How to Get Free Dog Food Coupons

A large, active dog requires a lot of  food. Free dog food coupons can help cut costs.
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Dog food coupons will help you save on the cost of your pet’s food. The more coupons you have the more you will save, though you’ll have to observe some limits. By using coupons diligently you can expect to get a discount every time you buy dog food. There are many sources of free dog food coupons, so be sure to check around to find as many as possible.

Step 1

Ask for free samples and coupons at pet shops. Dog food sample packages typically have a coupon printed on the label, which you can cut off and use the next time you buy that brand of dog food.

Step 2

Check your mail every day for advertising circulars and other sources of coupons. Such promotions are common, but many people throw the circulars away without looking through them. Check carefully for dog food coupons before discarding any such advertising.

Step 3

Form a coupon-trading group with friends and neighbors. Those who don’t have pets will usually be happy to give you dog food coupons in exchange for coupons they can use. This helps everybody in the group. Plus, coupon trading is fun and easy to organize on a friendly, informal basis.

Step 4

Visit the manufacturer’s website for the brand of dog food you normally buy. Such sites almost always have one or more coupons available for you to download and print.

Step 5

Look carefully at your dog food cans and bags before you discard them. These are a frequent source of dog food coupons; the coupons are printed there to encourage consumers to buy that brand of dog food again.

Step 6

Scan the offerings on online coupon sites. Many such sites have large collections of coupons that you can sort by coupon type, price or manufacturer. Print out any useful dog food coupons you find.

Step 7

Check the weekly specials at the stores where you shop, either in a newspaper circular or on the store’s website. Clip dog food coupons from the newspaper ads, or print them out from websites. If your store has a customer loyalty card, you may be able to simply transfer the online coupon to your card, which will automatically give you the discount when you scan your card at checkout.


  • Read the fine print on your coupons before you attempt to use them, to make sure they're really useful. Often, a discount applies only if you buy more than one unit of the item, especially canned food, or it applies only to a certain size or variety of that manufacturer’s product.


  • Sign up for notices and offers at the websites of dog food manufacturers, since most companies send these out on a regular basis.

  • Always check the dates on the coupons, and use the coupons before they expire. Those without an expiration date are typically good indefinitely.

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