Monday, April 21, 2014
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Feb 7, 2007 erinn
love the last shot.
Feb 7, 2007 jblacksf
Those puppies are so ridiculously cute! I can't take it! Love the facial expressions on both of them! They made my day.
Feb 7, 2007 DogLuvver
That 3rd to last pic reminds me of Statler and Waldorf from the Muppet Show...they look like they're commenting on something..."Hey Wally, did you see that poodle?" "Sure did Paco and sheeee's a suitor"

They're pretty cool dudes.
Feb 7, 2007 FleasGang
Totally Awesome! Those little faces are too kissable :-)
Feb 7, 2007 snuggles19973
Awwww they are sooooo cute. I Love Cocker Spaniels. I love all the pictures but the last one is the best. We had a cocker spaniel and he was 13 when I had to make that hard decision to let him go last November. Enjoy Wally and Paco and love them dearly. Huggs and Kisses for each little nose.
Feb 7, 2007 Gypsy
OMG... I love cockers and they are just tooooooooooo cute!!! Can I give an 11+?!!
Feb 7, 2007 DogMom
There is NO adequate measure of the cuteness of these two. THose faces, those bellies, those fluffly feeties, those doggie butts!! Oh my goodness they are precious defined. Have fun with them.
Feb 7, 2007 mychelle3
I have been lucky enough to have a buff and a black and tan cocker spaniel (and also a red and white parti!!!), but you guys did it right and got them together. They make the sweetest little friends! They are both absolutely gorgeous. They deserve more than 11 little biscuits! These little ones take the cake!
Feb 7, 2007 mychelle3
I have been lucky enough to have a buff and a black and tan cocker spaniel (and also a red and white parti!!!), but you guys did it right and got them together. They make the sweetest little friends! They are both absolutely gorgeous. They deserve more than 11 little biscuits! These little ones take the cake!
Feb 7, 2007 tdnapper
These two are absolutely adorable! Thank you for sharing the sweet pictures.
Feb 7, 2007 Yourmomsage
I LOVE THE LAST PICTURE--they're undoubtedly thinking "Why can't we get out? We won't get in any trouble, we promise!!!!" What cutie pies!
Feb 7, 2007 Taiyin
OMG!! I am on cuteness over load. That last picture is to DIE for!!
Feb 7, 2007 Jillson1012
The "roll" on the first pix nose is too much!!!!
15 biscuits at least : )
Feb 7, 2007 tazziesmom
Sweet little pups! Love the last shot. I have one like that of my sweet Lhasa Apso and my granddaughter when they were both "puppies"
Feb 7, 2007 yujismom
I hope you made a "Travels with Wally and Paco" blog-we're from phx and live in NY now and know that drive...we made a m cross country map of the places that our dog Jeannie... how shall I say "visited"
Feb 7, 2007 dalyah78
LOVE the last photo!! Adorable doggies. Congrats to the new additions to your family.
Feb 7, 2007 Cheryl
Pix #s 1,4,5,8 and the last one are definitely calendar material. Darn cute little things, these two!
Feb 7, 2007 Belle
You are very lucky you have your two lovely dogs. Looking at your dogs almost make me want to cry because my cocker spaniel just DIED this past saturday and your light dog looks just like me dog Belle. Sorry you don't want to be bothered by my problems but they're just too adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 7, 2007 k_soggie
Awww!!! Unbelievably cute! Can't resist a cocker puppy, and these two are just the sweetest! Thanks for the smile. :)
Feb 7, 2007 Belle
I am crying here!!!!!!!!!! But your puppy is still cute!!
Feb 7, 2007 scoutsmom
One Word: Beautiful
Have fun with those two!!!
Sorry Belle about your dog, I know how tough that is to go thru.
Feb 7, 2007 lexicaljewel
Oh my gosh, these puppies are way too prosh. They make me keep kind of loopy just looking at them!
Feb 7, 2007 kristendawn
OH MY GOD!!!! ABSOLUTELY, HANDS DOWN, THEE CUTEST PUPPIES I HAVE EVER SEEN!! We look at the "daily puppy" everyday here at work and when I logged on today all you could hear from the people around me was "ahhh...oh my god!!!!!!!" The loudest sighs...for the two cutest puppies in the world!!!!! I hope you love them with all your heart!!!! :)
Feb 7, 2007 Kati
These little guys are absolutely adorable! They look just like my Sunshine when I brought her home 9 years ago!!!
Feb 7, 2007 BostonloverinReno
I'm partial to Boston terriers, but I have to admit, these two are pretty cute. Those ears and those little noses make me melt. I love the picture with the black one and his duck. Enjoy and love.
Feb 7, 2007 sams*mom
All that cuteness --AND-- tummy freckles!
Feb 7, 2007 missindra24
Abosolutely adorible ! I want one so bad.
Feb 7, 2007 kathy
aw, the last picture is so cute. You can already tell that they'll be inseparable. What cute puppies.
Feb 7, 2007 mildred
they're so sweet! what cute little tails and gorgeous eyelashes.
Feb 7, 2007 scobig
The last picture is priceless!
Feb 7, 2007 sandyg
They couldn't be cuter if they tried!!!!
Feb 7, 2007 Geenie
soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv the last pic!!!!!!1
Feb 7, 2007 jilbean3
I can't handle this cuteness!
Feb 7, 2007 roxy101
How CUTE!!! I love the one where they are standing on the gate!!
Feb 7, 2007 allpupsRperfect
Since there are 2 perfect lil' pups, why can't we give 'em 22 biscuits? ~..~ ~..~
Absolutely precious! That last photo truly captured my heart.

