Friday, July 25, 2014
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Jan 31, 2008 nicefrenchgurl
good morning everyone
well willy ur too cute to be real!i wish you lots of wet baths and tons of treats with your nice family
11 biscuits
Jan 31, 2008 sherry_morris
Hi Willy, you are super willyicious - there is another nick name for you. Hope you get extra treats today.
Jan 31, 2008 suelill
You're such a cutie Willy and you look so clever too. Lots of hugs and biscuits with love. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jan 31, 2008 Mikkimrado
OK - for your flapping ears and tail, you are now willowy-Willy! :D - or Happy-go-Willy! Like that? I love your color and I am sure you will grow up to be the handsomest doggie around town! A truck load of biscuits to you!

Happy 2008!
Jan 31, 2008 Mikkimrado
OK - the picture of your running is my fav - don't know why it didn't attach. Page seems to be a little moody today! ;-)
Jan 31, 2008 kool_kat_3
you are way toooooooo cute! xxxx
Jan 31, 2008 Grandma Helen of CT
Hey Willy Nilly....Love those ears and
Waggley Tail........Have fun with you new family!!
Jan 31, 2008 doggieaunt
Suuuuper Willy!!!!!
Jan 31, 2008 whoopiwho
OH Silly Willy you are just to cute!!
Jan 31, 2008 howiesmom
Oh Willy! You are precious!!! What a doll face!! You sure look like a lot of fun!! Lucky You!!!
Jan 31, 2008 puppyluvver
[color=purple] [i]oh he is so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet![/i]
Jan 31, 2008 lovemydogs7
Willy you are waaaaay too cute for words. I'd love you see you when you are all grown up. You are going to be a very handsome man when you get growed. Have lots of fun with your mommy & daddy. You look like you so enjoy life....hugs & belly rubs.
Jan 31, 2008 sue
hi willy youre sooo cute,love you
Jan 31, 2008 cierrablue
What a sweet peppy!! I've heard of a labradoodle but never seen one. Now I understand what all the fuss is about. Willy is the quintessential storybook puppy. I'm in love. I want, I want, I want!!!!!
Jan 31, 2008 cierrablue
sorry, that should read 'puppy'.
Jan 31, 2008 zoerosesmom
11,000 biscuits for you, good boy!!!!!
Hugs and tummy rubs!
Jan 31, 2008 anniebabes52
Oh Willy you are such a handsome little man. Your looks just melts my heart, so I can see why you have your mommy and daddy wrapped around your little paw! Tons of hugs, kisses, and biscuits. Best wishes for you and your family to have a long, loving, and healthy future. Enjoy!
Jan 31, 2008 llt214
Awwww....Willy, I love you little man! What a gorgeous color you are! You look so sweet! Enjoy your life little one...and have mom & dad post your pictures when you are a grown-up pup! You're going to be one handsome dog! Smooches to you Willy!!
Jan 31, 2008 Mummm
Oh Willy... you are so CUTE. Of course you are always a good boy! You have very lucky *parents*.
Jan 31, 2008 weewee
oh my goodness! he's soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.
Jan 31, 2008 yujismom
hello sweet william-your red hair made my morning!
Jan 31, 2008 goldenlover
"All those extra names apply to the "Doodle" side of the family. Willie is my "Lab" side. Oh well........"
Jan 31, 2008 mqm501
Delightful and very handsome. Long life and much happiness Willy.Plus as many biscuits as you want! Best wishes from Spain.
Jan 31, 2008 marleysmom
Willie, you are just adorable! You have such great nicknames and as you are such a good boy, I'm sure you don't just do anything "Willy Nilly", so 11 biscuits all around!
Jan 31, 2008 sam'smom
"Wonderful Willie" - have a happy life, little guy - lotsa biscuits for you today !!! :)
Jan 31, 2008 Bluenoser
Well Willy, you are certainly a lovely baby. I have a border terrier named Dilly & she is definitely a Silly Dilly!
Jan 31, 2008 RyDoggy
Silly Willy Billy Dilly Milly Nilly Lilly Pilly. 10000 doggy kisses for you. You're a rascal! x x x x x
Jan 31, 2008 DogMom
I am loving some Willy this morning! what an adorable little guy. Kisses on his widdle nose from someone in his home state of Texas!!!
Jan 31, 2008 shellyrini
I love the tongue sticking out. Willy you are such a sweetheart. Oh those eyes and those ears, I could pet them all day long. You are just so great looking, with those kind eyes and that adorable and innocent face. Million kisses from me to your cute little nose. Love you!! God Bless
Jan 31, 2008 bunnied816
OMG - Willy you are too, too cute!!! Wish I could ruffle your fur and cuddle you up!!! Tell your mom & dad to do it for me, okay? Sorry I can only give you 11 biscuits - you're worth waaaay more!! :)
Jan 31, 2008 Little Miss Sunshine
Willy, you are super cute! It was hard to pick a favorite picture. 11 bisquits for you! You must be full this morning. :)
Jan 31, 2008 tngirl532003
This one is my favorite! Running "free Willy". What a doll baby. There is nothing sweeter than a puppy! Enjoy your beautiful boy!
Jan 31, 2008 bopeep
What a gorgeous baby you are Willy. I do believe you will grow up to be one really handsome fella. Just keep soaking up all that love. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits from Kansas USA.
Jan 31, 2008 mollyrocks5566
AWE i love him hes so cute!!! i want him!!! <3
Jan 31, 2008 nancy814
Willy is adorable.
Jan 31, 2008 iamme
Hehe Silly are sweet. Hope we get to see what ya look like when ya get older. :) Have a fun life!!! :D
Jan 31, 2008 PhoebeJane'sMum
Hey! How about getting off that computer and taking me for a WALK? Good idea, Willi! XXX
Jan 31, 2008 iamme
Woops forgot a picture!! :)
Jan 31, 2008 iamme
aww didn't work again!!! :P Let's hope it does this time!
Jan 31, 2008 yoliesf
How about "Cutest Willy"! It doesn't rhyme but it is the truth.

