Yoshi the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Puppy Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Yoshi's dad says: Yoshi is a cuteness-tuned weapon of mass stuffed-toy destruction. With his cohorts, Lamiedoodle, Kong Treat Ball, and the Rubber Ball With Devil Horns, Yoshi rules the house, presiding over cat, person, and mailman alike. At least, that's how it probably plays in his mind. In reality, while he loves a good romp with his toys, Yoshi's natural habitat is the lap. He's developed the uncanny ability to know exactly how cute he's being at any given point and uses that to his advantage to get food, favors, and especially scratches. Yoshi's a treat when I get home from work. Lacking a tail, he makes up for it by furiously wiggling his entire body until I've no choice but to succumb and scratch him until he falls into a scratch-induced comfort coma. I love the little bugger more every day.