Monday, July 28, 2014
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Oh Watson, You look like chocolate velvet! Love all your photos. You must make all the girls hearts skip a beat!
Mar 10, 2009 sam da bom
how cute watson looks like my dog but diffrent colour
Mar 10, 2009 lotro puppy
he's so cute he has beautifull eyes!
Mar 10, 2009 lorrafaye
oh em GEE, so cuuuute
Mar 10, 2009 suelill
Awwwwwww Watson you are so adorable. Lots of biscuits and the biggest hug ever sweetheart. Gorgeous!!!
Mar 10, 2009 mary in wonderland
Watson is such a cutie pie and has quite the expressive face. I just love this picture.
Mar 10, 2009 kady
Watson is the most adorable boy.How cute is he in this photo?
Mar 10, 2009 rialandon
Awww, look at that lovely pinky belly! Lots of belly rubs to you Watson. He's adorable xxx
Mar 10, 2009 Lab_mum
Watson, you remind me so much of my furbabies here..they love the garden too!! Wishing you all the very best now and always little man, lotsa love from Ange, Max and Chloe. xoxoxo
Mar 10, 2009 blackdoglover
You are so cute! Who wouldn't love you!
Mar 10, 2009 howiesmom
What a cutie pie!!!!
Mar 10, 2009 Softpaws
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable!!!! That walk... or is that a waddle? :D
Mar 10, 2009 Softpaws
That's just the pose for a girl like me to approach him, lift him and puppy-nap him!!! He's just got the cutest paws and ears!!!
Mar 10, 2009 Softpaws
Hugs and maaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyy kisses!!! You're so handsome Watson!
Mar 10, 2009 swarna
Mar 10, 2009 MarieR
I so love chocolate labs! Such a handsome fella ;P
Mar 10, 2009 toddycat
What a beautiful little gentleman you are. I love labs. Hugs, kisses, tummy rubs and bikkies for you.
Mar 10, 2009 barbaranne423
He reminds me of my beautiful choco female. You have aptured the quintessentail Lab in this shot. Belly rubs and cookies for him.
Mar 10, 2009 longislander're beautiful. Wow he's going to be a big boy when he's all grown up. Already quite big for 8 weeks old. Maybe you should have called him Romeo :) Big truckload of biscuits for Watson and his friends.
Mar 10, 2009 shugsmom
GORGEOUS!!! GORGEOUS!!! GORGEOUS!!! Lots of Love, Hugs, Kisses, Cuddles, and Biscuits for you Watson!!!!!!!!!
Mar 10, 2009 RayC
You're a real beauty Watson, such a handsome boy and a gorgeous face. Live long and be happy in that Californian sunshine. From Ray in a damp grey North Wales.
Mar 10, 2009 adele
Watson is one beautiful puppy. May you get many wonderful kisses from him and have many years together. Love the Labs!!!
Mar 10, 2009 lkg0711
Watson sounds like my Chocolate Lab, Chip - perfection in every way. And drop dead gorgeous! Have a long, healthy, happy life in the warm California sun, Watson!
Mar 10, 2009 boo-bearsmom
Yet another reason why chocolate is a necessity of life! Watson my man, you are tops! God bless you and your family!
Mar 10, 2009 2000cockermom
What a character! The look on his face and the pink on his tummy ... 11 biscuits!
Mar 10, 2009 2000cockermom
You put your left paw in, you put your left paw out. You put your left paw in and you shake it all about ...!!!
Mar 10, 2009 sherry_morris
awwwww he is helping with the weeding what a cutie pie :)
Mar 10, 2009 Dachshund lover
aw he is so adorable.i love lab pups!
Mar 10, 2009 kerryllr
I like this photo as he is in the sunshine. Watson is so cute I would lick him! Lovely fellow, beautiful color and full of natural intelligence. Lucky you!
Mar 10, 2009 puppyloveforme
Watson, you chocolate kiss, you! What a handsome boy. Already a ladie's man, hmmm? He's wonderful! biscuits, kisses hugs and cuddles for your divine Watson!
Mar 10, 2009 fritzy
SO SWEET!!! :)
Mar 10, 2009 amyliz
"This doesn't taste so good!" Watson, I'm giving you lots of biscuits so you don't have to eat plants! :D I love the brown fur/green eyes combo!
