Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Nov 8, 2006 erinn
I strongly feel that little Yoshi needs to have an acting career--maybe some commercials, perhaps his own tv program. His cuteness should be accessible to a greater audience!
Nov 8, 2006 Jen
Soooooo Cute!!!!!!! He is extremely adorable! What a cutie pie - you gotta love those beagles.
Nov 8, 2006 Jenn
Oh my he is too cute! What a puppy belly :)
Nov 8, 2006 Oaktown Girl
Obscenely cute!
Nov 8, 2006 Allen
Puppy! belly
Nov 8, 2006 Sammy-s Mom
So cute!!!!!! The belly shot is priceless. What a great dog!!
Nov 8, 2006 PuppyLover
He is so cute! His face is just adorable!
Nov 8, 2006 Andrea
He's got the look of, "Yeah, I'm cute and I can get away with anything." Too cute.
Nov 8, 2006 DogMom
he is wayyyyy cute!!!! what a delicious little puppy! Kirby is beautiful too!
Nov 8, 2006 Aliesha
He is so cute yes you are!!!
Nov 8, 2006 doghugger
What a cute little dog you got thier
Nov 8, 2006 becky
i love beagles!!! too cute for words.
Nov 8, 2006 Kim
That is a seriously cute puppy!!
Nov 8, 2006 Cass
How could ever say NO to that face?
Nov 8, 2006 Evelyn Stevenson
Beagles are such bright and funny little dogs, but they have way more energy than I do. My little Havanese who came from a Rescue Group is trying to get me out to bounce around. I let him run on the ditch bank until I heard bears are still prowling! Evelyn
Nov 8, 2006 Janet
I am such a sucker for a pink freckled tummy!! Toooooo Cute!!!
Nov 8, 2006 sindyloowho
Just adorable. His freckled tummy is sooo cute!
Nov 8, 2006 Brenda
I wish you could get puppy kisses online. I'm sure he's full of them.
Nov 8, 2006 jenniferlea
Amazingly adorably sweet! I heart Yoshi!
Nov 8, 2006 dawn
Nov 8, 2006 anon
he is just absolutely ADORABLE! Love that last picture of him with his chipmunk :) And the one of him sleeping belly-up -- my dog used to sleep like that all the time when he was a puppy! Have so much fun with him!
Nov 8, 2006 scobig
OMIGOONESS! I love the pic of him on his back, he looks like a peanuts character! Hahaaha. He looks like Snoopy when he does the Snoopy dance. :P
Nov 8, 2006 IminlovewithJohnnyDepp
One of the cutest little pups yet! So adorable!
Nov 8, 2006 megusmaximus
What a gorgeous pup! I love the picture of him with his new big brother.

We have a three year old beagle who came to us last year via a rescue group - and if he's any indication, you're in for a lot of fun. He makes us laugh until we cry with his Snoopy dances and general beagle-goofiness. Enjoy your new pup!
Nov 8, 2006 Julia

IT'S TOTAL BEAGLE INSAAAANITYYYYY! *runs off into the woods, arms flailing wildly*

I spy a nose dot! I also spy many tummy dots! TUMMY DOTS! Good heavens. I need to lie down.
Nov 8, 2006 Always 11 biscuits!
Yoshi deserves 11 biscuits!
Nov 8, 2006 SueK
Why are puppy feet just so damn adorable? I want to hold his feet in my hands and then kiss them. Wouldn't mind putting my face in his belly either.
Nov 8, 2006 puppythief06
Is it just me or are the comments made by "Julia" a little strange? I look at the puppy photos each day and am slightly afraid that someday "Julia" might find my puppy and try to cause him bodily harm. Lock up your puppies people. This lady is nuts.
Nov 8, 2006 Shiz
I love Julia and I love her enthusiasm and I love her comments and Julia please don't stop you rock! Japanese Spitz Lover rocks too! In fact all my fellow DP lovers rock!
Nov 8, 2006 ilovedogs
Yoshi is such a cute name!!!!! He is soooooooooooo adorable!!!! The pic of him laying on his back just makes me want to scratch his belly!!!!!! I love the photo of him with his brother Kirby!!!!!! Kirby and Yoshi fit these dogs perfectly!!!! Yoshi is just so amazing in the photo of him closing his eyes!!!!!
Nov 8, 2006 Shirley & mick
I think Yoshi is nice, and he looks like he loves life
Nov 8, 2006 I Love Beagles
Puppy belly! I just love puppy belly! Beagles are the best dogs ever created. Enjoy your new arrival
Nov 8, 2006 smiss
yoshi and kirby... that is so awesome. what adorable babies! :)
Nov 8, 2006 Cecile
Yoshi is so cuuuuuute. Im so glad Kirby has a brother now, to keep each other company and that they have a loving Dad & Mom. Kudos to you both. Good job.
Nov 8, 2006 Yoshi-sLAUncle
Cute does not begin to describe Yoshi. Quick! Call an agent!
Nov 8, 2006 Ginger
This baby is seriously adorable!!!!! I wish I could take it home with me!!!!
Nov 8, 2006 GoPups
Nov 8, 2006 Maria
oh my gosh i love that little puppy he is soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so lucky to have him!!!!
Nov 8, 2006 robbio
>>>Is it just me or are the comments made by "Julia" a little strange? I look at the puppy photos each day and am slightly afraid that someday "Julia" might find my puppy and try to cause him bodily harm. Lock up your puppies people. This lady is nuts. <<<

