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These Bulldogs are Mind-Blowingly Lovely

"Awwww...Penny G is looking all partied out here. LOVE this pic! :)"

comment by NashWoman

"TOTALLY ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful pictures!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Hello Sweet Chevy! I hope that you enjoy many happy years with your loving 4ever family! It sounds like your life is full of love and tail wagging fun! You are very very special! Bye Bye BEAUTIFUL!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Gotta love that face! Sounds like Heavy Chevy lives a lifestyle to be envied by pooch a people alike. Wishing you all many happy and healthy years together."

comment by sowhatisnew

"Chevy you are toooooo cute. Glade that your mommy and daddy saved you. Hope you have a long life filled with, I would say lots of belly rubs but it seem like you just want lots of treats in sted. Kiss him for me, I just want to somther him with love."

comment by r80mickey

"Selma - I love your name and you ! I just want to give you a smooch. You are tooo cute !!!!!"

comment by swabs

"So utterly adorable!!! Biscuits and bellyrubs to Selma :)"

comment by nadinemerry

"Such a cutie! Enjoy spoiling her!"

comment by moonbaby

"The cutest puppy- great photos make sure to submit for Daily Puppy"

comment by maddie the dog

"Congrats new Bully Mama! She's adorable. You can see Mugsy at http://boanddeemo.com sign up its all for the bullies! Moxie will be on soon!"

comment by lvdoggirl

"Cute i like her"

comment by kowalski

"I love bulldogs. She's sooo cute!!"

comment by kcalma


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