Iams Dog Food Review

Bowl of Iams

Iams produces several types of canned and dried dog food for all life stages of a pet's life--from puppies to senior dogs--including premium and veterinary formulas. Which type of Iams dog food you choose will depend on your pet's breed, size and health. Each dry food formula comes in different kibble sizes, including MiniChunk for smaller dogs. Ingredients vary drastically in the various Iams formulas, so a little research will pinpoint the best formula for your dog.


Iams offers several formulas in the mid-range price level. Most can be purchased at retail pet chains. With the introduction of the Iams Healthy-Natural line, the company moved towards more natural, protein-rich ingredients in its dog food. All Iams brands and formulas are better quality than supermarket dog food, and most dogs will do fine on it.


As a larger dog food producer, the quality of ingredients falters when compared to more expensive, all-natural products from boutique producers. This is most evident in the canned food selections, which sometimes contain large chunks of bone or fat. The general public image of Iams is that its products are unhealthy; plus, the company tests its products on animals, which must be weighed when purchasing food for your pet.

Bottom Line

Iams offers several solid formulas, which provide the nutrition that your dog needs at a reasonable cost. In general, you should buy the best dog food that your situation allows. If your dog develops itchy skin, gas or bad breath, switching to a different Iams formula may help.