Zoie the Cockapoo

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Puppy 's mom says: Zoie is the cutest little sable-colored cockapoo. She is nine weeks old in this picture and weighed just three-and-a-half pounds. She is now ten weeks old. I drove 900 miles round trip to pick her up. She is the most loving puppy you can imagine. And soooo smart. Learned potty training outside immediately and whines to go out. Can sit up now for a treat. Fetches and retrieves a ball too! She has a big doggy grandpa -- Raad the German shepherd. At first he wasn't sure she was a dog. He despises squirrels and I believe he thought she was a mutant squirrel. But now he loves her. Cleans her and herds her back to the door if she gets too far out in the yard. Her big brother Gabriel, my three-year-old son, is her best buddy and they are inseparable. She is a fantastic addition to our little family!