Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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May 26, 2006 Little-One
ADORABLE!!! Sorry had to write it in caps.

HUGS and snuggles to all of'em!!
May 26, 2006 WendyP
Oh what lovely malamutes. Big fluffly bears. How lucky to be able to have so many. Looks like they have lots of room to run around.

My particular favorite, the floppy puppy ear!
May 26, 2006 daisy16
OH MY GOD, I just want to cuddle with them all day!!!!!!!
May 26, 2006 Susan
What a fun loving household you have.
May 26, 2006 Julia
I know what my dreams will hold tonight. I am going to dream that I am lying in the grass, being swarmed by these adorable little dogs. I will pet them and rub their noses and laugh until morning.
May 26, 2006
they're so pretty!
May 26, 2006 El, Shads & Peasy
What beautiful puppies! Can we have one? (just kidding)
May 26, 2006 jessica
my goodness the number of times i went "aww" going through these pictures... yeah a lot.
May 26, 2006 ELEANOR
I WANT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!
May 26, 2006 Amber-s mom
Just loved your pictures. They are so darn cute. Would like to snuggle with Beautiful Yuki. The pic with the siblings look like a bunch of stuffed toy puppies lined up. So very precious.
May 27, 2006 fourfurs
They are amazingly good looking puppies! and an amazingly good looking entire family of dogs! You are so lucky to have such a cute, fun pack!
May 27, 2006 puppyluver
i love them all. how many pets do you have???!!!!
May 28, 2006 jeffs someone special
Those dogs are BEAUTIFUL!!!! And not just Yuki and Hoshi but all the siblings, and Kola and Zowie too!!! And Hoshi's nose is so adorable!!! Thanks for sharing them with us all!
May 30, 2006 Anouk
those puppy's are so cute and so sweet! i hope you'll have lot's of love of them. treat them well!!
Jun 4, 2006 Niki baker
you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO lucky to
have these beautiful puppys!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 4, 2006 Paul, owner of yuki and hoshi
Thanks for all the comments. These guys are growing sooooo fast - they are already 2 times larger than these pics. I'll post more soon at m/photo...
Jun 13, 2006 catie
that dog is so cute
Jun 18, 2006 Tom
If those cute wittle pwuppies were mine I would hug-o and kiss-o them all day!! They are best friends!! Love a Malamute! Love a Husky! Dyats so Noyce!
Jul 6, 2006 Gabriel
I wish my clinic had more malamute and husky patients, they're so cute!!!!
Jul 16, 2006 Samantha Gee
AWWWWWWW i wanted a Husky so bad!
Aug 3, 2006 Ambre
oh my goodness! I have always thought of my own dog as the cutest ever, but he's got some competition!!
Aug 4, 2006 PuppyLover101
OMG!!! THEY'RE SO CUTE!!!! YOU ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE THEM!!!!!!!SEND THEM MY HUGS AND KISSES! Thanx so much for sharing the BEST pics evr!!!!
Aug 8, 2006 dogs ROCK!cute!
whats the big deal?
Sep 14, 2006 Bridget
They are absolutely beautiful!!!! I love that they wear the harnesses! Oh my, I would just love to cuddle with all of them!!!
Sep 29, 2006 Helen
These puppies are really cute I want them
Sep 30, 2006 Vy
They look like husky. They are so cute!
Oct 18, 2006 CocaCola
I love Malamutes!!
Nov 16, 2006 CuRiOuSpUpPy21
are their sibalings 4 sale?????? i would soooooooooooo buy one !
Nov 17, 2006 #7
i luvvvvvvvv yo puppies !!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 17, 2006 babby96
Your puppies are SOOOOOO cute! They r qt's!!!
Nov 23, 2006 PupperLover
They are so adorable!!! I have never seen anything cuter!!
Nov 24, 2006 Karen
They are adorable!!! Absolutaly adorable
Nov 28, 2006 Siberian_husky_lover13
I love the one with the cat.
Nov 29, 2006 Daniel
FOR YOUR INFORMATION Yuki and Hoshi are malamutes NOT huskys there IS a difference i'm tired of people being ignorant and stupid obviously you could care less about dogs
*Sorry guys i was just kidding i guess i needed to do something to entertain myself they do look like they could be either i was just messing with you i dont know if anyone actually even called them huskys well they're cute dogs i looked at the newer picture of hoshi i think it was too he got big! still cute though
Dec 2, 2006 golden and westie lover
i love hoshi's nose. there adorable.
Dec 3, 2006 gryt
Little bundles of joy, and energy! They're irresistably cute...
I bet that Oakley is one tough cat though—he'd need to be, in order to hold his ground against that tornado of puppies!
Dec 4, 2006 sammy(sami)
i love thes dogs. They are so cute!
Dec 6, 2006 chinese_israelite
who wouldn't fall in love with these beauties?!

Jan 20, 2007 Dimora
Hoshi! Interesting choice of name :) (Means "want" in Japanese if anyone is curious)
Feb 20, 2007 taramh
AWWWW!!!! TOO Cuuuute! I love the one with the freckles on his/her nose! :)))
May 23, 2007 vllybllstar
too cute!
love the pics with them and their siblings
and them w/ their parents (?)
and the one with oakley the kitty!
11 biscuts definitely!~ ^^
Jul 5, 2007 pupaholic
So cute!
Jul 5, 2007 pupaholic
Can someone tell me:
How many times has the word 'cute' been typed on this website?
Aug 19, 2007 Teeru
Beautiful Yuki
Dec 11, 2007 dmcd33
im jeaoulous of this household! 11 biscuits!!!
Jan 14, 2008 chigirl10
they r all adorable!!!!!!!!!!I luv em.......can I have em???
May 19, 2008 Jem182
Looks like a professional photo that you'd see on the cover of a dog magazine^_^ It's almost like Yuki's posing for the picture =D Doesn't Yuki mean "brave" in Japanese?
Sep 26, 2008 melodious
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. they are just adorable.
Aug 12, 2011 GracesPenniesforPets
What a beautiful puppy! You are very lucky to be the owner of these cuties!
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