Zella the American Bulldog

Puppy Breed: Bulldog

Zella is quite possibly the friendliest American bulldog puppy ever. During her walks she needs to say "hi" to each and every person. Depending on how busy the Chicago sidewalks are, it could take about an hour to go around one block. Her hobbies include playing tug with her pink pig, chewing on Mom and Dad's toes and pant legs, biting sticks, snuggling on the couch, stealing clothes out of the hamper and getting a tan on the roof. Her dislikes are walks in the rain, not saying "hi" to everyone on her walk and her reflection off all the kitchen appliances. Her best friends are Ziggy (English bulldog), Mia (beagle mix) and Lucy (Maltese). Zella rocks at puppy preschool and is first in her class. Mom and Dad couldn't be prouder of our little munchkin.