He is soooooooooooooooo cute. Enjoy
Jan 31, 2008 Taz
You are just too cute for words
Jan 31, 2008 Marie Herndon
(My Lhasa Apso-Poodle mix baby Tootsie as me to type this for her) Willy, Do you believe in love at first sight? I never did until my mom showed me your picture this morning. I even "kissed" her computer screen for heaven's sake! I mean...those eyes, that beautiful hair, and don't even get me started about the way you run...WOW. But , alas, dogs would talk about our age difference. I will be dreaming about you tonight though. Have a safe and beautiful life with your mom and dad dear one.
Jan 31, 2008 weaselsmom
I'm going to call you "Slick Willie" - because you just stole my heart! Too Sweet!
Jan 31, 2008 djmc
How cute , Love that face , lots of hugs and kisses to Willie . 11 biscuits to a sweet little boy
Jan 31, 2008 clemency
Willy is adorable! Pretty red fur and such a sweet face!
Jan 31, 2008 FRITZY
Hello to you the names. You must keep your humans very entertained or they would not call you so many cute names!:) I am very gald to hear you are loved becayse you deserve it!
Jan 31, 2008 lotsadoghair
What fun to wake up with this sweet, wet nose pointing at yours!
Jan 31, 2008 pippasmom
You're the cutest Silly Willy I've ever seen!
Jan 31, 2008 rascalshuman
oh willy is soooo precious! i love him! he looks just like my rascal (a chocolate labradoodle) when he was a puppy! oh and they just get cuter and cuter as they get older! our boy has a million nicknames too - maybe it just goes along with their cute faces & sweet personalities... enjoy your willy & give him loads of hugs from me!
Jan 31, 2008 lisaivey
Hello Willy! You are such a cute pup, and I hope you and your people have tons of fun together!
Jan 31, 2008 carmelvizsla
soooo cute!!
Jan 31, 2008 tkelly13
You are just too adorable Chilly Willie!!!
Jan 31, 2008 small dog convert
Willy, what a nice name for you. It was my dad's name also. You are just too precious and adorable for words. Long happy life to you and lots of fun and treats along the way. You are indeed a very sweet puppy.
Jan 31, 2008 stormsamson
Willy, you look like you are such a sweet little man! I just love your coloring and I would love to have you in my home! To Willy's Pet Parents: If you ever feel the need that you just can't live with Willy, (smile), then send him home to me! I would make sure he gets all the kissing and huggin he can handle.
Jan 31, 2008 LisaLisa
Willy has a beautiful little face and I so enjoyed reading his introduction - very cute! I wish you and your adorable baby many, many happy and healthy years together! ;)
Jan 31, 2008 thetopazsmurf
Willy I am glad your sooo Loved....11+++ Biscuits
Jan 31, 2008 groge roge
Willy Pooh! I love you. I would give you 12 biscuits if I could.

Hugs and Kisses,

Jan 31, 2008 denawolves
Whassup Will-Dog!!! You are too cute!
Jan 31, 2008 k_cyn
[color=purple]Oh Willy you are too ADORAWILLY!!!! :) It was too hard to pick just one pic of you!!! :) You are sooo photogenic!!! and HANDSOME! I love you Willy!!!!
Many kisses, hugs and biscuits to you!!!
Happy New Year and best wishes always!!!!!!!!![/color]
Jan 31, 2008 Kristen Davis
Sooooo cute!!! Have a fun life Willy. You are adorable.
Jan 31, 2008 sylvanbliss
Willy is quite clever and writes a good intro. Only the most loved dogs have multiple nick-names...that says a lot about Wee Willy Winky!

