Willie the Mixed Breed

Puppy Breed: Mixed (unknown)

Willie's full name is Shotgun Willie Seymour, named after my husband and my favorite Willie Nelson song and Fry's dog from Futurama. His official breed is North American Brown Dog. He joins our guinea pig of two years, Joey Bag of Donuts, named after the burrito he resembles. I found Willie at a local animal shelter the day after he and his siblings had been found abandoned in the woods by an animal control officer. He was shivering and scared but life has improved quite a bit since then. Willie is my husband's first dog and he is home on leave after a deployment so he gets lots of attention and playtime with Mr. Dragon, Mr. Bear, Mr. Turtle, Mr. New Dragon and Mr. Rope. He is an accomplished cuddler, stealer of socks and flip flops, chaser of dream rabbits and pine cone warrior.