Mar 10, 2009 buddys12
I am a little angel
Mar 10, 2009 RavenManiac
Watson is gorgeous. Only 8 weeks?! Your fun is just beginning :)
Mar 10, 2009 buddys12
Mar 10, 2009 nanrpudn
Have to have our daily greens to keep our coats pretty! Bet the girls love him too. Very pretty puppy!
Mar 10, 2009 BuddyOscarKusawaRoxie
He is beautiful. I lost my Duke last year and he looked like this. Take care of him and treasure every moment. No matter how long they are with you, it is never long enough. Congratulations to you and Watson. I gotta get off this site, the tears are coming.
Mar 10, 2009 LoveOfaGSD
"You put your left paw in, you put your left paw out..." You are such a cute little guy. Lots of kisses & biscuits for you my angel!
Mar 10, 2009 LoveOfaGSD
"You put your left paw in, you put your left paw out..." You are such a cute little guy. Lots of kisses & biscuits for you my angel! **Just figured out the picture thing...sorry!**
Mar 10, 2009 molly's mom
Watson is so cute.....mmmmmmmm chocolate
Mar 10, 2009 ckendall
Love the expression on his face in this photo and I love his name!! He is adorably cute and handsome! Give him a good belly rub for me.
Mar 10, 2009 jmaxcole
What a little flirt! He looks like our "Moose"...please give this gorgeous baby lots of love, hugs, belly rubs and biscuits from Texas!
Mar 10, 2009 michellet
Watson, your soo adorable!!! And your chocolate brown coat looks soo lustrous and soft... big hugs and kisses!!!
Mar 10, 2009 bkregh
Watson! you are a character! You are a beautiful creature. Many years of love and fun.
Mar 10, 2009 klgoonsquad
Watson you are so handsome!
Mar 10, 2009 abby17
It looks like you like to chew on everything! Sounds like my puppy! I love your little face, Watston! :)
Mar 10, 2009 jenn415
Hi Watson! You are very adorable! My name is Harley and I love playing with sticks too! Our moms must really love chocolate because they picked us! Lots of love and belly rubs!
Mar 10, 2009 w102663
You are a very sweet looking "pudgy" little guy, Watson. Many happy years to your taste in music!!! Biscuits galore plus many XXX OOO
Mar 10, 2009 tap2
What a cutie!
Mar 10, 2009 djmc
Watson a hunting we will go. Love ya baby, soooooooooooooo cute , many hugs and kisses
Mar 10, 2009 HillCountryGal
ahhhh, that's the spot..
Mar 10, 2009 weezie
Mar 10, 2009 tap2
Watson - you SO fit your name young man. You are also VERY handsome!
Mar 10, 2009 wheatie mom
Chocolate lovers will all love you Watson, and you look sooo innocent in this weed chewing picture. Love you for brightening our day!
Mar 10, 2009 pamfontainepeters
Watson you are gorgeous... chocolate velvet! Biscuits and bellyrubs and a scratch behind the ears from Pam in Toronto.
Mar 10, 2009 Lisaez1
Watson is so very cute!!!!
Mar 10, 2009 CollieMom
How appropriate that you are especially drawn to girls. Everyone knows ladies love chocolate. And a fellow lover of Mozart! You are the entire package, my dear Watson.
Mar 10, 2009 Petgirl797
We also have a lab and I think I'll always own one--just give them lots of stuff to chew, otherwise, they will destroy things you love! Preferred choice is rawhide bones.
Mar 10, 2009 lalamcgoo
I want to kiss that beautiful head of his! Oh he is just gorgeous, big feet too, gonna be a big boy!!!
Mar 10, 2009 PamVTX
Mr. Watson, you're such a good listener! Hanging on every word.... Lots of love, a gazillion hugs to you,and extra biscuits for you!
Mar 10, 2009 penny1812
What a beautiful, playful looking boy you are Watson and what a great name. My bosses dog is a Choc Lab his name is Fletcher he spends the day with me in the office. They are a kind and affectionate breed. Lots of hugs and belly rubs!!!
Mar 10, 2009 georgia04
Baby Watson, I love you! You are one handsome little boy, the puppy equivalent of a Hershey bar. No wonder girls love you, this one does for sure. Lots of belly rubs and kisses for you, sweetheart, and truckloads of biscuits.
Mar 10, 2009 milkwithcookies
Watson, you are so cute, and i especially love this photo because it looks like youre intrigued. hehe. anyways you are just adorable and i wish you and your family the best of luck! hugs and kisses :)
Mar 10, 2009 loonz
This is priceless!
