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These Jack Russell Terriers are Preposterously Darling

"Too cute!! He looks JUST like my dog! Adorable. "

comment by setamez

"SO cute!"

comment by samoodleg

"Your Nathaniel Carlito is absolutely precious! From his story, looks as though he was a Puerto Rican street dog, just like my Kristin. Maybe they knew each other, lol! My heart goes out to all the pups roaming around down there without loving homes...ours are two of the lucky ones. Wishing you many happy years ahead with your very handsome boy!"

comment by Missmilamae


comment by wolfgirl66

"This puppy picture of Lily is so sweet and cute ~~ what a "doll"!"

comment by w102663

"Lily is sooooooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please comment on my pups."

comment by sundayfriday

"Hi Megan, Lily is adorable. She looks a lot like my dog Bodhi, He is a Jack/bassett mix. Check out his pictures, they could be brother and sister !! LOL"

comment by skylarmoon

"Lily you sure are a cutie!"

comment by scdoxielove


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