Waffle the Maltese Mix

Puppy Breed: Maltese / Yorkshire Terrier

Waffle is our four month old yorkie/maltese mix. He is rambunctious and loves to play, eat, sleep, run and bite! He loves trying to ambush our two cats when given the chance. He loves a good game of fetch, but most of all he loves people! We live in an apartment complex and he has met almost everyone. Everyone is always asking about how he is and he just has a way of brightening peoples' day. He makes a lasting impression and just LOVES people and other dogs. He's going through his teething/biting phase which can be a little frustrating, but one look at his face and you just melt. He is very smart and can already sit and lie down and is almost totally house trained. He is the best dog ever and we are so happy we added him to our family!