Mar 10, 2009 caroleanne
You look so sad, Watson!!! Your people love you and will give you lots of treats, belly rubs and most of all LOVE.
Mar 10, 2009 gryt
Puppy eyes... What a sweetheart!
Mar 10, 2009 lalindamore
Mar 10, 2009 RooFan
You are a cutie, Watson!
Mar 10, 2009 maddiesmom
watson you havesomething sticking out of your mouth your family should get used to that you are a gorgeous puppy enjoy the fun
Mar 10, 2009 tobyslattery
so cute!
Mar 10, 2009 jasoninhollywood
I think someone is going to be a strong boy. You're adorable!
Mar 10, 2009 dogcopper
AHHHHHHHHHHH... THAT FEELS GOOD! What a beautiful puppy! ENJOY!!!
Mar 10, 2009 mummm
What a gorgeous pup! I love his beautiful brown coat. Watson looks like a really fun little guy.
Mar 10, 2009 newfieluvr
Mar 10, 2009 maddie the dog
what grass- I don't see any grass
Mar 10, 2009 tink'smom
My dear Watson, what do you see? What are you looking for? If you're looking to win hearts, you've got mine. You are simply beautiful. Many long and happy years to you and your parents. Love to all.
Mar 10, 2009 clydethedog
Look doggie walking! Good doggie!
Mar 10, 2009 daphne's mom
How cute is Watson? Elementary. I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! I LOVE LABS! Much love and many biscuits to Watson! Too cute!
Mar 10, 2009 ruby'sbigsister
Awwwwwwwwwww You are sooo cute Watson . You look like velvet and who ever your owners are , are lucky people!!! This pic of you is just adorable .
Mar 10, 2009 jassyjasmin3
Your Chocolate lab is SO cute! He's ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 10, 2009 guerrero's grandma
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Yummy twig... :-P Watson is adorable & just like my boy, loves to chew on stuff that doesn't come outta his dish LOL Loads of belly rubs & head skritches to you Watson & 11 + biscuits :)
Mar 10, 2009 doggone1973
This is not what it looks like mom, i was simply doing a little garden weeding for you. lol
Mar 10, 2009 frankies_mom
Thank you Watson for showing up today! I just learned of the passing of a friends beloved choc lab Charlie. He lived to be a very young 12 yrs. before cancer took him. He will be missed so terribly--but seeing Watson's smiling face is a sweet reminder of the lab that I loved. Enjoy him--they are truly one of the sweetest dogs out there and the silliest. I know he'll turn out to be the amazing companion and character that Charlie was. Loads of hugs and kisses to you Watson--have a long, happy life.
Mar 10, 2009 lunallena
watson has such a kind face
Mar 10, 2009 Jess_13
He is so adorable!! And look at those paws!!! He's going to be a big one! Just like my lab!!! Check him out...
Mar 10, 2009 Cleo
My God, these pics are the best! He is so sweet, love to smother him with lots of kisses, and belly rubs..
Mar 10, 2009 greyhoundmommy
uh-oh, I think you got a ladies man on your hands. He is too cute I am sure it is not hard for him.
Mar 10, 2009 misspiggy
Once upon a time there was a Chocolate Lab girl, Cherry was her name, she looked just like you, Watson. She died when she was only five. She had breast cancer, and there were only so many treatments 18 years ago. She lived a happy life and she is still missed every day. You will have lots of love and fun with Watson, and many, many years of the most beautiful and intelligent boy. Give Watson lots of ear rubs from me and Ms Piggy. OXOXOXO
Mar 10, 2009 sdv in slc
I am in love, love, love with Watson. What a cutie.
Mar 10, 2009 DailyPuppy Admin
Who can ever resist those puppy eyes! Watson you are adorable.
Mar 10, 2009 clemency
So cute! I love how his little paw is kicked out in this picture--looks like he's dancing! Watson is adorable and he has such a kind, sweet face!
Mar 10, 2009 LSM
Looks like Watson is helping you weed the walkway!!!! He's soooooooooooooo ADORABLE!!! Love chocolate Labs they are the cutest. Storme & family, Manitoulin Is. Ontario.
