Zoe the Shepherd Mix

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Zoe says: "My name is Zoe Bag O' Donuts. I live with my family in California. I am part Australian shepherd and part Belgian malinois, but in all actuality I'm 100% spoiled rotten. Mommy and Daddy rescued me, and boy am I a lucky dog. I have more toys and bones than I know what to do with! Their favorite activities are taking me to the dog park (where I'm very popular, I must admit), taking all sorts of pictures of me, and driving me everywhere so that everyone can tell me what a good puppy I am. I love to give kisses, gnaw on everything (especially the stuff I'm not supposed to), and talk to Daddy and that blasted cat, who doesn't find me charming at all! But I like him a lot, and sometimes he lets me snuggle on the couch with him, Mommy, and Daddy -- as long as I stay on my side, of course."