Zhalla the Pitbull/Lab Mix

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Zhallas's mom says: Zhalla is a happy, hyper and sweet 10 month old Pitbull/Lab Mix adopted from the Montgomery County Humane Society in July 2007. She first lived with a Toy Poodle and now lives with an 11-year old Black Lab whom she whipped into shape with all the playing and rough housing. She loves chewing and destroying any piece of clothing or shoe, or any vital plastic piece to a piece of furniture or something along those lines. The toys that were able to withstand her chewing so far are: a rope she had since I first got her and a white Nylabone. She is always happy to see anyone: human or dog. She eagerly greets people and dogs in a very high intensity, hyper way. She loves giving kisses and laying on laps when you sit and on top of you when laying down. She generate tons of body heat, so she is a good dog to sleep with during cold winter nights. She likes sleeping under the covers and "spooning" with you. She whines and cries when she feels she is not receiving the necessary amounts of undivided attention. She is very smart, but you know what they say about smart dogs... those are the ones who get into the most trouble! She is attentive and listens when she wants to - she sneakily disobeys when she sees something of interest (like a dog/person/toy/food/any typical everyday item) when she doesn't have a good attention span. She likes stretching her back legs out so that she can scratch her belly on the ground/carpet/grass. She gives the breed "Pitbull" the good reputation it deserves and has convinced many people she meets into considering a Pitbull for their next family addition. Zhalla is the perfect puppy (chewing and late house-training and all)!