Mar 10, 2009 cheyenne's mom
Hey Watson - I'm from Washington State too - I live with my two legged parents in Idaho - You get all the Sun - I get all the Snow - If you want to play in the Snow - come for a visit...My Yellow sister lives here too...LABS RULE. JAKE
Mar 10, 2009 Kayra33
Watson, you are so cute...I just love your puppy chunkieness and your beautiful green eyes. But then again I am a big sucker for labs. Many wonderful and happy years with your gorgeous boy from Gambit, Storm and Kara in Erie, PA
Mar 10, 2009 spaniel
Watson, you da man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 10, 2009 msriingen
Watson you are the most adorable thing with your inquisitive eyes and expressive face! Labradors rule!
Mar 10, 2009 TummyTickler
Geez, that itch is sure in a bad spot, but I'm getting it!!! Watson is the most darling Lab puppy and those eyes would just melt your heart. He definitely has stolen mine!!!!
Mar 10, 2009 mikdebluvpups
Wonderful pictures. He is just tooo cute!
Mar 10, 2009 ruthie
Wonderful, handsome, loveable!! Have fun and many happy, wonderful years together.
Mar 10, 2009 sputnik
WATSON!!! You are off-the-charts cute, adorable, gorgeous, beautiful, ... etc. etc.!!! I love this picture in mid-step looking a bit unsure and quite curious. Labs are the best! Watson, keep breaking hearts everywhere you go - it won't be hard!
Mar 10, 2009 terry c
Watson is very handsome. Chocol ate Labs are Da Bomb!
Mar 10, 2009 coolperson
lol he's gardening. choco labs r da bomb ya hear? they rock out loud homeslice? wazzup yall??? oh ya c u all in the crib yo!
Mar 10, 2009 anitac
God I love this site, I get to see such adorable puppies! Thanks, all the pictures are great.
Mar 10, 2009 sam'smom
OH, MY DEAR WATSON - what a handsome fellow you are !! I hope he will bring as much love and joy to your into your life as our "Sam" has to ours - 'cause you know - you gotta love a Lab !!!
Mar 10, 2009 MRSV
He is SOOOO beautiful! What a precious baby!
Mar 10, 2009 naomi_C
Weee! If I sit, I get a treat, yay!
Mar 10, 2009 susanah
Watson is such a cutie! I just love his expressive eyes!!!
Mar 10, 2009 charuth
You are ADORABLE!! Come to my page and see my puppy! XOXOXOXOXO Kisses!
Mar 10, 2009 PuppyCutey
I am gonna get that treat!:) Watson is such a CUTEY! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
Mar 10, 2009 wolfgirl66
Beautiful Watson is a very sweet and super adorable puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 10, 2009 phaedrapetnanny
Look at this precious chocolate boy! I just want to give him a big squeeze! Lucky you to have him in your family now; spoil and ENJOY! Hugs, belly rubs and treats, Phaedra and pack
Mar 10, 2009 allmyshelties
Oh, Watson, you are incredibly cute. Glad you find time to stop & smell the flowers (or in true Lab style, eat them!) Of course all the girls will fall for you, you look like silky chocolate. Happy life little man, with your very lucky family.
Mar 10, 2009 twinkelbelpeach
So who's an adorable puppy? Watson, that's who. You are so huggable. Have a happy life, sweet boy.
Mar 10, 2009 lizanne
Watson, you Labbies always look happiest with an old stick in your mouth. I think every dog loves to have an old stick to play with. Hugs from Elizabeth & Dane Miss Katie in NY~
Mar 10, 2009 sandrahender
Awwww! What a beautiful little face! I love his coloring and his eyes! SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOC HES to you Watson!
Mar 10, 2009 mcmullenk
AWE!!!! My lord, he is just precious!
Mar 10, 2009 cantlivewithoutthem
mmmmmm ....I looooove chocolate ;-) Watson could cure my craving any day!
Mar 10, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
How could you NOT love this little charmer?! He is a real cutie! He is going to be one handsome man when he is all grown up! LOTS of tummy rubs and bear hugs from me, and noses kisses and a boatload of biscuits from Wolf.
Mar 10, 2009 podday
Looks like he's thanking God for making him so absolutely adorable . All the biscuits he can eat for this little guy :)
Mar 10, 2009 podday
Looks like he's thanking God for making him so absolutely adorable . All the biscuits he can eat for this little guy :)
Mar 10, 2009 jimmersgal
Mr. Watson is too cute for words. He could be a brother to my Chocolate Lab, Woody. I call him a cutie-pa-tootie!
