How to Find Free Dog Food Samples

Free samples can help you choose the right dog food.
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Knowing before you buy a large supply of food that your canine will respond well to a particular brand and formulation can save you time, money and a pooch's upset stomach. If you are changing to a new type of food in response to your canine's health needs, such as age, allergies or illness, you and your veterinarian should decide on the dog's nutrition regimen together. The vet could be a good source of dog food samples. Free dog food samples will allow you to monitor your dog's physical reaction to many different types and flavors of food, and the dog's enjoyment of them, before you commit to a certain brand long-term.

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Ask your veterinarian. Regular checkups for your dog are an essential part of pet guardianship. Your vet can recommend a high-quality brand of dog food and may keep a supply of free samples at the clinic, some tailored to meet your dog's specific health needs. Holistic nutrition, including the use of herbs and raw food, is one diet option your veterinarian may endorse. He or she may recommend a practitioner who can provide samples of these alternative foods, or recommend recipes.

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Inquire at your local pet store. Often, large chains and smaller independent stores receive food samples from manufacturers to promote their brands to consumers. If you do not see any food samples around the checkout areas, ask a customer service representative if they have any samples available. Even if the store does not have samples on hand, staff may be able to put you in touch with a supplier you can contact.

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Send an email the dog food companies directly. Each dog food company's website will contain information specific to that brand. Frequently, a coupon or offer for a free sample will appear on the website. If you do not see a coupon, contact the company's customer service department and ask for a free dog food sample. Often, the company will send you a sample upon request or will place you on a mailing list and contact you when samples become available.



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