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These Bulldogs are the Poster-Pups for Being Lovely.

"I'm so glad you saved him and I pray you find the best home ever for him!! I am so sad because I love him but I have "8" already("6" of which I rescued) so I don't have the time or room for him that he deserves. He is so beautiful and I can tell by his pictures that he is a very sweet and loving boy(I love the pool picture). "Gosh I wish I could take him" Best of luck finding him a perfect home and God Bless you for saving him!!!!!"

comment by shugsmom

"seems to me in the pictures he has a very nice home right where he is!!!"

comment by puppyluver646

"Marshall Tucker is fabulous! what a gorgeous baby. You can just look at him and see how sweet and happy he is. I'm in Alabama, so I can't adopt him, but I hope he finds a wonderful home very soon. Lots of kisses!"

comment by millsmom

"i am soooooo grateful you saved him. He looks so happy and i hope he has a good life ahead of him."

comment by merp202

"bless you for saving this sweet baby! I hope he finds his loving forever family."

comment by luvmyboyz

"this is a pitbull not a bulldog. lol."

comment by elbyrd

"Marshall is a very handsome dog. He looks very happy. Congrats..."

comment by brandireyes5

"What a beautiful dog! Is it me or he looks like a pitbull?"

comment by blitzfizzledog

"Awwwwwww! Pretty Ginger looks super adorable in all of her sweet pics!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"ginger you are such a pretty girl. hugs and kisses to you !!!"

comment by tropicsteve

"Pretty girl, Ginger! I bet u get lots of treats for the 'what's up' tilt of the head. My boy used to do it too! Enjoy the snow little one...it's lots of fun!!"

comment by stellysmom

"Looks like your california pup isn't quite sure what to make of that white stuff called snow. She's really cute and funny. I absolutely love your amazing little Ginger. Every photo is just perfect. Congrats on making puppy of the day and thank you so much for adopting her."

comment by magnolia'smom

"Oh Ginger! You are DP material for sure - such a sweet face :-)"

comment by magic1

""Mommy....I'm booooored!""

comment by magic1

"she looks like she has done something naughty here! man she is soo cute!"

comment by lfoley43652

"He is wonderful! What a beautiful puppy! Many happy years to you!"

comment by jonnijones

"gah!! he seriously is adorable!! this picture is priceless! :-) "

comment by DLodge


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