How to Keep a Chihuahua Warm

With little body mass or coat to hold heat, Chihuahuas need help staying warm.
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Brought to the United States from the Mexican state of Chihuahua in 1850, the Chihuahua dog's earlier history in the Americas is vague at best. The American Kennel Club says Chihuahuas are believed to be descendants of a little dog raised by the Toltecs and a hairless dog brought over the land bridge from Asia. Today's Chihuahuas are much smaller than their ancestors. With a tiny 3- to 6-pound body and a short coat, Chihuahuas are extremely sensitive to cold, shivering even in what their owners consider a warm room.

Step 1

Put a sweater on your Chihuahua. Like you, your Chihuahua needs a warm layer of clothing when he is cold. If you're taking him for a walk on a cold winter day, a properly outfitted Chihuahua is wearing a coat and booties made for dogs.

Step 2

Provide a small basket with a pillow and several fleece blankets where you want your Chihuahua to sleep. Use a basket with solid sides, and place it above floor level to avoid drafts.

Step 3

Place fleece or baby blankets strategically on the furniture. Your Chihuahua will happily rest on a chair or the sofa during the day, crawling completely under the blanket. Train your family to check blankets before sitting down; your Chihuahua might be sleeping in that chair.

Step 4

Place a small plastic pet carrier in your office or family room. Put a small pet bed inside the carrier and add several fleece blankets. Cover the carrier with a blanket or rug. Your Chihuahua needs a den where he can stay warm while he hides from the household activities, children and other pets.

Step 5

Consider buying a heated pet bed, such as the Heated Crinkle Sack or Heated Cat Cup featured on the Humane Society's online store. These types of beds incorporate a heating pad to keep your Chihuahua warm. In addition, cat beds are a good size for one to three tiny Chihuahuas.


  • Check all blankets, furniture and bedding before sitting down; your Chihuahua may be injured if you accidentally sit on him.

  • Never leave your Chihuahua in the car on either a hot or cold day; he could die from heatstroke or freezing temperatures.


  • If you can't find your Chihuahua, look inside the pillow cases and under the cushions. Chihuahuas are notorious for crawling into small spaces to keep warm.

  • Chihuahuas are indoor dogs; don't leave your Chihuahua outside in cool or cold weather.

Items You Will Need

  • Sweater
  • Coat and booties
  • Basket
  • Pillow
  • Fleece or baby blankets
  • Plastic pet carrier
  • Dog or cat bed
  • Heated pet bed



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