Mar 10, 2009 oaktown girl
Watson, you are such a cutie! Love those big puppy paws!
Mar 10, 2009 iluvcats&dogs
What a cute chocolate labby you have! Just as delicious as chocolate, I could eat him up....Yum yum! Haha, just kidding. Watson is so insanely cute!!!
Mar 10, 2009 luvrescuelabs
What a beauty! Watson looks so smart and ready to learn new things. His expression just melts me. Lots of love, belly rubs, hugs, kisses and treats. May you have M-A-N-Y loving years together.
Mar 10, 2009 Susie44
Watson, what a handsome fellow you are, I bet all the girls watch you as you walk by. Love and Kisses to you Watson. Susie44
Mar 10, 2009 Oliver's Mummy
Oh Watson, what do you have in your mouth sweetie? What a handsome fellow indeed. I love this picture, with the baby belly puppy sit. He is a lovely boy. Hugs from London, Ontario
Mar 10, 2009 piobaire
What a hysterical little picture of Watson. He looks so very soft, and you know he must be VERY smart to love Mozart. He deserves many tummy rubs and some high class biscuits.
Mar 10, 2009 luvlabsluvlife
looks to me like watson will grow into a big boy! very beautiful!
Mar 10, 2009 dr.watson
watson says thank you to everyone and to all your beautiful, cuddly, fun puppies. it's great to meet you all. i'll definitely be posting pictures on a weekly basis as this little guy grows into an 80 pound doggie. all my best.
Mar 10, 2009 drakes' granny
Watson you are definately a keeper forever. So cute. Such a sweet face to love for very many years to come. xo
Mar 10, 2009 Cleoluver
You are so cute Watson! I love how attentive and cute you can be at the same time!
Mar 10, 2009 Lucky Girl
Watson is so cute!
Mar 10, 2009 Mrs. Gentry
Great pictures! This one is funny! Watson is a cutie! Give him lots of kisses & tummy rubs!
Mar 10, 2009 ursa'smomma
What an adorably HUSKY lil' pup, look at those burly legs! He looks like he is just going to be a very big, very handsome boy! Cute, Cute, Cute!
Mar 10, 2009 becca
How cute is this picture...he has a kissable little snot. Lots of belly rubs and hugs.
Mar 10, 2009 dogsrgr8t
Watson, you are so adorably cute!
Mar 10, 2009 weaverpup
Oh Watson, you are such a cutie! i just love that face, esp in your first picture! i want a dog just like you!! :-)
Mar 10, 2009 my Izzy
Too cute!!
Mar 10, 2009 puppy world
OOOMMMMMMGGGGG!!! that is ADORABLE!!!!!! I mean look at him scratching like a cutie look at his face
Mar 10, 2009 singingfrees19
oh little watson.. you are the cutest little thing i have ever seen i wish i could have you!!
Mar 10, 2009 lucybee
Love this expression in your eyes.You are a beautiful baby and you're going to make one very handsome young man.
Mar 10, 2009 lovinlabs
BEAUTIFUL dog! It's looks like this one that just melt your heart! Labs are by far the best dog EVER!!!!!! Enjoy your cute little boy - he's adorable.
Mar 10, 2009 W3ndy72
haha now thats the look where you know he just did something wrong, but knows he will get away with it. such a cutie.
Mar 10, 2009 lisalisa
Watson, what a cutie pie!!! He's a handsome boy and I think he knows it! Lots of biscuits for this sweetie.
Mar 10, 2009 doggydreamer
I know I'm a woos but this picture just kills me - there's a poignancy in a dog's eyes that just kills me.
Mar 10, 2009 doggydreamer
This is the pic I mean.
Mar 11, 2009 ryan101
that is one beautiful puppy you got there
Mar 11, 2009 swabs
what a face ! I got my lab, Jack in December. He has brought such joy into my life. He also brought my Berner, Hunter out of his despression from losing his old lab buddy Nigel
Mar 11, 2009 Myghin
Oooh Watson, you ladies man!! You know, chocolate is my favorite snack cuz its sweet, like YOU!
Mar 11, 2009 pupy
watson looks like he's done something wrong and he's sorry for it!soooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute
Mar 11, 2009 lucyny2000
Girls, food, and classical music, ah, he is a keeper! Not to mention tall, dark, and hundsome southern gentleman! He cannot possibly make a bad picture either! I am so-o-o-o-o-o in lo-o-o-o-ove! If I met Watson in person, I would have made a complete fool of myself by just sitting on a sidewalk next to him a give him a good rub and tons of kisses! Blessings from NY
Mar 11, 2009 kwikwitz
I bet the girls love Watson too! What a handsome guy!
