Advantage Flea Control for Puppies

Advantage Dog Product

Advantage flea control products are made by Bayer and can be used on puppies older than seven weeks of age. Each pack of Advantage includes four or six plastic tubes of imidacloprid-based medication in a cardboard box. One tube is used each month. The size of the tubes varies by the dosage size, with Bayer offering four sizes depending on the weight of the puppy. The price for a 4-pack starts at forty dollars through your veterinarian, or less if purchased online.


Advantage is easy to administer, with each tube flattening without excessive pressing. The medicine is thick and doesn't drip while putting it on your puppy, unlike some cheaper drugstore alternatives. Advantage also works quickly. You should notice that your puppy has stopped scratching in 30 minutes or less. In addition, it protects against re-infestations for a full month.


Advantage is considerably more expensive than generic flea control products from Wal-Mart or similar retailers. Unlike other products such as Bayer's K9 Advantix, Advantage also does not protect against mosquitoes or ticks. Finally, Advantage contains potentially toxic chemicals, so owners must ensure they apply the right dosage amount by weighing their puppy accurately. When you're done applying the product, you must wrap it in plastic wrap before discarding.

Bottom Line

Advantage provides immediate and long-term flea control for pets. Requiring just a single dose every 30 days, it is perfect for puppy owners who want a low-maintenance approach.


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