Zoro the Welsh Terrier

Puppy Breed: Welsh Terrier

Zoro loves to meet new dogs and people in Austin, Texas. He always has a ton of energy and is so playful with everyone. He loves throwing his toys around in circles, being chased, jumping like a bunny, and chasing after leaves blowing in the wind. And when he's not playing with his toys or taking a nap, Zoro loves to sit by the window and stare outside. Zoro is also known as "Chompers" at home--he loves to chomp his teeth while running around in full play mode. Most people mistake him for a teddy bear but he is, in fact, a real puppy. He is also mistaken for an Airedale all the time. He's growing fast and learning new tricks every day. He's been an amazing addition to the family and warms everyone's hearts when they first meet him.