How to Fold a Dog Bandanna

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Some dogs just seem to like getting dressed up, while others are happy with just a colorful bandanna around their necks. You can find bandannas almost anywhere, and they come in solids, prints--even tie-dye. But what is the proper way to fold a dog bandanna? You'll be surprised to hear that there are actually two different folds for a dog bandanna.

Step 1

Fold the bandanna for a traditional fold. Place the bandanna right-side down on your work area. Fold it with opposite corners touching so you end up with a triangle. If you have a large dog, you can now tie the bandanna around his neck with a square knot.

Step 2

Fold any number of times at the long end of the bandanna. It may only take one additional fold for a medium-size dog. However, it could take several folds for a smaller dog. When the bandanna appears to be the right size for your dog, tie the two ends around his neck.

Step 3

Fold the bandanna for a dapper fold. This type of fold leaves no tail end hanging down. Start with the same fold as in Step 1. Now, start folding the tip toward the wide end of the triangle. The fold width will depend on the size of your dog--2 inches for a large dog, 1½ inches for a medium dog and 1 inch for a small dog.

Step 4

Tie the two ends around your dog's neck, giving him a dapper look.


  • The point of the traditional dog bandanna tie may point straight down, toward the dog's back or off to the side, as you prefer.

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