My favorite name is Willy Wonka, what a good dog to hurry up for Mommy!

Kisses on your juicy nosecicle, Willydoodle!
Jan 31, 2008 chipsmom
Love that little pink tongue! Willy is toooo cute!! Love all the names and all the pics!!
Jan 31, 2008 Terry C
Would you just look at this sweetie-pie?

What a cutie!
Jan 31, 2008 juliefulmer
Love him - he's so cute!
Jan 31, 2008 Missabbysmom
Willy you are super sweet and adorable! Hugs and tummy swatchins from us and tons of biscuits!
Jan 31, 2008 lucyny2000
Oh, Will, they don't make them more adorawill than you! I am hopelessly in love... Life time of biscuites, five stars, and many years of happy togetherness with your lucky family!
Jan 31, 2008 Alf
I just love that nose. Dear Sweet Willy looks like pure love.
May you have a long healthy, happy life together.
Jan 31, 2008 nsshiley
Willy, my sweet, I wish I could write as well as you do. Loved your narrative. Hugs, cuddles, scritches and many, many bones to you!
Jan 31, 2008 piobaire
Hi Willie? You sure are a cutie. A person could just eat you up, you're so cute. And it was very hard to pick one picture of you cuz they're all so cute. You should tell your mama and daddy not to ever leave you unattended because someone could steal you cuz you're so cute. I think I would like to call you Willie Wonka and I would sing his silly song to you. And then I would kiss you on your head and just hug you right up til you couldn't stand it any more. And then you'd get your reward of zillions of biscuits. Have a wonderful day Willie, for the rest of your life!
Jan 31, 2008 wziemann
Willie, you are one neat guy! I bet you are a good boy and very pretty too...Mojo's Dad
Jan 31, 2008 angelsmommie
Willie, you are too cute. Lots of treats good boy!
Jan 31, 2008 marinaz
Willy you are the cutest! I know you are getting lots of love and treats! And, I bet you have the BEST puppy breath!
Jan 31, 2008 Daphne's Mom
Hi Willy! I am sure you always are a good boy! I hope you and your humans have many happy and healthy years together! Lots of love and biscuits to you! Sloppy puppy kisses from my little girl Daphne! You are handsome Willy.
Jan 31, 2008 SnowWolves
Sweet are just too cute for words!!!! I wish you lots of biscuits, treats, tummy rubs and all of the best. I just love your pictures so much...I bet in person you are even more good looking. Lots of love, hugs and rubs to you.
Jan 31, 2008 steveinboise
Silly, Willy, kinda Frilly...OMG..cute, cute, CUTE!!!!!!!! I A-DORE THIS DOG. Labra-Doodle-icious! Where, on earth, did you get those adorable feet!

So many looks, so much love and happiness...makes me want 3.

