart. He is so cute.
Jun 2, 2009 ECHOBLIZZ
WHAT A SMOOCHIE POOCHIE! Oh, I just LOVE this little guy! Lots of love and hugs pleeze! When he wakes up, of course! GREAT looking baby! Enjoy~
Jun 2, 2009 aussielov
ohh my gosh, how cute is that puppy??? He is adorable!! i just love dogs so much!
Jun 2, 2009 muffin
the cuteness hurts
Jun 2, 2009 furrybabies14
You are soooo cute!!!
Jun 2, 2009 Smashmouth
Hi Vito you're just adorable I wish I could sqeeze you.
Jun 3, 2009 nathan
Vito, you are adorable. I hope that is not the cat's rear you have a hold on there. God bless you all with happy, healthy long lives together.
Jun 3, 2009 nathan
Had to comment on this pic too. You are so cute sleeping like a baby. Sweet dreams little angel.
Jun 3, 2009 mypoodle
cute ^^
Jun 3, 2009 aquamarine12
you are soooooooooo cuddly and cute! LOTS OF BISCUITS AND CUDDLES!
Jun 3, 2009 anitac
What an adorable baby!
Jun 3, 2009 HORSEfly
Vito is very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 3, 2009 jesirox5
Jun 3, 2009 puppy paws09
i love this pic my fav!
Jun 3, 2009 Samh
Love the pics its like looking at my Harrison as a pup! He's 2 years old in August and just as cute but not so fluffy now! Plenty of energy and loves sticks too just like Vito! We live in the UK and there are not many tollers around so he gets a fair amount of attention! Again GREAT pics!
Jun 3, 2009 Karma18
what a sweetheart
Jun 3, 2009 AnimalLover122
AAWWWW!!! Vito, i luv ya!
Jun 3, 2009 puppy paws09
how old do u have 2 be 2 enter
Jun 4, 2009 sbob8
AWWWWWWWWWWWW! I can't believe a dog that cute exists! Plus Thats the MOST cutest face Ive ever seen!
Jun 4, 2009 2pupsmomma
I want to cuddle with you, sweet baby.
Jun 5, 2009 grace.markowski
Jun 5, 2009 tous_21
Jun 5, 2009 dfox
too cute!!! just too cutte!!
Jun 5, 2009 lisalisa
THAT TUMMY!!!! How precious - what a sweet, sweet baby. Great name too!
Jun 6, 2009 gingy
omg so adorable 100 biscuts for you
Jun 7, 2009 ikhan82867
Vito is so cute! Aren't Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers the best?
Jun 10, 2009 i-love-my-puppy
aw soo cute!!!!!!!!
Jun 12, 2009 pugsrule4
so cute does he need a tummy tickle
Jun 15, 2009 Mooseinator
I absulutley l
Jun 15, 2009 coconoco
thats one of the cutest puppies ever!!!!!!!!
Jun 16, 2009 PuppyLuv101
What a sweet puppy! I bet Vito loves the snow! haha. :)
Jun 17, 2009 summer1
That is adorable!
Jun 18, 2009 utahgrl
You look like a pair of mittens! You are so furry and fluffy! But that all adds into the effect, you know?
Jun 27, 2009 Olive the Cutie
what a very intersting way to sleep. Hmmm...maybe i should try sleeping like that LITTLE CUTIE! SHE LOOKS ADORABLE! I CAN'T GET OVER HER!
Jun 28, 2009 mad about huskys
Jun 28, 2009 mad about huskys
Jun 29, 2009 animals101
o my he seems very smart i wish my pup would clean up his toys i just adore ur pup
Jun 30, 2009 mad about huskys
Jul 3, 2009 springlion
Jul 3, 2009 springlion
Come on treat him with good love
Jul 14, 2009 MNIJ
Vito you are so cute :) :) :) :) :)
Jul 15, 2009 kodakkodak
he looks tall
Jul 15, 2009 justatest2
Aug 6, 2009 tina1281
awwwwww......this cute i cant stand it!
Sep 2, 2009 lucymom
Yo Vito! You are the Godfather! Love you!
Sep 21, 2009 iluvmypuppy101
hahahaha sooo cute i want one of those kinds of dogs!
Jan 17, 2010 terry c
Oh, he's so cute. Love that golden coat and those beautiful eyes.
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