How to Care for an English Springer Spaniel

English springer spaniels jump through tall brush and weeds to flush out prey.
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Originally, English spaniels were recognized as a single breed, as taller spaniels were born in the same litters as shorter ones. The smaller pups hunted woodcocks and were deemed cockers; their larger littermates would flush or spring game from long grasses and became known as springers. The spaniel breeds are very affectionate; spaniels live to please their owners. The English springer spaniel is quiet and attentive in the home and has lots of energy for outside play.

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Take your new English springer spaniel to your vet for a thorough checkup within a few days of taking possession of him. Get him set up on a schedule for vaccines, checkups and a deworming schedule. You will also want to set an appointment for your pet for spaying or neutering to keep your dog from obtaining tumors or disease of the reproductive tract, which can lead to testicular cancer in males and uterine cancer in females.

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Let your springer get a lot of exercise, if he is indoors during the day. English springer spaniels require daily exercise to keep them from becoming overweight, as they are among the hunting breeds, which can work tirelessly for hours. A springer spaniel enjoys catching a flying disc, swimming, fetching a ball, and long walks.

Step 3

Brush your springer’s hair out completely with a stiff brush each day. A springer spaniel's coat may be medium to long, and it tangles easily. Grass and stickers tend to catch in the silky coat, which can irritate your springer's skin and cause infections or irritations.

Step 4

Bathe your springer spaniel on a regular schedule with a pet shampoo that matches his skin condition: If he has dry and flaky skin, use a soothing oatmeal shampoo and a conditioner. This breed is susceptible to skin disorders. If you notice scales or excessive greasiness, take him to the vet for a checkup. Skin disorders can lead to infections, which need antibiotics to cure.

Step 5

Clean your springer’s ears weekly with an ear cleaner solution. the spaniel breed of dog has long flop ears that hang down and do not allow an abundance of airflow. This can lead to constant moisture in the ear canal, and ear infections. Consult your veterinarian so he can show you the proper method for cleaning your pet’s ears.

Step 6

Brush your dog’s teeth according to a schedule your veterinarian recommends. Choose canine toothpaste, and brush his teeth in a circular motion with a canine toothbrush near the gum level. This process prevents tartar buildup, tooth decay and pain.

Step 7

Feed your springer spaniel a quality dog food with meats listed as the first ingredient in the ingredient list on the bag. The first ingredient on the list is the item that is in the highest concentration in the product. Some dog foods have many fillers and are less nutritious.

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