Zena the Bulldog

Puppy Breed: American Bulldog

Zena, "The Bully Princess," is a 100% Johnson-type American Bulldog. Zena is a wonderful companion. She loves going to the dog park, going for long walks, playing with her other dog buddies, eating anything and just about everything, playing with her tug toys, fetching sticks and balls, and just laying around relaxing.

Comments (121)
under-dog Aug 21, 2008
wow! zena u r amaing

under-dog Aug 21, 2008
i mean amazing!!!

lvlybbyJR Aug 21, 2008
she doesnt look much like a puppy????? wat a big...

mylolove Aug 21, 2008
Who gave Zena 9 biscuits?? She deserves 11!!

randomearrings Aug 21, 2008
Zena is stunningly beautiful. She has such a gentle and intelligent...

lynetz2 Aug 21, 2008
zena is a beautiful girl who is happy and carefree - what a delight...

xdogsandpuppiesx Aug 21, 2008
What a beautiful girl! you must be very pleased to have Zena as part...

honeycaves Aug 21, 2008
What a cute pup! i love it when bulldogs pose like that!!!! Your very...

mummm Aug 21, 2008
Zena is very cute and seems like such a happy pup!

kady Aug 21, 2008
what a beautiful profile.gorgeous girl

DerbBird Aug 21, 2008
Zena is a very regal little lady with such a kind face.

djmc Aug 21, 2008
Zena how cute you are. Sounds like you enjoy your baby Zena. Many...

terry c Aug 21, 2008
Her brindle markings are quite striking.

trekker Aug 21, 2008
Zena My vote for you to be the cover dog for "Cutie...

kerryllr Aug 21, 2008
She is cute - enjoy.

anniebabes52 Aug 21, 2008
OHG.........what an adorable face this princess has!!! One can not...

pitbullmama Aug 21, 2008
Zena is so beautiful! I just love her markings. Best of luck with her.

HillCountryGal Aug 21, 2008
She looks like she's saying.. "You talkin' to me??" ...

ckendall Aug 21, 2008
What a happy beautiful little girl you are!! Lots of bellie rubs for...

fritzy Aug 21, 2008
How beautifule you are!!!!

msorrells Aug 21, 2008
I love her face. Nice looking dog.

loopy Aug 21, 2008

tamwise21 Aug 21, 2008
So cute.

jolieavon Aug 21, 2008
Zena outta be in movies! :)

puppy luvr :P Aug 21, 2008
adorable. simply adorable!!! i

chellybelly Aug 21, 2008
I get the sense Zena would chase a tennis ball to the ends of the earth.

Staffie&BeagleLover Aug 21, 2008
what a face! look at that big loveable chest! She is so cute the...

jbroy Aug 21, 2008
She is sooo cute. I love the coloring.

normag Aug 21, 2008
look at that face. She is beautiful!!!

Sherlock's_Mom Aug 21, 2008
Zena is beautiful !!!

kilroy Aug 21, 2008
Awesome dog! I have a 14 month old American Bulldog named Tex. ...

shellyrini Aug 21, 2008
I love this picture. How adorable is she here? God bless, she is...

Lisaez1 Aug 21, 2008
Awe come on MOm, one more bone please!!!! What a lovely girl!!!!

zoesam Aug 21, 2008
Zena looks like a really sweet girl. I love bulldogs, and her...

lkaspin Aug 21, 2008
AWWW I bet Zena is a real clown. Fun dog!

petlover2 Aug 21, 2008
Zena is gorgeous! Love the smiles on her sweet face. Makes me miss...

lh9313 Aug 21, 2008
awwww love the pose!!! Zena has such a beautiful face!!

barbaranne423 Aug 21, 2008
OMG How cute is she! What a face! She is absolutely...

PuppyLove22 Aug 21, 2008
Zena is a beautiful bulldog! She has amazing markings and she looks...

_SoloPuppy_ Aug 21, 2008
to awesome

dogs are best Aug 21, 2008
Zena is really a beauty , she is so pretty in her facial ...

klgoonsquad Aug 21, 2008
Oh man she's georgeous...Love her markings and her smile. She...

ilvgoldens Aug 21, 2008
Zena is beautiful! Look at that smile. Seeing Zena was a beautiful...

ilvgoldens Aug 21, 2008
Oops, I forgot to click on my fav picture.

amyliz Aug 21, 2008
Zena is beautiful and what a sweet face! I agree that she...

Doggylover410 Aug 21, 2008

puppylover_jade Aug 21, 2008
awwww what a cutie shes sooo adorable she looks so playful and so fun...

mikdebluvpups Aug 21, 2008
She is so cute! Enjoy!

tresjolie Aug 21, 2008
Zena you are lovely! American Bulldogs are beautiful and Zena you are...

Rickysmom Aug 21, 2008
What a doll! She's beautiful. I love that smile. It amazes me...

DailyPuppy Admin Aug 21, 2008
That face is just too cute!! Zena is adorable!

lalamcgoo Aug 21, 2008
That is one beautiful girl! She is a true stunner! I agree with...

wolfensteinsmom Aug 21, 2008
Zena is a beautiful girl. You just gotta love those eyes. Give her...

vorner Aug 21, 2008
What an adorable puppy! And Zena is a great name for this wonder...

jsonn888 Aug 21, 2008
How in the world do you not have the full amount of biscuits??? ...

shortyD Aug 21, 2008
What a wonderful looking dog. I have had two ABD's and what a...