Julia's post are funny becuase they are so "weird". She just really loves dogs. And speaking of "lock up your puppies people" who's the person with the name "Puppy thief"? Seriously.
Nov 8, 2006 robbio
and yoshi is sooooo adorable! beagle puppys are the greatest! i love the picture with him and his chipmunk toy (chipmunks rock!). actually i love all the pictures. i love this dog! he is so cute.
Nov 8, 2006 Megjac
I think God made dogs just so that we could have beagle puppies.
Nov 8, 2006 Jobo
Ha ha, yes Megjac you are right. If there were no dogs, there would be no beagles. So yes, you have a point. Imagine a world without beagles!! Imagine!! *shudder*
Nov 8, 2006 Maria
Go puppies they r just the best. who doesnt love puppys?
Nov 8, 2006 Maria
HI SAM!!!!
Nov 8, 2006 Stacey
WOW he is sooooooooooo cute i love him beagles are great dogs.
Nov 8, 2006 lala and panesita
Such an adorable puppy
Nov 8, 2006 yummi600
What a sweet little puppy-face !!! I'm loving that cute little belly!!!
Nov 8, 2006 Meh Meh
Actually Japspitzlover says nasty things sometimes. I have seen Julia say weird things too...

Neways, YOSHI is YO YO TASTIC! I love puppy belly freckles! I just want to kiss his lil belly!
Nov 8, 2006 anon
leave Julia alone - she says some funny stuff. I usually look forward to reading her comments. If they weird you out so much, stop reading them and just pay attention to the adorable puppies. After all, that IS the point of this site.
Nov 8, 2006 Krysia
I like Julia. She's very enthusiastic. ;) If I typed out all my reactions to seeing some of these adorable puppies, y'all would think I was 10 kinds of crazy!

Anyway -- Yoshi is SO cute. I love the picture of the "brothers" together... and of course the belly picture!
Nov 9, 2006 914ian914
OOOOH!!! SUPER CUTE!!! I wish my beagle were still a puppy!
Nov 9, 2006 Julia

I never intended to become a point of controversy. Some people need to seriously lighten up. I am clearly just an enthusiastic dog fan. I wouldn't hurt your dog, "puppythief06", but I am perchance tempted to send a rude hand gesture your way. If you don't think my posts are amusing, that's fine, but they are never meant to be mean.

To my dogglicious supporters:

Thanks for understanding that I mean only to describe my utter delight at these doggies. I love this site, and I love reading the lovely comments that people leave. I do not like it when people are negative. Yay for PUPS!
Nov 9, 2006 Ellie
Great beagle. Just great!