(And Belle, hugs and prayers to you. Your angel will always be with you.)
Feb 8, 2007 anon
oh wow! what precious little pups with the smushiest, floppiest faces! that last picture is just too sweet.
Feb 8, 2007 tootsie's mom
Wow! They are gorgeous! My cocker Tootsie is a brown and white and would love to play with these two.
Feb 8, 2007 Margecooks
I had a buff male and a black female cocker. They had 3 litters of puppies...they were adorable. Sam died 3 years ago at 16, Winnie just passed away at 18. What a joy they were. You are so lucky!
Feb 10, 2007 John
Are they real? Are you sure? Unbelievable! Project Runaway beckons! Lucky puppies! Lucky parents! Love each other. Otherwise send them to me.....
Feb 11, 2007 caspersmom
Have you ever seen such sweet faces?? Love the tenth pic and the last one. So cute. We traveled with our cocker and she was also a great traveler.
Feb 11, 2007 marvy
They're the sweetest boys!

It's eerie but I have the exact same photo of my brown (Mara) and black (Dasha) cocker girls, side by side!
Feb 11, 2007 Kassie
OMG these pictures are so CUTE i have never seen a puupy that CUTE in a few days! I especially lOVE that last pic. I ahve just gotten 2 new babie puupies my self they are so cute with eachother noe is 6 months and the other is about to be 9 weeks this coming Tuesday!!! I can't wait. Well i GTG. I will comment Ltr.
Feb 13, 2007 Belle
cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute
Apr 28, 2007 BSGislove
OMG I LOVE YOUR PUPS! they are sooo cute!
Jun 8, 2007 Goodwin17
I love love love your puppies!!!! I had two buff cockers as a child, and now I own a buff and a black/white parti. They are best friends, and although there is a large age difference they remind me of these two. The buff one looks a lot like my Joey. They are irresistable!!!!!
Jun 16, 2007 Hamachi
Which one is which?

I also really like that last picture "I wanna be part of the family TOO! Let me come out and play with you."
Jul 8, 2007 DrillerAA
There is only one thing more fun than a cocker spaniel pup....and that would be two cocker spaniel pups!!! This is great!!!
Jul 11, 2007 mling
They look so soft! i just want to touch them myself!! Two is always better than one! 11 biscuits for sure!
Jul 17, 2007 pupaholic
I love Wally and Paco and Ducky!!!!
Oct 8, 2007 tucker8
what cuties! the are adorible!
Nov 25, 2007 laurie erickson
MOMMA, LET US OUT, WE WILL BE GOOD!!!!!...what a cute pic of them behind the baby gate... and what a CUTE pair of kids!!!!!...give them big smooches and belly rubs for me!!!!!
Dec 6, 2007 Grandma Helen of CT the last shot too............
Feb 10, 2008 sylvanbliss
I missed these pups and it makes me sad....I could have been adoring them a whole year already. The photographs are wonderful, the subject matter is precious.

Wally and Paco are so cute, I'm grateful I happened upon them today. How nice you could travel with them, that must have been quite a trip. I hope they get to go lots of places and have exciting lives!
Jul 17, 2008 wolfgirl66
Oct 20, 2008 bassetmomma
sooo sweet- can't help but to give kisses!
Dec 22, 2008 biff
great pix, but I esp liked this one. Hope all is well with Wally and Paco, they look like a great pair. Glad to hear you take them on trips. Spoil them rotten with lots of belly rubs, they deserve it.
Mar 18, 2009 georgia04
What a beautiful pair of babies you have here. They are gorgeous! I am sure having them on vacation with you makes it way more fun. Give both sweeties kisses for me.
Jun 14, 2009 grandma helen of ct
Aorable! What fun it must be to watch both of them at play. Love and kisses to both of them, xxxooo
Oct 21, 2010 pjk1949
Way too cute!!! Cockers are the best!!
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