Spiderwoman Aug 21, 2008
Gorgeous girl! She could be my American Bulldog pup Ares'...

jackspal Aug 21, 2008
She is just beautiful and has that quirky expressive face - luv her.

dogmatic Aug 21, 2008
oh for Gods sake....... she would melt the hardset of hearts xxx

lenasmom Aug 21, 2008
She's a beautiful girl - so curious and full of life. You'll...

lisalisa Aug 21, 2008
Lovely photo!!! I've never seen a Bull Dog with this coloring -...

dcmath Aug 21, 2008
She is gorgeous, I have a 1 year old American Bulldog. They are...

Mrs. Gentry Aug 21, 2008
I think I am scared of these types of dogs, but she looks really...

sputnik Aug 21, 2008
OHHH Zena, you are so lovely! I love the tilted head! She is so...

msh85 Aug 21, 2008

tazzysmom Aug 21, 2008
Zena the "Warrior Princess"; stong, confident and poised! ...

tazzysmom Aug 21, 2008
Oops--typo. I ment STRONG. Bye.

lucybee Aug 21, 2008
This girl and the camera definitely have a love affair...

NOLACJ Aug 21, 2008
What a BEAUTY! I have a 3 year old American Bulldog named...

anairb222 Aug 21, 2008
quite pritty fur markings love those colors!! enjoy her!!! :)

foxy1 Aug 21, 2008
reminds me of the love of my life,a reverse flash boxer named Joe....

cookiebaby Aug 21, 2008
She is beautiful. Love her dearly.

ataloa Aug 21, 2008
I love love love Zena!

shortyD Aug 21, 2008
ABD's are the best! Great addition to any family....a friend for...

packermom Aug 21, 2008
What a pretty girl!!! She looks like she is so full of fun and love!!...

AmBullyGirls Aug 21, 2008
How gorgeous is she?!?!?! I have two female American Bulldogs and...

puppyluv6969 Aug 21, 2008
zena, baby, you gotta be prepared to show some belly if you want to...

PuppyLove22 Aug 21, 2008
Zena looks more like a boxer than a bulldog!

pamfontainepeters Aug 21, 2008
Zena is so beautiful. What a lovely girl. Biscuits and bellyrubs...

piobaire Aug 21, 2008
What a sweet look on her face here.

silly-leo232 Aug 21, 2008
zena is gorgeous!

Chance551238 Aug 21, 2008
what an adorable face,kind reminds me of my butch

lewis88 Aug 21, 2008
What a beautiful girl. I had a American Bulldog mix for 13 WONDERFUL...

puppydog Aug 21, 2008
Awwwwww Zena is so cute. What a beautiful little girl she is!

lizanne Aug 21, 2008
Zena, you are the most beautiful American Bulldog and you look very...

mydexy Aug 21, 2008
Sooo cute

FIREFLYBZ Aug 21, 2008

muttlover Aug 21, 2008
Reminds me of Petey on the Little Rascals. So cute!

tina & cloe Aug 21, 2008
Zena my great grand dog!! You look so grown up....

Faith101 Aug 21, 2008
so cute omg i m so socked

KentuckyJim Aug 21, 2008
Hello, my friend. I think Zena is gorgeous. I really do. I've...

k9ncats Aug 21, 2008
Oh, mama are you a cutie. May your road of life be paved with...

molly Aug 21, 2008
Yay Zena, Bob and I love you soo much!!! You are the cutest daily...

molly Aug 21, 2008
and this is our favorite picture!! you're so cute, i love it!

smooches Aug 21, 2008
Oh my Zena is magnificent

NewPup Aug 21, 2008
Zena, you've got beeauuutiful markings, and a soulful gaze~...

malawi Aug 21, 2008
She is fantastic. I love her expression and obvious zest for life. ...

wolfgirl66 Aug 21, 2008

tambore Aug 21, 2008
"What is it you want me to do? Just tell me and I'll do...

sarahgminer Aug 21, 2008
what are you look ing at

3plus1makes5 Aug 21, 2008
Zena is listening to what you are saying. Espically when you praise...

lotsapets Aug 21, 2008
I am SUCH a happy dog !! :) And a handsome fellow, too !!

whippoorwill Aug 21, 2008
Zena is an adorable girl. I think we'd get along great because I...

Softpaws Aug 22, 2008
Look at that face! Muah!

zebby19 Aug 22, 2008
u r so cute, i luv u!!! i also luv ur ears!

boo-bearsmom Aug 22, 2008
she's a cutie, I like bull dogs a lot. she makes me...

sherry_morris Aug 22, 2008
What a beautiful smile Zena ! love you

shell242 Aug 22, 2008
Zena was my Ivy's doggy mom's name! She was a brindle...

shell242 Aug 22, 2008
Sorry for the dupe comments, but Zena is sooooo cute I had to comment...

doggielvr Aug 22, 2008
Zena - You look so Nobel and Powerful...such a Beautiful Girl!

carolynsmalley Aug 22, 2008
He's soooooo soft! I love labs :)

sontzi Aug 22, 2008
WHAT A FACE! love it! I am so confused... why so few biscuits? She is...

skaternate Aug 24, 2008
alot of people think bulldogs are very agresive, but thats only if...

Yeatts Aug 25, 2008
She is sooooo cute!!

liltinker Aug 25, 2008
Nice lookin pup. I would NEVER put spikes on my bully due to the fact...

DaisyMay Aug 26, 2008
All i can say is WOW. I just love her face She is...

puppy world Aug 29, 2008

dogsrule1 Aug 30, 2008

brook567 Sep 16, 2008
He's soooooooooo cute he is smileing

Littlepuppenny12 Sep 16, 2008
I love this dog so much i want to die!!!!!!!!!So beautiful and I love...

jazza-lee Sep 18, 2008
Stunning! Simly stunning!