And I LOVE Julia's comments! They are so creative as well as enthusiastic. They definitely brighten my day!
Nov 9, 2006 Ellie
PS. I forgot to say that I seriously love the lips on that dog!
Nov 9, 2006 dog luver 122
two words: luv him!
god hes so cute!
Nov 9, 2006 Roy Perera
Beautiful and cute, really!
Nov 10, 2006 Marie
Yoshi you are so cute. Just love the smug look on your face third pic down. Looks like you found a forever home with plenty of love.
Nov 10, 2006 Jill
I have a red and white beagle whom my husband and I adopted from a rescue once he was full grown...I can only imagine that he was this cute as a puppy!! This photo makes me want to adopt another beagle :o)
Nov 10, 2006 keali
one word adorable
Nov 11, 2006 Stephanie
Aw, he's the perfect roly-poly puppy.
Nov 12, 2006 tina
beagles are simply the best dogs ever.
Nov 12, 2006 darcy
tihs dog is cute but he is not eather

this dog is not as cute as other dogs big dog
Nov 12, 2006 Andie
That puppy is ADORABLE!!!!! I <3 beagles and they rock!!
Nov 12, 2006 TINYMAGOO PUP LOVER : )
GO BEAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: ) : ) : ) : )
Nov 13, 2006 phil
There should be a selection for a zillion biskits. That's what Yoshi deserves.
Nov 16, 2006 kaylawantsthem!!!:-)!!!!!
the 3rd pic is SO CUTE AND ADORABLE!!!! if his eyes weren't closed it would be the #1 pic of a puppy in the world, then again the cutest part, oh well, what I mean is he is sooo
Nov 19, 2006 kiki
2 cute:)
Nov 21, 2006 ariek
ahhhhh bless his little cottons!! LOL he is a cutie, his little tummy wummy ahhh ur lucky 2 av a really cute dog!! 11!!!
Dec 4, 2006 Becca
It is sooooooooooooooo cute! I have a beagle they are sooooooo cute! I just want to pick him up and kiss him!
Jan 22, 2007 fro01
beagles aren so loyal, congratulations
Jan 22, 2007 fro01
i meant that beagles are loyal, sorry bout that
Jan 28, 2007 chops
sooooooooo adorable and those ears are the best!!!!
Mar 4, 2007 melwri0881
too cute not to say anything. i'm in love with him and his spotted belly.
Apr 14, 2007 moseleysmom
Yoshi you're too cute for words. Lots of hugs and kisses for Yoshi.
May 10, 2007 sandi
BTW-- I think Julia is very creative in her writing- really entertaining and funny. She has the soul of a poet.
May 10, 2007 sandi
Yoshi-- really darling name for a darling cute puppy-- he is cute from his floppy little ears to his cute snout and his freclked little belly- makes me want to do the Snoppy dance!
Jun 9, 2007 doggieaunt
My sense of Julia's postings (if anyone even cares 6 months later -- I've been browsing potluck puppies) is that many of them are directed to the puppy in question, i.e., as if she's talking to the puppy. And, truth be told, I say all sorts of silly things to puppies (and to my cat), and if anyone were to write them down, they'd probably resemble some of her postings.
Oct 18, 2007 sylvanbliss
doggieaunt, aren't potluck puppies great! Here all these months later, I'm finding out that there have always been mean spirited people posting on this well loved website. (not why potluck is's the puppies!)

Give people a chance to have a public voice and there will always be some that abuse that privilege.

I'd been wondering why we didn't get Julia postings anymore. This may have something to do with her disappearence....I'm so sad. I wish she would come back and share her thoughts again. Her posts always seem to capture my initial reaction to each Daily Puppy and her verbage is a delight.

If I could, I would roll Yoshi over and make raspberry noises on his speckled belly! Then we would both do the Snoopy dance to the Vince Guaraldi trio!
Nov 28, 2007 k_cyn
Oh Yoshi I love you and your freckled little belly!!!!! You are soooooo adorable!!!!
Many kisses, hugs and bones!!!!
Mar 9, 2008 DogMom
Love both of your beagle kids!!! Yoshi is so very precious -- lovely, lovely boy!
Oct 10, 2008 eprotzma
I love this dog! what a cutie!
Jan 18, 2009 georgia04
Whoa, Baby Yoshi has just skyrocketed off the cuteness charts! He and his brother make a handsome pair. Give both beauties hugs and kisses for me. DARLING!
Apr 25, 2009 kendra blackie 08
Give them bellyrubs treats and kisses 4 me
May 3, 2009 Myghin
omg...pure love!!!
Feb 18, 2010 Joey.Kewl
Oct 7, 2010 pelligrino
Yoshi is so adorable and I love that freckled belly! It sounds like he has a wonderful home and family. I wish all dogs had a home like yoshi has, have a long, happy and healthy life sweetheart!
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