Wally (and Friend)

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Wally's uncle says: Wally is an eight-week-old dachshund. Although Wally weighs in at a mere 3.5 lbs., he has quite a bark and a no-fear attitude. This might seem surprising for such a small fellow, but with his bodyguard Timmy always within barking distance, the neighborhood dogs have to take little Wally's bark rather seriously, especially considering that Timmy is already tipping the scales at over 60 lbs. Despite their intimidating tag-team potential, in general they disarm their opponents with shear cuteness, often getting surprised looks and flattering comments from complete strangers. Wally is basically never apart from Timmy since they live together, and he wants to do everything Timmy does. His newest favorite activity is to follow behind Timmy biting at his ankles until he gets Timmy's attention so they can play. One of their favorite games to play is tug-of-war with a rope toy, which as you might imagine is quite a sight! Their second favorite activity is sleeping together in unbelievably cute poses. They are both spoiled beyond belief, and it is not uncommon to see them running together down the fairway of the local golf course or hiking trail. Timmy and Wally are best friends. More Timmy (and Wally)