...and the "running free" photo....this is a puppy made in heaven. I hope you bring your "puppy parents" endless joy and happiness, as only you can.
Jan 31, 2008 puppysmomny
Oh my gosh!! He looks just like our dog as a puppy but he's a daschund/yorkie! Soooo cute!
Jan 31, 2008 crzyzebra
I'm thinking Wild Willy would be another great nick name, he looks so full of it in this picture...I love it! When you get older we can call you Wise Willy...especially if you have a little gray under the chin! Enjoy your happy doggy life!
Jan 31, 2008 Lady Ann Marine
What a lovely trusting little face- it speaks volumes of love and loyalty and faithfullness- a long and happy life to this little chap for surely he deserves it.
Jan 31, 2008 caseyyy
Willy is soooooo cute!
Jan 31, 2008 tazjt
Too cute for words! Many belly rubs and kisses!
Jan 31, 2008 Yorkie Girl
Cuteness in spades.
Jan 31, 2008 Jennb3
Oh Silly Chilly Willy Wonka Boy!! You are just the cutest thing ever! Many happy days, sloppy kisses and HUGE belly rubs for you and your family!!!
Jan 31, 2008 BeckersUNC
Aw, I just want to give him a scratch on that adorable chin! :)
Jan 31, 2008 March
How about "way-out-Willy", cuz you are way out there in the adorable department.
Jan 31, 2008 Pinkphoenixx
what a cutie!!!!!
Jan 31, 2008 tracey
What an adorable little fello! His fur is a wonderful shade. I am sure will have many happy days with this little fello!
11+ biscuits for you Willy!
Lots of hugs and kisses!
Jan 31, 2008 Just Jim G
Willy is a wonderful dog. I love his eyes. I have a file of various pictures which I use for a screen saver and I saved three of Willy's pictures to include in it. I feel you don't mind someone who's quite taken with Wonderful Willy. :o)
Blessings to Willy and those who love him. Thanks for sharing him with us.
Jan 31, 2008 leahkids
His face is gorgeous, and he seems sooo sweet; my best wishes for years and years of joy and love with your baby :-) .
Jan 31, 2008 mash9093
Wow Willie, you are too cute.......loads of belly rubs and hugs & kisses and 11+++++++++++++++++biscuits!! You are sure to be spoiled :-)
Jan 31, 2008 simrat101
[color=pink] Willie is adorable what a cute Labradoodle he gets 11million biscuits[color/]
Jan 31, 2008 2pups1kit
A wery wery wonderful Willie!!!
(It could be worse: I used to have a Rabbit named Wabbit..)
Give a big smooch to this very cute pooch!
Jan 31, 2008 SASSY'S DAD
Willy, your distant cousin, Fred ( a 45 lb. Sharbrador ) saw your pics. He has made it clear, if you ever make it to Georgia, you have got to come over and play. He has a huge yard and a pool to play in. Many belly rubs and treats.
Jan 31, 2008 frankies_mom
Woo-hooooo! Life is good!
Jan 31, 2008 JRTMommy
What an adorable little dog beard you have, Silly Willy! I love the "puppy-esque" tiny-body-to-head-ratio you have going on! Lots of biscuits and kisses to you!!!
Feb 1, 2008 Homegrl22
AWWWW! How adorable! I love the combo too
Feb 1, 2008 Homegrl22
You have the most adorable lil puppy i've ever seen!
Feb 1, 2008 LucyBee
This puppy is the very definition of cute.He looks like a character out of a Disney movie!
Feb 1, 2008 puppybates
OMG look at that cute little tongue wagging and licking. tempting me..... biscuits and tummy rubs
Feb 1, 2008 doggies4ever
Looks like he couldn't be happier. What a love!
Feb 1, 2008 puppypleasurer
Wow, that puppy sure does have a cute tongue. It kinda looks like he's staring out at me, licking his lips in anticipation. Oooohhh, I just get the shivers thinking about it.
Feb 1, 2008 DogyLvr
Love that sweet face!
Feb 1, 2008 coyne12
Also love the pic. of Willy running and all the others. Not to mention his gorgeous coloring. Hope he gets lots of exercise, and that you all have many happy times together.
Feb 1, 2008 pupsrule
What a cute little character! He looks like he is so much fun. I'd love to date the human version of Willy - cute, funny, smart and loving. Lucky you to have such an adorable and sweet companion. Happy life to you little one!
Feb 1, 2008 Sandi Resendez
This cute little guy should be called Sweet William. How adorable can you get. Don't anyone tell Jacob(my shepard mix sweetie) but I think I am smitten.
Feb 1, 2008 bellaboosmom
Willy, you are the cutest little guy!! Pets, scritches and cuddles to you!!
Feb 1, 2008 Doggymommy
I love it when a puppy has his/her tongue sticking out of their mouth and they don't know it! Willie is adorable, what a sweet face.
Feb 1, 2008 lablove
Willi, you're just so cute! Any dog that has a mix of Lab in it has my vote! Lots of hugs and kisses to you willi.
Feb 1, 2008 dogcopper
Willy looks like a wonderful puppy! ENJOY!!!
Feb 1, 2008 ChihuahuaLuver
Ooooohh! Willy is so cute I can't imagine anyone would think otherwise! I give him 11 biscuits! What a cutie-pie! Snuggles! :)
Feb 1, 2008 casey's mom
Total sweetness!
Feb 2, 2008 mash18020
GO WILLIE GO!!!!!!!!!! you are sooooo cute! and you look like you have lotsa energy and are lotsa fun :-) I hope you have a very long healthy and fun life....and a million doggie treats to you too!!!
Feb 5, 2008 looploop321
perfect name and what a cutie hugs and kissez and lots of doggy treats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 6, 2008 Kenz
second last picture is [b]very[/b] cute. :]
Feb 23, 2008 paws4thought
[color=red] I just had to post on this one because, I have a Labradoodle called Chino and I love Labradoodles. They are very enerjetic but very loveable pets.

I love the name and i have never seen a Labradoodle this color before. Chino is a creamy whitey sort of color which is a bit stupid because he always get muddy.

All the best with your wonderful Willy[/color] **he he**

[b][color=pink]X[/color] [color=red]O[/color][color=pink]X[/ color] [color=red]O[/color][/b]
Mar 9, 2008 mollysmommy
What a cute little teddy bear of a dog. Willy the pooh. I could eat you up. :)
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