How to Groom a Schnauzer

Schnauzers come in three sizes; their grooming requirements are all the same.
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The schnauzer is a loyal family dog and guardian that looks distinguished and dignified with proper grooming. Known for his beard and distinct eyebrows, a schnauzer needs routine grooming in order to maintain a healthy coat that is free of tangles. Regardless of whether you have a miniature, standard or giant schnauzer, the grooming requirements remain the same. With routine grooming care, your schnauzer will look elegant and regal.

Step 1

Bathe your schnauzer: Apply shampoo that is suitable for dogs; lather, avoiding getting shampoo and water in your schnauzer's ears or eyes. Rinse your schnauzer thoroughly with warm or tepid water, and dry with a clean towel. It is a good idea to wash a schnauzer's beard and legs once a week to prevent matting and snarls.

Step 2

Brush your schnauzer: Sweep a slicker brush over the dog's his entire body while damp, focusing on the beard, feathered legs and belly. Brushing your schnauzer immediately after a bath is essential to avoiding tangles and snarls.

Step 3

Clip your schnauzer to achieve the standard breed look: Place a No. 10 blade on a pair of clippers, and clip along your schnauzer's neck and back. A traditional schnauzer clip includes clipping the chest, leaving an inch or two of fur above the legs, and clipping down to the dog's hock on the back legs. The fur on his belly and the front of his hind legs are brushed but not clipped.

Step 4

Clip your schnauzer's head to further achieve the breed standard: Clip against the growth of the hair, beginning at the back of the head and moving toward the nose. Leave his eyebrow to grow, as that is part of a schnauzer's distinctive look. To achieve this, place your thumb protectively over the dog's ear and clip from the top of his head downward between the ear and the eye. Do not clip the hair on the muzzle. Trim your schnauzer's eyebrows so they come to a point at the front of the eye; use a pair of barber shears.

Step 5

Thin your schnauzer's beard when necessary: Use a pair of thinning shears to lessen the hair around his muzzle. Clip the hair only a little, then stand back and inspect your work to avoid thinning the hair too much.


  • If you choose to clip your schnauzer's ears, be careful not to clip closely or you risk injury to the sensitive skin. Hold the ear taught with your thumb and forefinger if you clip the ears to minimize the risk of injury.


  • You may opt to clip your schnauzer's entire body to make maintenance grooming easier.

Items You Will Need

  • Dog shampoo
  • Towel
  • Slicker brush
  • Comb
  • Clippers
  • No. 10 blade
  • Barber shears
  • Thinning shears (optional)


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