Mar 11, 2009 Taygenandgage
OMGosh he is beautiful...awwww...gotta love him!!
Mar 11, 2009 ikhan82867
Mar 11, 2009 chipmunk95
I love this pics. He looks like maybe he was in trouble and was debating if he should come to his owner. Too cute
Mar 11, 2009 wolfhowl15
oh gosh too cute!
Mar 11, 2009 akitamommy
Now that is a face made to be smooched!
Mar 11, 2009 Smudgies0226
You're such a handsome boy!!
Mar 11, 2009 Kaitlynboje
AWW! Watson is SO cute =]]
Mar 12, 2009 Jacqueline001
They just melt your heart. I just adopted a 5 year Schnauzer from a puppy mill rescue situation. She has so much love to give. I hope all of this precious pups find great homes
Mar 12, 2009 Shelbi Rae
She is soooooo cute!
Mar 12, 2009 Shelbi Rae
She looks amazing! She could win awards paws down... but voting to the billions!
Mar 12, 2009 thunder max
i see a lot of love in thoses eyes, beatifull dog, max liked this pup alot
Mar 12, 2009 snoppy1210
he is soo x10000000000 cute i could cuddle him for the world!!
Mar 12, 2009 philliml9
awwww he's so cute! don't you just love chocolate labs?!?
Mar 12, 2009 Tufts6
he's a chewer! but really cute!!!!!
Mar 12, 2009 dlrstudio
Watson is SO CUTE!!!! You did an awesome with his pictures. All brown can be hard to photograph well. What a doll : )
Mar 12, 2009 ksd27
watson,, you are b e a u t i f u l!! My choc lab puppy would loveee you!
Mar 13, 2009 pippin
You are a handsome and intelligent looking pup, Watson. Enjoy life
Mar 13, 2009 Mollywoggs
Oh! Who couldn't love this little guy. What a sweet face. He's so adorable. Labs are wonderful Dogs and you've got yourself a beautiful Dog here.
Mar 13, 2009 brownspots
what a handsome boy and what big paws
Mar 13, 2009 astierwalt
What a beautiful color..handsome lil boy!
Mar 13, 2009 iluvk9s
Watson has the goofy look from munching on that grass lol. What an adorable velveteen puppy!! Tons of hugs and kisses from Rusty and Duckie in Madison, Alabama!!
Mar 15, 2009 jenbeagle
He is definitely a keeper!!! What a handsome boy. I love his beautiful coat. Labs are such an awesome breed!
Mar 15, 2009 Beagle109
An absolute cutie-pie!!!
Mar 15, 2009 Fuzz Bear
Super Cute!!
Mar 16, 2009 lovekiki
Mar 16, 2009 katiebug97
watson you are adorable i wish you were mine id give you so many hugs and kisses you are beautiful.I have a boy named Bear who looks just like you. love ya katie
Mar 16, 2009 doggydog
Something about a dog with a stick in it's mouth is so cute to me and a chocolate lab IS SO CUTE!!!!!!! I love labs!!
Mar 17, 2009 tambore
I'd never leave the house if I lived with Watson! Hey, I'm a girl so there must be truth about this rapport you have with us. I can see where you will be a heartthrob, Watson.
Mar 19, 2009 ms.kuegler
this puppy is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 19, 2009 ms.kuegler
i love all this pupppy
Mar 20, 2009 2pupsmomma
My dear Watson, what a charmer you are. I love this pic.
Mar 22, 2009 zoe megan
thats funny i live i n labrador he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooo cute
Mar 24, 2009 Gloria8
Mar 24, 2009 wolfcub321
He is gorgeous; I would spoil this baby rotten! Kudos!:-)
Mar 27, 2009 mbb1998
I love labs!so cute1
Mar 27, 2009 mbb1998
I love labs!so cute1
Mar 27, 2009 pupaylovr
AHHH!!!!!! watson, ur so cute it's scary
Apr 6, 2009 Puppy Lover!
Mmmmmm grass, appetising.
Apr 6, 2009 love.dogs1437
aw!!!!!!!!!!11 so cute ya
Apr 14, 2009 La La
what a beautiful baby! i think he's gonna be a big one..... x
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